Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Prophet of Mercy

Our Danish correspondent TB reported in last night with this message:


Prophet of MercyToday a campaign by an organization called “The Prophet of Mercy” has been launched in the Danish media.

They have advertised in major newspapers, arguing with the rhetorical question: “Freedom of speech at any price?”

Referring to “fire in the streets” and “murder plans” and then “condemming any act that weakens the security of society”.

Now Danish politicians have started to comment on these veiled threats. Conservatives calls this announcement “Mafia-methods” and a “an attempt to threaten Danish authorities, who will never bow to such threats”.

I have translated the message that was announced in the ads, and have scanned the advertisement itself and attached it. This particular ad was from Jyllands-Posten, but it also appeared, in identical form, in Politiken and other large newspapers. They certainly have used some money on this one.

The language was a little odd, though. The “Danish” imam Abdul “Stoning” Wahid Petersen helped these people write this message.

ATTENTION: Freedom of speech is now invented by the Muslims… :o)

— TB

Below is TB’s translation of the advertisement:

Freedom of speech at any price?

Addressing the Danish people

Freedom of speech and the right to have your own opinion is guaranteed within Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world from more than 1400 years ago. Actually, all heavenly revealed religions, faiths and laws guarantees man the right to think and express himself freely as long as these expressions do not lead to mocking or discrimination against others or encourage religious or racial hatred. One of the worst kind of religious discrimination is to ridicule the prophets or the messengers.

In furtherance of our continued struggle to mitigate the consequences of the Danish caricatures we have visited Denmark several times. We have experienced the Danes as a peace-loving people who value coexistence between different cultures, civilizations, and religions, and we are therefore convinced that the reprinting of the insulting caricatures is not typical of the Danish people [Guess we have to disappoint them on that one —translator].

From the point of view of Muslims, all prophets, including Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, peace be upon them all, are in a special category which should protect them against mocking and ridiculing. They should be respected by all human beings instead of being exposed to false accusations.
- - - - - - - - -
We were very surprised by the connection which was drawn between the charges against some individuals who wanted to take revenge on one of the artists and a deliberate mocking of every Muslim nation deep in their innermost religious heart by reprinting the drawings. We would here like to emphasize that Islam condemns any act that weakens the security of society, especially killings and arson. As a matter of fact, Muslims still lack a formal disavowal of the reprinting of the drawings from relevant authorities. We are convinced that such a dissociation would help to prevent a repeat of such unhappy reactions.

Finally, we would like to encourage all sensible and peace-loving people as well as economic and cultural organizations to do their best to secure good cultural and economic relations between people from Denmark and the Muslim world.

The Global Program to make the Merciful Prophet known


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to calm down a little before I go that mendacious Muslim website and tell them to clean their own house before they criticize Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of opinion is guaranteed in Islam he says? How laughable.

Freedom of opinion, and more importantly, freedom of thought, includes the ability to be completely free from Islam, such as the ability to refuse Islam and it's triple choice of conversion, subjugation, or death; the ability of anyone, including a Muslim, to openly renounce Islam and it's prophet without fearing death; the ability of peoples subjugated by Islam, such as the Copts in Egypt, the Jews in Arabia, and the Buddhist in Asia, to renounce and harshly criticize Islamic subjugation, which flows directly from the Koran.

Accordingly, Muslims are desperate to "own" freedom of expression, because if they appear to do so, then their own interpretation of such freedoms will be given weight by the left. Coincidentally, such a grasping desire to own freedom of expression reveals how weak Islam truly is - the only religion that is so intellectually and ethically perverse, weak, and morbid, that it punishes by death anyone who leaves Islam.

Annoy Mouse said...

“We have experienced the Danes as a peace-loving people who value coexistence between different cultures, civilizations, and religions,”

As opposed to the muslims whose theme seems to be, invade other cutlures, assimilate the masses, and if they don’t ‘get it’, threaten them with the opposite of peace.

“are in a special category which should protect them against mocking and ridiculing. They should be respected by all human beings instead of being exposed to false accusations.”

Wow, it should be interesting to see what Danes think of compulsory of religious beliefs. These people are self indulgent jack asses that deserve every bit of ridicule they receive.

Arabic term of the day “Rida’ al-Kibir” (sharia’s term for “breastfeeding the adult”). It is an obligation and an authentic — hadith stating that women should “breastfeed” strange men with whom they must spend any amount of time.

They need a Wiki site for studying Islam. These people are really something. They should go find the most desolate place in the desert and practice their barbaric faith and not bring it around for scrutiny by others unless they want to be ridiculed.

Exile said...

The Danish Conservatives saw through this one..

Mafia tactics they called it..

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech and the right to have your own opinion is guaranteed within Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world....


(*Wipes tears from eyes*)

Oh boy -- that is the FUNniest thing I've read in a long time.

It would be such a great joke if it all weren't so deadly serious. :-|

John Sobieski said...

They don't get it. Islam is not special. Chrisitianity has put up with mocking for decades and adjusted. They got over it. Islam just canot believe that the infidels dare to mock Islam. How dare they! Of course, they always throw in Jesus and Moses as 'shared prophets' - trying to get that Christian vote for blasphemy laws. But most will see right through it.

laine said...

The choices given to non-Muslims by Muslims when they are not practising takiya and are in power are 1)conversion to Islam, 2)dhimmitude/second class status, or 3)death. There is no additional choice "stay with your own religion or atheism and remain equal under law to any Muslim".

It is long past time to go on the attack, instead of playing defense the entire time, parrying their constant whining that WE are racist or phobic.

Make the Muslim "free speechers" LOL answer: are all the disgusting references to Jews in the Koran in force or not?

Why is there widespread use among Muslims of the derogatory term "kuffar" meaning "infidel" to refer to anyone non-Muslim? This is insulting, implying everyone non-Muslim is a lower class.

Is killing nuns and beheading Christian schoolgirls respectful?

Finally, what respect does it show call someone who converts to a religion other than Islam an apostate and declare the death penalty?

By these issues alone Muslims are hardly in any position talk down to other religions about not showing respect.


Unknown said...

Long live Al-Qaeda. May they all live long and healthy lives. May they all live to be 100. I dont want them to lose thier eyesight, or thier hearing, or thier mental faculties in any way. I want them perfectly healthy, and I want them to live very long lives.

And I especially dont want to kill Bin Laden anymore. I want him to live forever. Preferably it would be in my living room, tied to a chair, where I could really enjoy his company. Obviously, thats not going to happen, but it doesnt matter, because the entire planet will soon be an unescapable prison of excruciating psychological torture, that enlightened men cannot even fathom.

I dont want to kill anymore Terrorists, Jihadists, or any Muslims at all. It is an inefficient use of time and resources. There are about a Billion Muslims, they will never run out of 'wingnuts' and 'units gone bad' that read the Koran and follow some of its nastier instructions. Its already been going on for 1300 years.

I also want the soldiers out of Iraq, every single last one, and bring back every piece of equipment too, especially the Helicopters! I want all the soldiers out of Afgfhanistan too. I want all American Troops out of all 57 Muslim Countries that belong to the Organization of Islamic Countries.

I would strongly suggest that Civilians leave these countries, but I am not going to twist the arm of an American man conducting business in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. They are big boys, very worldly, very sophisticated, very smart. Considering what is coming, I think for thier own safety they should come home, but what can you do? This is a free country.

The Jihadists love death. Islam glorifies death. The Koran promises massive rewards for the Martyr. Martyrdom is the goal of the Jihadist.(Islamic Martyrdom means dying while killing Infidels as opposed to Christian Martyrdom which means dying for your belief in Christ). How is killing them punishing them? How is killing them any kind of deterrent? How is killing them going to bring things to an end? It will not. There will be evermore, just like the Zombies in the Movies, for another 1300 years!

How do you deter, impede, damage, or defeat an enemy that embraces death? An enemy that is not motivated by the love of life? Is killing them the worst thing you can do to them? Is killing any Muslim going to keep others from picking up the Koran in 10 years, seeing Commands to kill Infidels, and then carrying them out? How do you keep a Billion Muslims from becoming Jihadists in the Future? Through the threat of killing them? The threat of making them Martyrs?

It is not necessary to physically attack ANY Muslim in ANY way, and that includes Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, and ALL Jihadists. It is a WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES. I would from this day forward say that we not even so much as slap a Muslim Terrorist in the face. Although I would tie them all to a chair to make sure they don'y miss whay is undoubtedly coming thier way.

Bin Laden recently said in one of his home movies that the Mohammed Cartoons from Denmark were so insulting and outrageous that he considered it WORSE than the killing of non-combatant Iraqi Civilians by American Soldiers. Thats Interesting.

ALL 57 Members of the Organization of Islamic States are at the United Nations furiously working to impose "Blasphemy Laws" on the entire world because someone mocked Mohammed in a cartoon. The Western concept of Freedom of Speech is too much for them. Thats interesting.

Muslim organizations all over the World, including countless organizations that are constantly referred to as "moderate" in the American Media, are trying to effect change to the Free Speech Laws of Western Countries because of the "hate" and "bigotry" that mocking Mohammed must be. Apparently "blasphemy" (its only blasphemy if you're a Muslim) and questioning the Koran are a Soft Underbelly. Thats Interesting.

What are they hiding? What are they afraid of? Whats the big deal about a cartoon?

Is it the Cartoon, or is it what may come afterwards? What if someone mocks more than just Mohammed's Turban? What if someone did more than drawing a cartoon. What if someone went on to mock something Mohammed said? What if things spun completely out of control, and people started going through the Koran, and pointing out all the mistakes, like when Mohammed says that the earth is flat, would that make Mohammed look like a hoax and a fool? Would that make many people renounce Islam? What if people everywhere started making Flat Earth jokes and laughing? How would all this make Bin Laden feel?

What? The Saudi Royal Family? Moderate Muslims? Muslim Soccer moms? They would all have thier feelings hurt? Would thier feelings be hurt more or less than Cindy Sheehan's? Would they ever feel as bad as any American who lost a family member to Islam since 9/11? Choosing between those two is only difficult for an Extremely Stupid Politically Correct Multicultural Western Sociopath Asshole. Case closed.

The only "attacks" necessary are on Islam itself. Attack the History of Mohammeds life, and his barbaric acts, attack the Mistakes in the Koran, attack the Supremacy in Islam, attack the Death-Cult attributes of Islam, attack the Ignorance and Primitiveness of Islam, the Koran and Mohammed. I mean, its not like we have to make anything up, not even the child molesting or the beheadings or the wife beatings.

Maybe it will only happen after a city gets nuked, and the vast majority of Americans suddenly volunteer to give up some REAL Civil Rights. However it comes to be, it is inevitable that the U.S. will eventually leave the Politically Correct, Multicultural Stooge Festival that is Western Civilization behind, and use the full weight and power of the United States Governement, its Institutions, and its Media to shine the Truth on Islam.

Muslims worldwide will first and foremost...riot, but Americans wont be there anyway. American Businessmen and Lawyers are still there you say? They were warned, and besides, what exactly were they doing there anyway? Eventually through a sustained effort Islam will be weakened, then it will experience an exodus, then another exodus, and another, and finally the 7th Century Arab Death Cult will collapse like Communism. This is worse than death to the Jihadists.

Oil Supply? You mean in a moment of desperation the Middle East may refuse to supply the West with oil, and bankrupt Europe, throwing America into a Depression? Well...I said pull the soldiers out of Islamic Civilization. I never said anything about scrapping our Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and our Navy. It wouldnt take that many men to appropriate the oil fields from a nonexistent Saudi Military for as long as necessary. We'll give free oil to the Ronald McDonald House, Jerry's Kidz, and the Boy Scouts and end up looking kinda sweet.

This is the way to deal with Jihadists, their violence inciting Koran, and thier mentally deranged Prophet. Keep Muslims Alive - Assassinate Mohammed. The First US President that figures that out, will be bigger than Ghandi, bigger than Reagan, bigger than Ron Jeremy..

Pick up a Koran today, throw it in the toilet, or use it for target practice, or as a coaster for your Beer, or as a very simple Doormat, take a picture, put it on YouTube, and welcome to the Resistance. Peaceful Means, Nuke-tipped Missiles, makes no difference to me, I'm just trying to be nice.

Unknown said...

That ad was the best laugh I've had in a long time? Who says islamites don't have humor?

OT: GoV - what happened to FITNA? Did it surface somewhere on the 23rd? If not, why not?

Mikael said...

Wahid Pedersen was on TV the other day, saying that the ad had cost "more than a 100.000 Kroner" (20.000 US$)
He also said that it was paid for by the Saudis. Of course that amounts to about a nanosecond of income to the Saudis.

@ Laine,

By the way, I took the liberty of copy & pasting part of your comment on Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen and used it on my blog in Danish. I probably should have asked you first, but as the saying goes: it's easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission, so I hope you don't mind. :-)

Anonymous said...

At least, the tactic is clear.

1. Get the Christians to agree to a pact of mutual non-agression: you don't insult my prophet, I don't insult yours.

2. While Western Christians are gagged, invade them through immigration, demographics, intimidation, crime, political correctness, and agressive claims for sharia. Then seize power.

3. Pretending that Jesus did not die on the Cross doesn't count as insulting: you see, it's just the truth. Also, teaching children that Christians are an inferior and despicable lot is not insulting their prophet: see, Jesus is in the Quran, so we respect him.

By the way, why did these newspapers accept to publish such an advertisment? They did not have to, did they? Any chance of publishing paid-for Christian propaganda in Saudi papers?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Knowing about Muhammad is really useful. Prophet of Doom is your one-stop well-documented insult to his 'holiness', but others might prefer more academic books from Spencer or Trifkovic.

Oh. A Dutch documentary about the ol' Mo-ron is coming. Brace for more flag-burning, more calls for censorship, more figuring out which of our politicians are worthwhile and which are not.

Anonymous said...

"The Prophet of Mercy" site, which is under the authority of the Muslim World League, has an even more restrictive and laughable definition of freedom of speech than the one it puts forward in its newpsaper ad.

The poll on the home page reads: "Do you believe attacking others is freedom of speech?".

OK, now we know. Anything that "attacks others" (especially Muslims) is not covered by freedom of speech.

At least, the Danish advertisment pretended to leave some room for expressing thoughts. As long as you did not "mock or discriminate against others or encourage religious or racial hatred", the Muslim brigade would let you speak.

Now you can't even "attack others".

You can, however, say that the little birds are singing. (Er... SINGING?... Is not that stricly forbidden by Islam?...)

Chinese Gordon said...


You are a genius.

Unknown said...

Chinese Gordon:

Takes one to know one...

thll said...

Yet more evidence that Muzlimz and objectivity are mutually exclusive.

Chinese Gordon said...


Just so there is no misunderstanding due to the failure of words to transmit tone of voice...

I was sincere. That is the best plan I have heard yet to deal with the unbridled Allah-sanctioned savagery.

Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

Unknown said...

Chinese Gordon:

Call me arrogant, I never doubted your sincerity, or the high caliber of your intellect..

I appreciate the Compliment.