Saturday, March 08, 2008

EU to Ireland: Drop Dead

“The mask, at last, has slipped.”

The creation of the post-Lisbon EU superstate requires two things:

1. The removal from the governing class in Brussels of any accountability to the people back home who ostensibly elected them.
2. The suppression of freedom of speech and the press, so that the vision of the EU as an Emerald City of Oz is never tarnished by the intrusion of reality.

To ram the Lisbon Treaty down the throats of the various European peoples, sufficient anesthesia must first be applied: lavish social welfare programs, entertaining dreck 24/7 on the state media, and a massive barrage of propaganda touting the beneficial wonderfulness of the European Union. Then, when the patient is adequately groggy, any feeble expressions of his wishes may be safely waved aside.

That’s what’s happening in Ireland: It looks like it no longer matters whether or not there’s an Irish referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon.

This story appeared a couple of weeks ago, but I just learned about it. According to Libertas, an Irish free-market site, the EU has voted to simply ignore the results of any Irish referendum against the Lisbon Treaty. To make matters worse, one of Ireland’s own elected MEPs voted with the majority not to respect the outcome of any Irish referendum.

Here’s the full story from Libertas:
- - - - - - - - -
Responding to News that Irish MEP Proinsias De Rossa joined a large majority of MEPs in voting to reject a motion that committed the EU to “respecting the outcome of the referendum in Ireland”, Libertas President Declan J. Ganley issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote is absolute confirmation that the EU Parliament is committed to ignoring the will of the people.

By a majority of 499-129, the Parliament has sent a message to the Irish people to say ‘we don’t care what you think’.

I condemn Proinsias De Rossa absolutely for this vote, and I urge him to give an explanation to the people who elected him.

This Treaty is designed to remove as much power from the people as possible, and today’s vote confirms the mindset behind it.

With this treaty, we will get a President and a Foreign and Defence Minister of Europe unaccountable to us at the ballot box. We will get a Europe that has power over Irelands Foreign Direct Investment policy, and can hamstring the valuable work of the IDA.

This Treaty is bad for our economy because Europe isn’t simply an economic partner, its an economic competitor as well. We need to be able to set ourselves apart economically, — that power is what has made us so successful, and this treaty removes that power.

Proinsias De Rossa’s actions today were disgraceful, and I condemn them, but at the same time, I welcome the fact that the mask, at last, has slipped”.

Hat tip: heroyalwhyness.


Papa Whiskey said...

Proinsias De Rossa's treachery brings to mind an old Irish ditty:

May his spade never dig, may his sow never pig,
May each hair in his wig be well thrashed with a flail;
May his door have no latch, may his house have so thatch,
May his turkey not hatch, may the rats eat his meal.
May every old fairy from Cork to Dunleary
Dip him smug and airy in river or lake,
That the eel and the trout, they may dine on the snout
Of the monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's drake.

May his pig never grunt, may his cat never hunt,
May a ghost ever haunt him at dead of the night;
May his hens never lay, may his horse never neigh,
May his goat fly away like an old paper kite.
That the flies and the fleas may the wretch ever tease,
May the piercing March breeze make him shiver and shake;
May a lump of a stick raise the bumps fast and thick
On the monster that murdered Nell Flaherty's drake!

Zenster said...

Buried in the article was this little gem:

This Treaty is bad for our economy because Europe isn’t simply an economic partner, its an economic competitor as well.

I wonder how long it will take the other EU members to realize that they will all remain in economic competition regardless of whatever "resource allocations" have been made.

BMWs will not be made in Italy. Fiats will not be built in Germany. Will they limit the production of each company to prevent anything but domestic and overseas sales without marketing to other EU nations? Hardly.

Perhaps some of our faithful Danish correspondents can please update another fine example of EU lunacy.

Denmark is one of the largest per capita consumers of licorice in the entire world. One statistic showed that Danes consumed more licorice than chocolate. No small feat considering chocolate's popularity in Denmark.

Along comes the EU claiming that Denmark's licorice production is waaaaay out of line with that of other large producers like Holland and Germany and, well, they'll just have to cut back their manufacturing quotas a bit. Right?

Disregard the fact that the Danes have raised the making of this confection to a high art. Even the finest Italian brands like Amerelli’s outstanding apothecary grade pure licorice candies do not hold a candle to the complex and refined variations that the Danes create.

For those of you who are fond of this ancient sweet, most will recognize how American, English, Australian, Dutch and German producers commonly add wheat flour to thicken their product. Danes eschew this practice in favor of using gelatins and other finely milled starches to create a truly elegant candy without any grainy texture. Additionally, such diverse accents as menthol, eucalyptol, pepper, horehound, coffee, mint and the enduring salmiak (ammonium chloride) are added to create nearly infinite variations on this traditional theme.

Now, imagine the EU telling Denmark that they are not allowed to produce such a large variety of their favorite sweet. Mind you, there are Danish Lakrids Butiks (Licorice Boutiques) that retail upwards of 100-200 different types of licorice in a single store. Instead, Danes are supposed to take up the slack of other countries whose product is markedly inferior. Scorn and laughter does not even begin to approximate how such a suggestion is met.

Others more well-versed than I might also be able to provide the exact numbers relating to how the EU divided among its member states the product of crisps (chips, to Americans). I have heard that upwards of ONE BILLION DOLLARS were spent on council sessions to devise a plan for which nation would have the shrimp crisp concession versus salt and vinegar or maize (corn) types. Mind you, not a single sack of crisps was produced in the expenditure of that vast sum, merely the delegation of production rights to member nations.

Now try to imagine the competence with which these same economic gits are going to allocate automobile assembly, steel making, beer brewing and the infinitude of other sundry products that make up any nation’s industrial larder.

Two words: Job Security

These un-elected EU bureaucrats have constructed a featherbed of monumental proportions. The tasks they have assigned themselves will required decades of catered four star luncheons to sort out. Does anyone honestly think that such an incredibly complex and delicate assignment will be given the deep and ponderous thought it requires? If so, I have a bridge or three and some beachfront Florida real estate that you’ll be very interested in.

Afonso Henriques said...

You have a poit there Zenster.

The sad thing is that the process is slow and gradual and as so, nobody will notice it. People who publicize it, like you are doing now, will be seen as crazy.

Concearning the thread, the mask has really slipped. The thing is that no (average) European knows it.

Do you know the say: If you can not defeat them, join them. Well, I am starting to get nervous...

eatyourbeans said...

The thing is that no (average) European knows it.

Does the (average) European even care?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at how unsuprised I am at this. Still dedicated to a 'No' vote to embarrass (if thats possible) and delegitimise the EU.

Anonymous said...

Does the (average) European even care?

I think they would if they understood what's happening. That'll only happen when the EU directly impinges on their lives then the lightning and thunder will really begin, if its not already too late.

heroyalwhyness said...

Hat-tip should really go to a blogger I found via your beautiful 2008 Counter Jihad calendar, GalliaWatch from France.
The Irish Referendum


Zenster . . .wow, just wow!

quote==>These un-elected EU bureaucrats have constructed a featherbed of monumental proportions. The tasks they have assigned themselves will required decades of catered four star luncheons to sort out.<==

Following the bureaucratic example set by the UN, I shouldn't be shocked, yet I am.

laine said...

So it really is going to be the European Soviet Union with Mercedes with diplomatic plates instead of tanks crushing resistance.

Europe is sunk now one way or another. It's merely a question of whether central planning crashing their economy or Muslim demographic domination gets them first.

If civilization survives elsewhere on the globe (less and less likely) or revives centuries hence after another Dark Ages, there will be classes on the Rise and Fall of European Civilization with students asked to list a dozen pertinent factors.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Does the (average) European even care?"

No, they/we don't because it is all made behind our backs. The average European can not see what's happening. But they/we will be sorry for this in the near future. It will get messy and it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

I posted on this vote as well and wondered if it could really be true. I mean, I do believe the Eurocrats would have the nerve to do this -- but it still astounded me when I saw it.

Some political watchers in Ireland thought that it was probably a nonsense vote and/or that it was overlooked by most of the ministers as it was one in a large bundle of amendments being voted on -- but still, it certainly sounds as though they're not going to respect the Irish referendum -- and I'm sure many of them don't want to. :-/

Charles Martel said...

After the next Dark Ages (apologies to the real Dark Ages which will look like a Sunday picnic by comparison) mankind will not easily extract itself from its plight. Cheap energy will no longer be readily available as the easily obtained oil will be gone.

When civilization is destroyed in Europe and next America there will be, for awhile, small pockets of resistance. And, only if they are able to defend themselves will they survive. For Islam will attempt to destroy them. Many of our descendants will become Muslim rather than fight. Few will retain the intellectual tools necessary to provide a rationale for fighting.

But there will be survivors and they will be warriors - out of absolute necessity. They will not countenance the any vestige of leftism. They will be courageous fighters without a smidgen of self-doubt. They will not be able to afford the luxury of democratic rule. The fight back from the brink of civilizational extinction will be a long brutish ugly affair. And when it is over, no vestige of multiculturalism will remain.

saladin89 said...

The interesting thing is one will this civil war start? When 20% of France's population is muslim? Hmm intersting...