Thursday, March 13, 2008

Those Danes Must Be Doing Something Right

Crush Danmark!A reader sent me this photo, suggesting that I keep it to use with an appropriate post.

But I couldn’t wait; it’s too good to hold onto.

All I know about it is that the demonstrators are in Pakistan. The rest will have to speak for itself.

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Unknown said...

Yes, if they live in Denmark, and state in WRITING that they Hate Denmark, they should be deported without notice or fanfare!

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Uh . . . who is Dan Mark?

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Homophobic Horse said...

But make no mistake, that is not hate speech.

no2liberals said...

But he holds his sign with such conviction!

OT, but I just had to share this, especially for your Dutch readers.
WTH is going on in the Netherlands?
Dutch to legalise gay sex in public park.
I'm astounded!
So are sex acts between heterosexuals permitted, as well?

laine said...

Instead of Religion of Peace, Islam should be called Religion of Hate.

It is a supremacist totalitarian ideology. It can't just agree to disagree with a person or country, no matter how civilized. No, it HATES everything that is not Islam or does not bow to it.

It is the most unsubtle of belief systems, with just two settings: fanatic loyalty to the world of Islam, and corrosive hatred for the non-Muslim world which it names as the area of perpetual war (Dar el Harb) until subjugated/converted.

There is no reasoning with such people. Better to live separate lives, them in the cesspools that their fecklessness at everything else but the daily hate sessions create, and us in the wonderful societies that Christianity undergirds, whether acknowledged by atheists or not.

Christianity deserves its reputation as the religion of love, despite some disreputable members. Islam appears to be the negative image - haters with a few decent outriders who are not hate-filled and these few are known as moderate Muslims or apostates.

laine said...

no2liberals link demonstrates how gays want to have their cake and eat it too (can't avoid a double entendre -want it both ways etc).

On the one hand, we're all supposed to pretend that they're just like heterosexuals with the dream of being married and sticking with one person for a lifetime. On the other hand, society has to cater to their decidedly unorthodox sex habits. In order to be promiscuous to the degree that the majority of gay men practice (with hundreds of partners), they cannot achieve this with the traditional dating format. They must have their bath-houses, the legal right to use public washroom stalls and public parks as well to pick up numerous partners for anonymous sex. Also heteros, don't get to parade half naked down Main Street in an orgy that gets called a Pride parade instead of what it is, an Exhibitionist parade.

Timbre said...

We hate Jihadis everywhere!

Mikael said...

OK, I'm link-whoring here. :-)

kepiblanc said...

You can watch a nice, humble gentleman of ME extraction say a few "compliments" about us Danes by clicking HERE - and please notice how those nice Arabs master western tchnology, like matches (used to burn Danish flags).

Bezzle said...

I sometimes wonder if the English-speaking guy these twits grab to write the translated portion of the sign are sometimes having a bit of fun at the twit's expense by introducing deliberate misspellings which will make the twit look even more like a twit.

Unknown said...

Well, to be honest "Danmark" is how we Danes spell (and pronounce) the name, so it is not entirely incorrect.
Maybe the nitwit on the picture had to call some family in Denmark to ask how to spell it.

Axel said...

@Mike -

Misspellings ... right ... I still remember news footage a couple of years back with a very, very angry (seething, in fact) Pakistani mob carrying a huge sign -


For some reason, it always makes me think of an old movie - 'Guess Who´s Coming to Dinner' ... well, we don´t have to guess any more. It´s a seething mob that´ll eat the dinner and then throw us out of the house. Of course, we eat a lot of pork in Denmark ... which just goes to show how racist we are.

the doctor said...

That very intellectual gentle man probably does not know what a "Denmark" is , or indeed what his sign actually says .