Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Motoons Take a Road Trip to the Czech Republic

Everywhere they go, the Danish Mohammed cartoons cause uproar and consternation. Their most recent appearance was yesterday in Brno.

Our Czech correspondent Viktor Svoboda sent us this report:

Motoon in BrnoYesterday (March 19) dozens of posters showing the cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban appeared on the streets of the Czech city of Brno. The posters say “Freedom does not come for free” and are signed by “Friends of Freedom of Speech”.

Czech Foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg told the press, “The Prophet did not know a bomb in his time; it’s pure mockery. Such posters are in my opinion an expression of intolerance and aggression on the part of those who posted them. It’s a sad fact that something like that appeared in the Czech nation.”

The foreign ministry condemns the posters’ creators, saying that they are abusing freedom of speech. “Public expressions motivated by attempts to stir up religious hatred cannot be defended on the basis of free speech,” said the press spokeswoman Zuzana Opletalová.
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Motoon in BrnoChairman of Islamic Foundation in Brno, Muneeb Hassan Alrawi, sees the posters as a provocation. “It’s a pitiful attempt to provoke Muslims. They don’t care about freedom of speech at all; they are just trying to mock us.”

Muslims will discuss whether they will contact police about the issue. “We will not give them the satisfaction of making strong protests. We will discuss it, and in the next days we will decide whether it makes sense to contact the police”.

Police started to look into the issue anyway. “We will let experts examine the poster, then we will decide whether it should classified as a crime of supporting and promoting a movement with the purpose of suppressing the rights and freedom of people,” said the police press spokesman Bohumil Malášek.

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The text above is composed from several news reports from the Czech MSM.

There’s much more info about this on “Politically Correct Front” in Czech, but unfortunately I don’t have time to translate it all. If you have somebody who can, there are some interesting interviews here.

Here is an official government statement.

You can find some photos here, here, and here.

— V. S.


Frank said...

Bin Laden is apparently deeply concerned over the Pope's plotting with the dread motoons too:

"In the first recording, bin Laden accused Pope Benedict XVI of helping in a "new Crusade" against Muslims and warned of a "severe" reaction for Europeans' publication of cartoons seen by Muslims as insulting Islam's prophet."

This whole thing is becoming a comic opera!

Charlemagne said...

I had no idea the Muslims had infiltrated Eastern Europe. Why? Are they trying to establish a presence in every country in Europe?

Charlemagne said...


xlbrl said...

I do not know what the Western European equivalents of the urine soaked cross or other exibits of "art" displayed in America over the years would be, but now would be a good time to display the same themes, replacing Christianity with Islam. Since precedent has already been set establishing freedom of speech and artisic expression, it would be blatantly hypocritical to deny the very same art in a change of clothes.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I had no idea the Muslims had infiltrated Eastern Europe.

Since the welfare state is not so developed there, it's a less attractive target for immigrants. Still, some are there. They nabbed some terrorist wannabe's in Poland recently, and Czech Republic is known for having a small but radical Islamic community. Undercover recordings from their mosque 3 years ago caused quite some embarrasment.

Slovenia is possibly the only country not having this problem. 0 mosques :)

Louise said...

"Charlemagne"! Where have you been for the past 1500 years or so? Europe needs you. Come back!!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

" ... we will decide whether it should classified as a crime of supporting and promoting a movement with the purpose of suppressing the rights and freedom of people,” "

So that'll be Islam then.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 03/21/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Profitsbeard said...

All the Czechs need to say to those who want to censor freedom:

"Polib mi prdel!"

(Kiss my caboose!)

If the intolerant are not insulted, then we aren't doing our jobs.


laine said...

The Czech foreign minister is apparently a dhimmi who is more concerned about groveling to Muslims' eternal hurt feelings and following their sharia law against insulting Mohammed than defending the cardinal principle of Western culture - freedom of speech.

How did so many dhimmis get into positions of leadership? Was it all the ass-kissing they had to do along the way? And yet these same left wing politicians were unmoved by any Christian complaints about offense. Only one religion has their ear, and it's Islam.

Guess totalitarians flock together, even if their eventual agendas after gaining control of the population are diametrically opposed. One is multicultural to the point of cultural suicide, the other unicultural to the point of killing the unlike. One has elevated feminism and women beyond equality to the favored sex, the other denigrates them. One is intent on changing the very definition of the marriage institution to accommodate a miniscule gay minority of a minority, the other makes homosexuality a capital crime. One is obsessive about separating church and state for Christianity only, the other says their mosque is their state, religious law is their only law.

I point out again that the biggest supposed "multi-culturalists" are the sloppy lazy buggers who don't know the first thing about the cultures they are importing and defending. All they know is how to call people who have done the work and do know the dangers names.