Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Biggest Mistake Ever Made in Dutch History

Our Flemish correspondent VH wrote us this morning with a roundup of the latest Jihad-related news from the Dutch political scene:

Today in a national newspaper, it was revealed that the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF, offline at the moment; see: not only demands apologies of Wilders, but money as well.

The NIF, Hollanda Islam Federasyonu is a Turkish Nationalist immigrant organization, connected to Milli Görüş, and is suspected of having ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. Some accuse Milli Görüş of pretending to be “liberal” when the doors are open, but extremist when the doors are closed, saying: “War upon all those who ignore the haram, the religious prohibitions of Allah!”. The usual kitman.

Geert Wilders“Not even a second of Wilders’ film is out yet,” the newspaper writes, “and a Turkish organization already demands an apology from Geert Wilders or otherwise that he should be convicted and have to pay heavy fines.” The Turkish organization NIF not only requires that Wilders be silenced and a ban imposed on his anti-Koran film Fitna, but also a public apology from the PVV leader to the Muslim population: “To avoid a penalty payment of €50,000 per day, Wilders should publish a ‘rectification’ on the front page of two national newspapers, in which he is to declare that his remarks about Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed are “inappropriate and an unnecessary offense’. The ‘rectification’ should end with an expression of regret.”

This civil case, which is planned for tomorrow (Friday), has been transferred from The Hague to a heavily protected courtroom in Rotterdam for security reasons. That courtroom in Rotterdam was set up especially for court cases against extremely dangerous criminals and terrorists like the murderer of Theo Van Gogh.

Wilders yesterday called upon his supporters to aid him financially.

According to Wilders on his weblog, his party is encountering “enormous costs” because of the film and its aftermath. Already many court cases are being filed and prepared to silence Wilders one way or the other and the lawyers’ bills must be piling up in his office. The Dutch government yesterday made it clear they decided not to go to court to ask for a ban on Fitna. They don’t need to, because they already set Islamists and appeasers in motion, like the NIF, who are eager enough to do the dirty job for them.

Ehsan JamiIn addition to Wilders, Ehsan Jami, the Dutch immigrant apostate who got kicked out of the Socialist Party (PvdA) for becoming an apostate (many Socialist party voters are Muslims) and for founding a Committee for Ex-Muslims, and under 24/7 protection because of death threats, announced that he will release a film on April 20th. His film will be a cartoon called The Life of Mohammed. The story will depict Mohammed walking to a mosque, accompanied by his nine-year-old child bride Aïsha, to deflower her there. Muslim representatives of the Muslim-advisory Board to the government (CMO) immediately announced that they will take him to court for it.
- - - - - - - - -
There is a good chance that all traitors, appeasers, and Muslim thickheads in the Netherlands have had their two seconds of “fame” now, but one was afraid of being forgotten: Hans van den Broek, the Christian Democrat, former EU official, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and now Minister of State in the Queen’s advisory board. This van den Broek was one of the instigators of the boycott of EU member Austria in 2000, when the conservative Joerg Haider of FPÖ was elected to parliament and joined government.

Hans van den BroekVan den Broek then showed himself to be nothing but a anti-democratic creepy little fascist dictator pur sang, and jumped up again in the same role yesterday to ask for a ban on Fitna… As if there are not enough bans by now. Van den Broek called Wilders’ struggle “political pyromania”, and that is reminiscent an earlier statement from him in which he accused anti-Islamists of wanting to light a match in a powder-depot (thus without realizing it comparing Islam to a powder keg).

Maybe this Hans van den Broek offered an interesting idea. It is time to light matches:

Yesterday history researchers made public studies showing that more than half of the population in the Netherlands is of the opinion that the Islam is a threat to Dutch identity, and also does not agree with Princess Maxima (the Argentinean wife of Crown Prince Alexander) who last year stated that Dutch identity does not exist.

But the most interesting finding of the research is that 57% of the Dutch consider the importation of huge numbers of (Muslim) immigrants in recent decades to be the biggest mistake ever made in Dutch history.

Sietze Fritsma, the immigration specialist for Geert Wilders’ PVV, asked the government if they agree with that, and called for a parliamentary hearing: “Do you realize only the Dutch ‘elite’ embraces this horrible Multiculturalism, and that the ordinary citizen is sick of the daily trouble, street terror, crime, and deterioration that many immigrants bring with them?”


Anonymous said...

This is the best possible result of the movie. At least it's all hitting the fan now, when the Dutch still have an identity and can choose (or not) to assert it. I think people who were feeling complacent and calling Wilders an extremist will get involved now.

Anonymous said...

"A penalty payment of €50,000 per day."

So, they even have already decided on the amount for jizya in the Netherlands! This is going really fast, and accelerating.

I think the time has come to turn the tables on them. They are using democratic rights and Western freedoms to gag us?

Very well then, let's bring them to court for incitement to hatred, racist propaganda, calls for violence, glorification of murder and what not.

There is really a case, now, for legal bans in Western countries not only on terrorist propaganda, but also on Muslim propaganda, activities, proselytizing, organisations, books, videos and buildings.

Let us not fall into the trap of "reciprocity". If we speak too much of "churches in Saudi Arabia", the risk is they will comply, at least formally. Guess what: this is already happening.

Would churches in Saudi Arabia impeach the war of conquest waged by Islam in the midst of Western countries? Of course not.

Geert Wilders has got it damn right.

Vlad Z. said...

Geert Wilders has done a great job of showing the contradictions inherent in the Socialism of his country. How funny, the Socialist party now kicks out a member for denouncing his own religion, Islam. Used to be part of being a good Socialist was renouncing all religion. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Still one suspects that the political culture is too far gone to be revived by Geert Wilders or anyone else. They really have no basis in law for asserting "first ammendment rights" as we do in the USA, they have no Libertarian think tanks or Conservative journals, or anything even resembling the Republican party. His small party has 7 members, and one suspects that even if 57% of the people think that the immigration decisions were a mistake they are not able to draw the connections between their stifling Socialist ideology and the disaster they are creating for themselves.

So, despite everything, I predict it all goes on. The Islamic invasion, the dhimminitude of ordinary Dutch, the prosecutions of infidels for speaking out on it, the death threats and politicians and artists in hiding.

Homophobic Horse said...

"So, despite everything, I predict it all goes on. The Islamic invasion, the dhimminitude of ordinary Dutch, the prosecutions of infidels for speaking out on it, the death threats and politicians and artists in hiding."

Overall Iran is a very liberal and socialist country.

heroyalwhyness said...

The link to Geert Wilders request for financial support is not working for me . . .could be problems on my end though.

Yesterday, I read about this request at this website:
To our international friends:

Please support our struggle. The battle for the survival of freedom is not something we can do all by ourselves. Party for Freedom (PVV) is the only political party in Dutch Parliament that refuses government subsidy. Therefore, we are dependent on your support. We need your help urgently, as costs are mounting. Freedom isn’t free.
You can use the Paypal application under “DONEER” of you can make a contribution to:

Stichting Vrienden van de PVV (Foundation Friends of PVV), in The Hague, the Netherlands.
Bank account
IBAN: NL98 INGB 0670 4723 44 - BIC: INGBNL2A

heroyalwhyness said...

The movie FITNA is up at!!!!!!

Exile said...

Strange but true..

Kurt Westergaard, the guy who drew mohammed with a bomb for a turban, is intending to sue Geert Wilders for misuse of his drawing.

"It's a question of copyright", he says.

The story appeared in the "Jyllands Posten" today.

BefriaMedia said...

It's intersting to follow the Dutch debate from afar. I would summarize my impression by saying that "Freedom of Speech is about to break out in Holland." In spite is anti democrats like Van den Broek hopefulle they are fewer in number over time. The situation in Sweden is very similar, every critic that argue agains massimmigration is called racist by all media and all officials. Most Swedes are stongly against it for the same reasons the Dutch are. Hopefully Wilders film will open more eyes to the treat to the western civilization.
Hopefullt the original site will be back online soon since its more known worldwide. Online films must be used until the extremists that block large national media (TV and Press) from showing critial opinions are taken back by democratic and freedomloving people. Learn how the Swediswh media lie about immigration and crime in online films here;

Kiddo said...

A bigger mistake in Dutch recent history: The demonization of Pim Fortuyn that led to the "climate", as he put it, that caused him to live fearing for his life--and then his tragic and horrible murder. All for agreeing with what is posted above and for wanting assimilation without exception.

Hey, it's Pim, I had to comment.