Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Will the Treaty Die in Lisbon?

The Jerónimos monasteryLast Thursday representatives of the member states of the European Union signed the Treaty of Lisbon at the Jerónimos monastery in the ancient city and capital of Portugal. This “treaty” is in fact the same old EU Constitution, slightly disguised and redecorated after its embarrassing rejection by actual voters.

The new treaty has yet to be ratified by several European provinces nations, and one — Ireland — has promised to hold a referendum. Nonetheless, it seems likely that the Treaty of Lisbon will be accepted by the member states of the EU, thus bringing into being a new tyrannical and unaccountable anti-democratic entity that will wield massive power over most of the continent of Europe.

However, writing in the comments to yesterday’s post about the protest in the EU Parliament, Maria José Figueiredo is optimistic that the Treaty of Lisbon may well die in the same city where it was born:
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As to the Lisbon Treaty (I gasp at having my lovely city’s name connected to it!), there may still be some hope.

José Sócrates, the Portuguese prime minister, is still trying to decide in what way is his government going to ratify it. During the last couple of years, he has declared repeatedly that he would call for a referendum on the treaty, and he has promised to do just that during the electoral campaign. Parties from far left to far right are calling for a referendum, and people inside his own party are voicing the same request, saying it’s hard to see how he can avoid it.

Meanwhile, Alan Lamassoure, Sarkozy’s adviser for European matters has said that, were Sócrates to call a referendum, that would be a ‘betrayal’ (sic) on his part; for, on that scenario, Gordon Brown would hardly be able not to do the same, other countries would follow, and some country or other is bound to say no to the treaty.

So you see, with a bit of luck, its birthplace might turn out to be its cemetery…

This is encouraging news. It seems that we would be well-advised to keep an eye on Portugal.


Homophobic Horse said...

"a new tyrannical and unaccountable anti-democratic entity that will wield massive power over most of the continent of Europe."

A dictatorship, basically. We ought to start calling it that, that word dictatorship has all the right negative connotations.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

27 countries ... very worrying that something so pernicious as the treaty has got so far with so little discussion. Have the political elites of all twenty seven countries really sold out whole, entire and at once? They couldn't agree on the time normally. Surely at least one of twenty seven has to kick this rotten applecart over ...

DP111 said...

Shocking expose of the depths that the EU will go to get to create the EUSSR.

The people really are stupid


READ IT. It will leave you stunned.

DP111 said...
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DP111 said...

You may like to look at this long article, where the author charts the creation of the EUSSR. It has been a long time in the making. Successive governments have taken active part or been misled. Even the USA has been an active agent in the setting up of the EUSSR since the fifties.

Is it Incompetance

NB: I can’t link to the original site. Whether all this is one big conspiracy or just a conspiracy theory, I can’t say at the moment.

But the fact remains that millions of illegal immigrants, asylum seekers by the hundreds of thousands, have been given amnesty. The country accuses the government of incompetence, but the government says nothing, ignores the hue and cry, and carries on as before.

Persistence incompetence on such scale cannot be credible. It just does not wash. The purpose of this scale of immigration is to destroy a nation, which has had a shared culture, and reduce it to a nation that has no common culture. If that can be achieved, then the EU can rest atht there will no longer be a unified opposition to the EU. That is the purpose of the large-scale immigration of inassimilable immigrants to Western Europe. It is not incompetence but malevolent design.

Then the way NuLabour and the rest of the European governments have conducted themselves in this EU constitution business, is again not just shady but malevolent design. Nothing else seems to fit.

heroyalwhyness said...

www.X09.eu is established to petition for referendum separately by nation. Current graph depicting registrants here.

Unknown said...
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X said...

Islam-o-phobe, it might be worth bringing a bit of history into it. The Irish people threw off what they perceived as an oppressive foreign government back in the day, so ask them why are they going to hand over their country to another foreign government now?

Unknown said...

Islam o'phobe - I agree with Graham. Ireland fought so long for her freedom. Don't let it disappear! Ireland has been a miracle economy over the past few decades. Follow Switzerland, which wisely is not a member of the EUSSR. Most of my ancestors came from Ireland and it has been a pleasure to watch Ireland boom. Keep Ireland Free!!! Even better, get out of the EU!

Fenec said...

Baron Bodissey, as a portuguese living under the rule of the biggest weasel as prime-minister Portugal has ever had in democracy, i think i can give you a hint on the chances he destroys the biggest personal victory his presidency of the EU has accomplished.


This sucker wants a career in european institutions, calling a referendum would just destroy that chance. HE IS NOT DOING IT. Does not matter what heat he gets from left or right, he is on is second term as prime-minister, he will endure that.

I'm telling you, he's capable of literally come before portuguese parlament and say: "I know i promised a referendum, but things have changed, this constitution as been corrected, it's all ok now, other countries are not considering it, only Ireland, so that's a sign that it is really good now, no need for a referendum" and then give a serene smile as the oposittion barfs and barks...

REALLY, hope for the Irish.