Friday, December 14, 2007

The Patricidal Dragon

The EU dragon

The excellent graphic above is taken from the Byzantine Sacred Art Blog. This is one of the finest EU-related images that I have ever seen — hats off to Svetlana!

It put me in mind of Fáfnir.

According to the Volsunga Saga, Fáfnir and Regin were two of the sons of the dwarf king Hreidmar. The two brothers plotted to kill their father and steal his vast hoard of treasure.

After the deed was done, Fáfnir decided that he wanted the treasure all to himself. He sat on top of the gold and turned himself into a dragon so that he could guard his treasure night and day.

As it happens, Fáfnir the dragon came to an untimely end at the hands of Sigurd…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It’s very satisfying to find allegories of current events in poetry and myth.
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The myth of Fáfnir is the source of the common archetypal image of a dragon squatting atop a pile of gold and jewels. It’s instructive to note that in this case the treasure guarded by EU-Fáfnir has turned into a skull.

All that gold squandered for the sake of Eurabia!

But who will play the part of Sigurd in the climax to the modern version of this allegory?

Who will put a sword into the heart of the dragon?

Hat tip: Henrik.


Cincinnatus said...

Pretty, but what happened to Holland? Half of it is below sea level. Did all the dykes break? Is that one of those unreadable clauses in the Lisbon treaty?

blogagog said...

Let's get this guy to handle it!

X said...

Cincinnatus, that's nothing. A year or so back the EU organisation Eurostat managed to lose the whole of Wales. See?

Henrik R Clausen said...

"Pretty, but what happened to Holland?"

Probably, it got out.

DP111 said...


You wrote an informative article on the development of democracy and rule of law in the USA. Below a link to supplement it.

Mos Maiorum

Another is on the guiltily named "Reform treaty"

The EU "treaty" explained

I hope you and GOV readers find them informative, as I did.

Ed Mahmoud said...

The Byzantine art blog is a good read, and very informative, although I've noticed some links to anti-US and anti-Western sites. Of course, I don't completely blame Serbians for resenting the US after Bill Clinton's adventures over there, but he (she?) has posters that seem to think the Vatican controls US and EU policy, ie, nutbars.

DP111 said...

ed mahmpoud wrote: but he (she?) has posters that seem to think the Vatican controls US and EU policy, ie, nutbars.

That does not surprise me in the least. It was one of the Crusades, that was supposedly off to liberate Jerusalem, that sacked and destroyed Constantinople. The Byzantium emopire was so weakened by this sack, that it never recovered, and eventually fell to the Turk.

Since then, despite many attempts by the Vatican to reconcile with Orthodox Christendom but Orthodox Christendom has never forgiven the West for this act of betrayal. In this vein, it is not surprising that the US aggression against Serbia is seen in the same light.

Be Wise on Kosovo
By Walid Phares on American Thinker
elaborates further.

DP111 said...

Link here

Be Wise on Kosovo

Ed Mahmoud said...

Svetlana, who is one of the commenters/admins at the Byzantine Art Blog is a first class nut-bar...

Vatican State was shoulder-to-shoulder with Germany in jumping in to recognize unilateral independence of Slovenia and Croatia. Even if we don't want to go back to the war before, WWII, when Vatican supported the massacre under the guise of forced conversion of Orthodox Serbs into Roman Catholicism in Croatia and Bosnia, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the most macabre slaughterhouse seen in the recent human history - we're not talking about Vatican as Christian organization, but as a state on its own, a very significant political power, with its own banks, its own borders, its own pillaged wealth, its crusades and its own political agenda that hasn't changed in the past 900 years. Pope is not only a priest, or what we would call a bishop, who holds sermons and serves the mass, he is also a head of the state who has been using his political power and influence for centuries to undermine Orthodoxy and Orthodox lands, because submerging Eastern Orthodoxy under the pope's rule is one of Vatican's permanent, obvious goals.

Jared Israel has this, less talked about and less known aspect of papacy, covered exceptionally well.

This was in reply to my assertion that the Vatican is not the all powerful force that runs the European Union. I had mentioned the EU's promotion of homosexuality and Europes liberal abortion laws as evidence the Pope is not exactly all powerful in Europe.