Sunday, December 30, 2007

Update on the Fuat Deniz Case

Fuat Deniz was an Assyrian Christian university professor in Sweden who was murdered several weeks ago. For a more detailed background on this case, refer to the list of links at the bottom of this post.

Our Swedish correspondent Carpenter sends this brief report on the status of the case, which seems to have stalled:

Fuat DenizAs far as I can tell, this murder was ideological/political, and the servants PC of the Swedish regime do everything they can to mislead on this. As, for instance, Jerzy “Stockholm Bob” Sarnecki, of whom you already know and have blogged about.

The National Police board failed to enhance the pictures from the surveillance tape from the store in Örebro, where the presumptive murderer may have walked in suspiciously covered with blood, and without buying anything.

So now the tape has been sent to the State Laboratory of Crime Technology [Statens Kriminaltekniska Laboratorium], according to Länstidningen (December 28th). It has been in the same camera for years, daily rewound and used for recording.

Thus, the quality is rotten, and Lotta Lindblad, press spokesperson of the Örebro police, isn’t optimistic: “The quality is so bad, that nothing can be seen […] SKL is going to give it one last try, but it will be difficult.”

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Steen said...

Thanks for following the story, Baron. This is just to tell, that I search 120 swediush news media every day for updates - but I must admit, it´s very, very quiet.........maybe they are all on vacation ?

hey from DK

Unknown said...

It doesn't bode well..the authorities are obviously preparing us for the fact that a murderer can walk free because the same film is being used in a surveillance-camera year in year out. Anything apparently, for peace in our time. Such films are not in good hands with our government-institutions these days