Saturday, December 15, 2007

Signs of the New World Order

Remember the recent post on the castrated Swedish lion?

Well, the wymin are at again. The first time they got their way by going to the EU court:

The armed forces agreed to emasculate the lion after a group of women from the rapid reaction force lodged a complaint to the European Court of Justice, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

Now they’ve got something else in their sights - road signs:

Herr GårmanA local authority which wants to erect road signs featuring female characters in the interests of gender equality has had its initiative vetoed by national authorities.

Hässleholm Municipality designed a new sign to mark pedestrian crossings on roads in the town. Instead of the traditional male figure - known in Sweden as Herr Gårman, which translates as both ‘Mr walk man’ and ‘This is where you walk’ - council roads chief Anders Servin designed a ‘Fru Gårman’.

Fru GårmanServin said the female figure was “very feminine.”

“Equality is important,” he said.

“This has also been fun for Hässleholm, as we are first in the country.”

But the project has now been vetoed by the Swedish National Roads Administration (Vägverket). It points to laws that state that a new road sign may not erected if it could be confused with an existing design.

Now Hässleholm is demanding that the administration list ‘Fru Gårman’ as a legal sign, but officials at the administration say that the government would probably veto the idea.

“For us to consider the case we would need to believe it could succeed, and the government has so far not been positive. We have already received a number of requests for ‘Fru Gårman’ signs,” said Chester Bernsten at the administration.

They’re right, “equality is important.” But what fool would think that a road sign represents anything egalitarian? Are these wymin brain-washed or what?
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Sometimes you read the news and think you’ve wandered accidentally into some schoolyard squabble. A lot of little girls and boys making faces and each claiming the others have cooties. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard men demeaned as being “little boys.” But if that is the case, then these wymin are nothing more than little girls demanding their turn on the merry-go-round.

Hund GårmanJust because the state turned these ninnies down doesn’t mean the fight is over. Guess who will be running to the European Court of Justice whining, “Teacher, teacher, it’s not fair…” And the Court, castrated and correct, will side with the girls. State sovereignty is over, folks. Dead and buried by the Lisbon Traitors Treaty.

The feminists have once again wasted their talents on trivia. In fact, the whole movement has gone to the dogs.

Hat tip: TB.

Update: Thanks to Steen, we now have a better version of Fru Gårman.


VinceP1974 said...

In the Muslim areas will the signs feature women draped in a burka?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

So they let women go into the "Rapid Reaction Force", where the actual men (I am not talking about the liberal, purse-carrying wussies) don't want them, then they complain that the lion is male.

Now some emasculated male wants to have the crossing sign show a female, but he doesn't see what he is starting. The womyn's groups would complain that the skirt is stereotyping. So then they would have to show a woman in a pants suit. But how to make a woman in a pants suit look different than the man without stereotyping? Make her profile look like Melissa Ethridge?

X said...

Funny thing is, the sign actually looks like Herr Gårman in a skirt and a wig...

Homophobic Horse said...

And of course if you criticise them you will lose your job and go to prison.

Kylie said...

Three guesses as to what Fru G�rman is carrying in her purse.

carpenter said...

But what fool would think that a road sign represents anything egalitarian? Are these wymin brain-washed or what?

The state religion of Sweden is constituted by following trinity:

1. Envoronmentalism (never discussed - Al Gorve and the IPCC are right, no questions asked!)

2. Multiculturalism (anyone criticizing Islam or the most extremist immigration policies of Europe - Sweden's - are "just like the Nazi movement in the 30's" and the Muslims are about to have it like the Jews had it in the concentration camps as long as we do not maintain embracing Islam, Multiculturalism and our immigration policies! [And Denmark is the Fourth Reich])

3. Feminism (jämställdhet*)

In Sweden, once one of above-mentioned ideologies is cited, anything can be done, regardless of what one wants to do, as the case of the road signs shows. If it isn't Muslims offended by our beloved freedom of press or climate-hostile non-Socialists, it's... patriarchal road signs.

* Jämställdhet = equality, when refering to it as "gender equality". Otherwise it would be jämlikhet

Conservative Swede said...

The Modoggie has so many traffic associations, it's originally a rondellhund, and now it's a zebra crossing dog (what's the result really when crossing a zebra and a dog?)

The problem with Fru Gårman is that the image is typical gender stereotyping. As if a woman is supposed to have a handbag, a skirt, long hair, etc. Soon another set of feminists will come and protest this. Political correctness and inversion of values is a quest that never has a conclusion. In already a few years Fru Gårman will be seen as a symbol of the structural male oppression in our society. This is the dilemma for the feminists: they want women to be represented (in symbols etc.), but they cannot be made to look feminine. I think the solution would be to create a truly gender neutral image. Put a set of boobs on Herr Gårman as he is, and that would be queer enough to pass the PC test in the long run (But make sure he stays castrated of course!)

Herr Gårman is a pun actually. When said in Swedish it sounds like "här går man", which means "here you walk". With the intension to teach the kids; to make it a way for them to remember. That whole thing is lost with Fru Gårman. But bigger things are at stake here. Today correct PC indoctrination is considered much more important for out kids than learning to cross the street in a safe way.

Early '70s some comedians renamed Herr Gårman to "neger på väg över gatan", which translated to contemporary English is "black man crossing the street". This is of course what you actually see if you look at the picture. Seen in that way, Fru Gårman actually targets two special interest groups, which makes it hit the PC jackpot. Such wonderful times we live in!

Conservative Swede said...

Here is another sign that they might want to consider changing next. It's the traditional sign, since long back, for pedestrian lane. An adult man holding hands with that little girl. Makes you think of pedophilia or incest, doesn't it? What is this white man going to do with that little innocent girls, whose trust he lured her into? This is the kind of question passing your mind when seeing this picture, right? But a woman with a kid is gender stereotyping... Once again a dilemma... I suggest an image of Muhammad walking a dog.

Conservative Swede said...

More oppressive stereotyping here:

"Had to change to the limo on the other side."

As if women couldn't play the guitar?

Mystery Meat said...

An easy solution is to have the man wear a dress.

Dr.D said...

A simple stick figure would be truly gender neutral.

Actually, I think that they should stay with the man. Then, any women that think that they are excluded by the sign should also think that they are restricted and cannot cross the road; they must stay on the side where they find themselves. Then they become prisoners of their own foolishness.