Sunday, December 16, 2007

Silencing Any Discussion of the Assyrian Genocide

Yesterday I wrote about the murder of a university professor named Fuat Deniz in the town of Örebro in Sweden. The earlier Swedish news stories seemed to shy away from a possible connection between the murder of Dr. Deniz and his writings on the Assyrian genocide under the Ottomans.

Today’s report in The Local is not so reticent:

Political motive suspected in Örebro murder

Fuat DenizColleagues of the 40 year-old sociology lecturer murdered at Örebro University on Tuesday fear for their safety amid suspicions that the motive was political.

Fuat Deniz researched within the field of the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman empire and other researchers working in the field have been threatened, according to David Gaunt at Södertörn University College. Gaunt has worked with Fuat Deniz and they held several lectures and seminars together.

“On several occasions at our seminars people would attend claiming to be journalists only to then walk around photographing delegates,” Gaunt told Svenska Dagbladet.

So it appears that Dr. Deniz and his associates were being stalked in preparation for an attack. It seems less and less likely that this was some kind of random wilding.

The Local continues:
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It is reported that researchers have been harassed, received death threats and been labeled terrorists. Gaunt reports having been followed by security police on trips to Turkey and describes being subjected to a smear campaign by a Turkish newspaper.

“All those interested in Christian minorities in Turkey are considered a threat,” said Gaunt.

Deniz was internationally renowned for his work with the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman empire and was scheduled to speak at a conference on religious minorities in the Netherlands today.

So this is what Sweden reaps for all those decades of Multicultural respect and tolerance. An entire field of academic enquiry is under threat, and university professors must go about in fear of their lives.

Welcome to the New Sweden.

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Michael said...

Baron, as you say, Dr. Deniz was about to give a lecture in Holland. The Dutch daily "Nederlands Dagblad" confirms the story by Gaunt, and adds another one:

A Dutch scientist who wishes to remain anonymous, confirms that. "I felt the eyes of Turkish spies in my back during a couple of lectures I gave in Holland." This scientist does fear to be at risk and therefore publicly speaks out as little as possible about the Assyrian Genocide."

Outlaw Mike/Belgium

Steen said...

As you say, the most likely thing is a political, terror murder. (Also according to what I have read in swedish papers).

The problem is, the murder is now 5 days old. That normally brings down the likelyhood of catching the murderer. Which is too bad for all swedish researchers who are dealing with "sensitive" issues.

Paul said...

Secular Europeans are at a terrible disadvantage in this contest. This is a spiritual struggle, the strategies of which are calculated in the spiritual realm. Secular persons, whose intelligence is not capable of grasping spiritual reality, are waging a fight they cannot possibly understand, and that they, and we, are not strong enough in physical measures to engage and hold off. This is a contest of good versus evil. It is that simple, and that complex.

The strength of the west flowing from the avenue of Christianity in Europe came from the 'real' and sure power of God and his superintending will. The experience of the Christmas story, which we are preparing to celebrate in Christian homes, is a remembrance of a historical event that is true in the essence of it's historic detail. In the Christmas story, and in the real events that occurred in Bethlehem and Jerusalem 2000 years ago, there is real power that is just as real now as it was then.

Jesus said there would be false Christs and false prophets that would follow him. Mohammad is clearly an example of a false prophet, a murderous and vile example of a false prophet. It should be obvious to the entire, informed, western world.

So what does this have to do with the murder of a Swedish Assyrian Christian educator? Let me put it this way: Darkness hates the light. Evil hides in darkness. Secular Europeans without the light of the gospel of truth have no capacity to understand or even see what is going on around them.

The trajectory we are on is indeed ominous.

But there is hope in all this. Christ, the living risen Christ, told us terrible, terrible trouble would come that would involve all the nations of the world. He also said men would think they are serving God by killing his followers. The trouble we are seeing is only the beginning, dear friends. My suggestion is for us all to read and take to heart the message of Christ in the old and new testaments. A real and living relationship with the living Christ is what we need to walk the path that is ahead.

livfreerdie said...

Seems like another point is made for the private ownership of firearms, not just here in the States but Europe also, and concealed carry.

I read this blog and get disheartened about the EU's blatant power grab and inability or desire to protect it's members. The clock is ticking, who will rise to take a stand or to lead. Or for the religious is this not the perfect time for the anti-Christ to appear and blow smoke up our collective tailpipe?


Anonymous said...

Muslims attack Christian Coptic businesses today:

Vasarahammer said...

"I read this blog and get disheartened about the EU's blatant power grab and inability or desire to protect it's members."

This is also evident if you look at the school fires in Sweden. The authorities do not seem to be determined to catch the people responsible for setting the schools on fire, but mainly look at fire safety issues. Naturally, if there are people intent on setting schools on fire, you should build schools that do not catch fire easily. Simple, really.

Papa Whiskey said...

A comment I made yesterday bears reiteration, given that Fuat Deniz was stabbed in the neck not once, but several times, as The Local Dec. 13:

"Doctors at Örebro University Hospital operated on the victim on Tuesday evening after he had received stab wounds to the neck." (Emphasis mine.)

A cut on the neck is specifically mandated by at least two verses of the Qur'an:

8:12 -- "Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): 'I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: Smite ye above their necks ...' "

47:4 -- "Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), Smite at their necks ..."

Random wilding? No way.

Gaeidhil said...

I really can't imagine how the public could tolerate this much longer.

PapaBear said...

There are only two long-term outcomes: submission or civil war.

FluffResponse said...

it seems that the public will accept more and more.

not "what is happening to our tradition of open inquiry and truth telling"; instead, "why should i care about some professor involved in esoteric studies?"

the europeans have been sold down the river, and they -- and perhaps the americans -- are unable to paddle upstream, destroy the political careers of those who sold them, and handle the muslims as the supremacist interlopers they are instead of as "loyal citizens" and adherents of "the religion of peace."

It seems as if most people are going to submit. westerners enjoyed what history bequeathed them, but the freedom slowly end here.

sorry to be defeatist. am feeling that way.