Tuesday, December 18, 2007

“Global Warming Bites the Dust”

Remember Pope Benedict’s recent warning about warming? Earlier this year, the Vatican had hosted its own Global Climate conference well ahead of the boondoggle in Bali last week. The result was less than eschatological, but it did leave the Greenies grinding their teeth in the outer darkness:

…senior cardinals close to the Vatican have since expressed doubts about a movement which has been likened by critics to be just as dogmatic in its assumptions as any religion.

In October, the Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney, caused an outcry when he noted that the atmospheric temperature of Mars had risen by 0.5 degrees celsius.

“The industrial-military complex up on Mars can’t be blamed for that,” he said in a criticism of Australian scientists who had claimed that carbon emissions would force temperatures on earth to rise by almost five degrees by 2070 unless drastic solutions were enforced.

Now comes Viscount Christopher Monckton, that uniquely British iconoclast, with his own first-hand report of the politically correct climate control doings from Bali.

His send-up of the proceedings gives one hope:

Hurricane BonnieDown the Poxy, our local fleapit late on a Saturday night, voodoo flicks like Night Of The Undead were always popular when I was a lad. To shrieks of scornful merriment from the teenage audience, mindless zombies would totter aimless across the clumsily-constructed sets with lugubrious expressions frozen on their messily-made-up death-masks until the hero, with the lurv interest wrenched screeching from the clutches of the late Baron Samedi and draped admiringly on her rescuer’s extravagantly-muscled arm, triumphantly saved the day.

Thus it was in Bali during the Fortnight Of The Undead. There was surreality in the air. The overwhelming majority of the governmental delegates, journalists, quango stallholders, fortune-hunters and environmental lobbyists who attended the UN climate conference in the soulless Nusa Dua conference centre tottered aimlessly among the clumsily-constructed sets with lugubrious expressions frozen on their messily-made-up death-masks. Monckton’s Rule: the further Left, the tackier the make-up. The only laughter came from our gallant band of doubters, the heroes of this otherwise gloomy production.

I nearly didn’t go to Bali. The UN, which had not wanted any dissent at this carefully-staged event, rejected my journalistic credentials out of hand, and without explanation. However, a non-government organization came to the rescue and the high priests didn’t dare to say No a second time. That would have looked too obvious. I proved my journo-cred by writing a major article in the Jakarta Post on day 1 of the conference, cheekily claiming my share of the Nobel Prize because the IPCC had made a correction to its latest Holy Book at my suggestion, and concluding that, since our influence on the climate is a non-problem, and the correct approach to a non-problem is to do nothing, my fellow-participants should have the courage to do nothing and push off home…
- - - - - - - - -
The Post circulated the article to all delegates and syndicated it worldwide, provoking weeping and gnashing of dentures among the zombies at my challenge to the scientific accuracy of the Holy Books of the IPCC. I don’t think the UN will dare to question my journalistic credentials again.

The UN’s sinister bureaucrats were furious that their attempt to stop me writing in the newspapers from the conference had failed. So they interrupted a presentation by me to delegates, threatened to have me thrown out by Security if I addressed any meeting open to the Press in the conference venues, and cancelled without reason a room they had previously booked for our team’s daily conferences. The room wasn’t even needed for someone else: it stood empty. So we mounted a demo outside the conference: half a dozen scientists (and me) in white lab-coats and (for some reason) wrap-around shades, holding a banner saying, “New science drives out old fears: Kyoto 2 is not needed”.

The UN, whose pot-bellied goons had taken over the entire Nusa Dua conference zone from the leaner and more competent Indonesian and Balinese security forces, moved us on within minutes, while allowing anti-nuclear protesters, Greens and even Hilary Benn, described as a UK Minister, to mount demonstrations for hours on end.

The official propaganda mantra at the conference, first suggested by a UK pressure-group last year and now enthusiastically adopted by the UN, was that “The Science Is Settled”. The zombies, led by the outgoing and incoming conference chairmen, recited this mantra with glazed but increasingly desperate pietism.

An IPCC lead author came to one of the press conferences we managed to hold before the UN showed its alarm at our effect on the delegates by shutting us down. He said a mere layman like me had no business challenging the supposed “consensus”. And he tried to maintain that a table of figures in the latest Holy Book had been added up correctly when, as a slide I was showing made quite clear, it had not added up to within a factor of two of the right answer. In the land of the zombies, two plus two equals nine.

Outside the conference hall, I went up to a fragrant Japanese lady manning one of the exhibits set up by the ever-growing number of taxpayer-funded quangos with bewildering but important-sounding initials that are profiting by the lavish State handouts available to anyone willing to proselytize for the cult of the wrathful God Siotu. “What disasters?” I enquired, with an expression of shambling, potty-Peer innocence. This usually provoked a lurid list of plagues, droughts, floods, deaths, cataclysms and mass extinctions worthy of St. John the Divine at his most hyperbolic. The UK High Court judge who condemned Al Gore for exaggerations of this sort would have locked up most of the stallholders and sent me the key.

But this lady had somehow escaped the zombies. She drew me to one side and whispered, “Don’t tell my boss, but two-thirds of the delegates here are mad.” They would have been mad, if they’d had minds at all. One of the most enduring impressions on all of our team was that the Enlightenment has been switched off. Enter the Dark Age of Unreason. Ever since the high priests tampered with the scientists’ text of the IPCC’s 1995 Holy Book, deleting multiple references to the absence of credible evidence for any anthropogenic effect on climate and inserting the directly contrary statement that there was now a discernible human influence, anyone who dares to check the science is regarded as a heretic for daring to question the Holy Books of voodoo. Never mind the facts: just believe the nonsense, even when it doesn’t add up.

I couldn’t resist baiting the stallholder at the stand run by a certain national weather bureau. This particular tax-gobbler, reliably Messianic in its Siotological fervour, had a childishly imaginative poster that ramped up the imagined disasters as global temperature rose by each additional degree Celsius. At just 2 degrees, the poster said the Greenland ice sheet would be permanently destabilized. Oo-er. The message was illustrated by the usual picture of a glacier calving spectacularly into the water…

But seriously, folks, take the Global Warming Test and see how much you’ve been brainwashed by the MSM accurate your own information is. It takes about five minutes to go through the questions.

And just in case you were considering selling your beach property and moving to Antarctica to survive, see this essay released by Marc Morano@ EPW.Senate.gov:


Washington DC - An abundance of new peer-reviewed studies, analysis, and data error discoveries in the last several months has prompted scientists to declare that fear of catastrophic man-made global warming “bites the dust” and the scientific underpinnings for alarm may be “falling apart.” The latest study to cast doubt on climate fears finds that even a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would not have the previously predicted dire impacts on global temperatures. This new study is not unique, as a host of recent peer-reviewed studies have cast a chill on global warming fears.

“Anthropogenic (man-made) global warming bites the dust,” declared astronomer Dr. Ian Wilson after reviewing the new study which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Another scientist said the peer-reviewed study overturned “in one fell swoop” the climate fears promoted by the UN and former Vice President Al Gore. The study entitled “Heat Capacity, Time Constant, and Sensitivity of Earth’s Climate System,” was authored by Brookhaven National Lab scientist Stephen Schwartz.

“Effectively, this (new study) means that the global economy will spend trillions of dollars trying to avoid a warming of ~ 1.0 K by 2100 A.D.” Dr. Wilson wrote in a note to the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee on August 19, 2007. Wilson, a former operations astronomer at the Hubble Space Telescope Institute in Baltimore MD, was referring to the trillions of dollars that would be spent under such international global warming treaties like the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate fears reduced to ‘children’s games’

Other scientists are echoing Wilson’s analysis. Former Harvard physicist Dr. Lubos Motl said the new study has reduced proponents of man-made climate fears to “playing the children’s game to scare each other.”…

Here’s another thing that’s about to bite the dust: Algore’s plans in 2009 to be the dark horse candidate in the campaign for President.

Meanwhile, go to The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition for a plethora of information regarding the death rattles of this outrageous scam.

Hat tip: Paul at Swenglish Rantings

Update: Corrected the typo. Thanks, Ethelred, By the way, I am Dymphna. Don't let the moustache fool you.


Ethelred said...


You must mean "eschatological," no?

Many people, from Ayn Rand (in 1960) to Mark Steyn (recently in the NY Sun) have noted that what the environmentalists really want is there to NO mankind at all.

Tying one's tubes to prevent a new-born carbon user is really sick.

Ethelred said...

to BE no mankind.....

Ethelred said...

I have been trying to find an Audubon Magazine article I saw about "Earth Without Humans." I found:




Don't get me wrong, wanton waste and thoughtless use of Nature is NOT to be condoned.

However, man lives by adapting the environment to him and not the other way round.

Ethelred said...


Oops. I guess subconsciously I thought the environment was a guy thing.

Does the mustache/moustache get in the way of playing the tuba?


Exile said...

If anyone has an hour to spend, here is a video that explains why this CO2 global warming nonsense IS nonsense.

Global Warming Swindle.

It is worth seeing. It should be aired on all TV stations around the world.

Zenster said...

exile, thank you so very much for posting your link to "The Global Warming Swindle". This is the first scientific, fact-based refutation of MMGW (ManMade Global Warming) that I've run across. It is absolutely superb and—as you say—should be mandatorily broadcast in all industrialized and Third World countries alike.

I was particularly surpised to see them make specific mention of how so many leftists—politically adrift since the fall of Soviet communism—have now politicized MMGW as a new way of advancing their traditional anti-human totalitarian cause. The Luddites could only have dreamed of anti-industrialization on this scale. Those who hate capitalism have lusted after such an infectious environmental meme for decades. Finally, the left's idolization of Rosseau's "Noble Savage" is unmasked in its entirety. Their "Return to the Soil" will not be a resurgence of idyllic pastoral peasant life but the imposition—by legal mandamus—of grinding poverty and subsistence-level survival.

What the Left dare not mention is how their "Return to the Soil" will come in the form of untold millions dead and buried. Ever and always, the liberal-socialist dream once again manifests as the impoverishing and brutal meat grinder that it has historically been.

comrade_tovarich said...

The "Global Warming Swindle" is good, but it too has been pooh-poohed, in whole or in part. This is to be expected, of course, but has anyone come across refutations of the movie's refutations' refutations?

Seriously, I'm curious. I fear the film has been "swiftboated" by greens and other statists, just as the Swiftboat vets were rather effectively "swiftboated" by those seeking to abet the ongoing crime that is the biped Comrade John Kerry (Kerry satire is always enjoyable, for Kerry (and the DNC that ran him) is such a deserving target).

History Snark said...

Ah, but all of this is a lie. There is a consensus, and it cannot be questioned. As a leftist friend put it to me, "Global warming is a theory the same way that gravity is a theory".

(Not making that up).

We are all ignorant tools of the vast right wing conspiracy. So if anybody wants me, I'll be off driving my new Hummer to my private jet for a trip to my huge and well heated mansion, courtesy of the funds that I get for denying global warming.

Chris Bering said...

To all those needing ammunition for staring down commie-tree-hugging-hippie-enviro-fundamentalist-humanphobes, here's a couple of educational links:

35 Gore errors

Solar cycles drive climate



Sun 'wobble' drive climate

Dr Theodor Landscheidt has predicted a lot of climate events, years in advance, using sun-spot cycles, sun 'wobble' cycles and ENSO (though ENSO and its phase shifts appears to be driven by particular sun cycles). There's more at john-daly

Chris Bering said...

Ethelred said:
"what the environmentalists really want is there to NO mankind at all."

You mean, like this: Children are the enemy

Ethelred said...



May I be so bold as to recommend Ayn Rand's Return of the Primitive - The Anti-Industrial Revolution.

Most of the essays were written between 1965-1970, but they ring true today.

"The Comprachicos" will make your hair stand on end, and will help explain the hatred and self-destructive behavior we see today.

Mrs. EntryReqrd said...

Christmas shopping and things have me distracted, so much so that I forgot to include the link in my email for the Coup d'etat Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations by100 Prominent Scientists Dec. 13, 2007