Thursday, December 06, 2007

Recreating January 1933

One of the beneficial side-effects of the last few weeks has been the emergence of The Transatlantic Conservative, a new US-based Counterjihad blog with a focus on European issues.

We’ve talked a lot here recently about the imaginary neo-Nazis hiding under the beds of various European anti-immigration parties. In today’s post, TC takes a look at the real neo-Nazis:

Ghosts of the Past

Just found this on the website of Germany’s CNN daughter “ntv”.

The question of this poll was: Are you for or against the interdiction of the NPD (openly anti-Semitic neo Nazi party)? As of my reading the results were: 56% of readers in favor of and 44% against an interdiction of this party. That kind of result would have been unthinkable only 4 or 5 years ago.

And believe me, this nazi friendly result has nothing to do with a concern for free speech. In my mind, these numbers are clearly a result of the appeasement politics of the German government, media and academia towards the islamization of Western Europe and a people feeling betrayed. So in a country that elected a center-left government, the majority of the people favor a neo Nazi party? Scary stuff! In my mind this is the result of the fact, that any individual or group in Europe that speaks out openly against islamization, is being branded as a racist. Any voice against Islam in Europe gets criminalized. You literally go to jail for criticizing the building of a mosque or madrassa or an honor killing. That is the direction in which the unelected EU government is taking Europe.
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Once again the lessons of history are being lost in the collective brain-fog brought on by the nepenthe of political correctness.

The elite movers and shakers in Europe have effectively forbidden nationalism, love of country, traditional culture, and all the other values that act as the glue to hold societies together.

But these characteristics will not be denied expression. If they are prohibited from proceeding through lawful and legitimate means, they will emerge through illegal and illiberal ones.

Then we will see the rough beast begin its slouch towards Bethlehem…


Papa Whiskey said...

Eisvogel concludes her interview with a most handsome sentiment:

“I wish to say something else to Americans, and indeed to conservatives as well as to liberals. I wish to say: Thank you. Thank you that I was brought up in a free country and not in a horrorful dictatorship. Thanks to your fathers, grandfathers, uncles and perhaps even great-grandfathers, who have risked their lives to wipe the Nazis from the face of the earth. They were heroes and they will never be forgotten. If you know an old man within your family or among your friends who fought for freedom in WWII please say him the most profound thanks from me and all my family.”

On behalf of my late father, a gunnery officer on a U.S. Navy destroyer during Big Two, many thanks for this thought.

Unknown said...

Extreme groups like this will continue to grow whilst being given oxygen by the multicultural PC elites. The aversion people feel for the likes of neo-nazi groups will be tempered by their fear of Islamification. We must become more active in order to keep these groups from gaining ground, because at the end of the day, I see little difference from being under an Islamic caliphate or a nazi dictatorship.

On the other hand, Europe is currently captive to a PC dictatorship which differs little in some aspects to Soviet era PC. God help Europe, because nobody seems to be able too.

Homophobic Horse said...

Oh great, having split with the right liberals we're now gonna have the right socialists crawling up our backs.

Alexis said...

Ideologically speaking, I credit Konrad Adenauer for defeating Nazism in post-war Germany, as he appealed to German nationalism and deprived the Nazis of the oxygen they needed. Likewise, the rise of neo-Nazism one generation ago was blunted when Germany's restricted immigration.

The best means to stop totalitarianism of any variety is actually to listen to popular sentiment. The worst possible means to undermine extreme nationalism is to use the heavy handed and "multicultural" methods of Communist Yugoslavia. Ever since the early 1990's, I have been concerned that the European Union might repeat the same mistakes as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The more legitimate grievances are not only ignored but sneered at by a political establishment, the more support will exist for the real monsters. This is part of my concern about calumnies against Flemish separatists, for the vilification of legitimate Flemish politicians may create room for politicians who are more like Milosevic, Tudjman, and Izetbegovic. I want Flemish independence to be taken seriously as a concept and not merely as a sentiment, and that includes concerns about trade policy, currency policy (will the Flanders groot be tied to the euro, dollar, or pound?), defense policy, border policy, foreign policy, and national identity.

If a political party in Germany could model itself on Vlaams Belang and take the political oxygen away from German neo-Nazis, that would more effectively defeat neo-Nazism than all of the sneering of EU bureaucrats combined.

Anonymous said...

“If a political party in Germany could model itself on Vlaams Belang and take the political oxygen away from German neo-Nazis, that would more effectively defeat neo-Nazism than all of the sneering of EU bureaucrats combined.”

That effort has been undertaken several times already in Germany in 2007 alone. To no avail. Each time the new party did not survive the first few weeks of INTERNAL ANKLE BITING over who might be in bed with Nazis and racists. So, on top of the sabotage of such new beginnings by the European drive-by media, the new politician apprentices sunk their own ship to the applause of the pc left.

Does that remind us of something?

Looks like they might have a Californian PR consultant …

Ellen said...

When did people become so open minded their brains fell out? How can "honor" killings not be condemned by any rational person of conscience? Is political correctness more important than universal human rights?

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Homophobic Horse said...

"Is political correctness more important than universal human rights?"

Universal human rights are a form of political correctness. After all, George Bush used them as a pretext for bombing and invading Iraq and Afghanistan rather than operate a discriminatory immigration policy.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Boston firefighter stabbed by group of Hispanics for being White. Police don't consider it a racially motivated attack

BOSTON — A Boston firefighter is mending from what could have been deadly stab wounds he suffered early yesterday morning when he was allegedly jumped in East Boston while off duty by a group of Hispanic males who told him they "don't want any gringo here."

Though police are not classifying the incident as racially fueled, the Boston Police Department's Community Disorders Unit is investigating. The 32-year-old jake, whose name officials were not releasing, is white.

Ironically, the firefighter's life was likely saved because he sought refuge from his alleged assailants at Engine 5 on Saratoga Street - the station house he's assigned to.

I assume 'jake' is a regional slang word for a fire fighter.

Ed Mahmoud said...

White women beaten by group of black youth (they seem to like to attack in force), no big deal, she is white

Eisvogel said...

This result does not mean that 44% of Germans are in favor of the NPD. If the question had been: "Do you think, the NPD is an acceptable party" there would presumably have been a more than 95% majority for "No". Most of the 44% have surely based their answer on more pragmatical reasons.

A party cannot be banned by a government decision or by parliament, the ban has to be ruled by the supreme court. There was a failed attempt to ban the NPD in 2003, which created a nationwide incompetency scandal when turned out that the party was largely infiltrated by undercover secrect service agents and their statements and actions were the central part of the case against the party.... see wikipedia.

The party is still infiltrated by undetected secret service agents and this is openly admitted and commonly known. So another attempt to ban the NPD would quite probably fail again for the same reasons as in 2003.

Meanwhile some people consider the party to be nothing more than a state-run "neo-nazi-kindergarten" where some dumb neonazi-idiots are led, observed and controlled by intelligence agents. This is exaggerated, they ARE a real - very tiny - party and they ARE neo-nazis (though of course their written party program is carefully designed to contain nothing illegal or anti-constitutional) , but at least partly it is true. And this is appreciated by many people, since the court can only ban a party but cannot ban people and gathering them in the NPD is considered an effective means to keep them under control.

But there is something else scaring me: Though I strongly refuse the NPD ... the notion of a state authority infiltrating political parties and movements feels very uncomfortable - especially in times of hatespeech laws and fight against Islamophobia.

What on earth should hinder them to infiltrate any newly established party or movement opposing Islamization and Eurabia as well, turning it into a controlled "Islamophobes kindergarten" and destroying it from within?

@Pual Green: Thanks for your nice answer.