Tuesday, December 04, 2007

All the News that Fits

Update: Make sure you read the comments. Lots of good news links have been left there by readers.

The newsboyIn recent weeks I’ve received a number of emails from people who have revised their bookmarks, and as a result are looking around for a comprehensive conservative news aggregation site.

It’s a good question: if you don’t want to trawl the AP and Reuters feeds, where is a good place to get breaking news?

Obviously, Gates of Vienna is not the place to go for news. We’re primarily essayists, with a sideline in coverage of European news that would not otherwise reach an American audience.

Back before Fjordman closed his blog, he was the single best source in the blogosphere for breaking news. If it was important, Fjordman covered it before anyone else. He was the first source in English covering the Danish Mohammed cartoons, just a few days after their publication and long before they caused any uproar. If I wanted to keep abreast of events, Fjordman’s blog was what I turned to. Fjordman read everything. He still does, actually.

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I’ve rounded up a very idiosyncratic and haphazard list of English-language sites to visit if you want to keep up. Readers are invited to suggest additional sources.

First, some sites that are mainly news aggregators:

  • Gateway Pundit is absolutely the best place to find worldwide breaking news. I don’t know how Midwest Jim does it — his site has every news story you would want to read about, plus lots of high-quality photos. If Jim ever sleeps, it certainly doesn’t show on his blog.
  • Michelle Malkin covers most major news stories, especially those relating to the jihad and Islamization. She also tackles political correctness, First Amendment issues, and American political news.
  • Atlas Shrugs is an excellent source for Counterjihad news, mixed with a healthy dose of vehement opinion. Since she lives in New York, Pamela has had, for example, some of the best coverage of the Khalil Gibran Madrassa in Brooklyn, but she also picks up most major stories from the rest of the USA and abroad. She includes her own photographs, and has more videos than just about any other blog except for Hot Air.
  • Jihad Watch is unsurpassed in its coverage of Islam-related news and issues.
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  • The National Center Blog is a good place to pick up breaking news. It mostly concentrates on American events.
  • Europe News covers — duh — European events, with a mixture of news and opinion in both German and English.
  • Redneck’s Revenge is run by a bunch slack-jawed yokels in the Lone Star State, but these guys (All right! I know! There are gals involved, too!) manage to find some of the most interesting news stories. They have a strong focus on military and national security issues.
  • For news with a Canadian flavor, Small Dead Animals is a good source.
  • The Jawa Report covers both American and international news.
  • For news and opinion on Israel, Israel Matzav has comprehensive coverage.
  • ¡No Pasaran! features news with a unique transatlantic angle.

Here are some additional sites which mix news and opinion, do deep analysis, or have other specialized functions:

  • First and foremost, there’s Pajamas Media.
  • And we mustn't forget (ahem!) the CVF Blog.
  • The Counterterrorism Blog is the best source for in-depth coverage of the worldwide fight against Islamic terrorism.
  • The Brussels Journal covers European issues, and includes both essays and news analysis.
  • Global Politician aggregates news and opinion from many different sources.
  • David Horowitz’s incomparable Front Page covers the most important issues, not just jihad-related, but also concerning the struggle against neo-Marxism, political correctness, and Multiculturalism. As a former radical of the Left, Mr. Horowitz understands all too well the nature of the enemy within.
  • Daily Pundit is a quirky mixture of news, opinion, and recipes. It’s always recommended.
  • The American Thinker provides in-depth analysis on a wide range of current issues.
  • EU Referendum is a British blog that concentrates on the European Union.

If you keep tabs on some or all of the above sites, you’re bound to stay informed.

I know I’ve left out a lot of other important blogs. Feel free to upbraid me in the comments, and leave links to news-aggregating blogs that you think should have been included.


Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

I found GOV thru the link on Gateway. I found him due to the Missouri DEM election fraud issues. His blog is my most checked.

Next come GOV, AoSHQ, Hotair, Michellemalkin. Atlas is up there too.

Ethelred said...

Goodness gracious, I thought I kept up, but now I see that I must cut back on sleep and/or work!

FluffResponse said...

try http://www.watch.org for news and commentary on Christianity, Israel, the White House, and other subjects of interest to evangelicals.

Nyog of the Bog said...

I still find indispensable, Hot Air, which may be rightly considered under the umbrella of the divine Mrs. MM so I'll not link. Likewise Instapundit, may be considered a sister site to Pajama's Media. It is is it not? Or am I confused? Beyond those and for all things Americanishly Jihad, the only omission from the list above that is in my book marks I can think of is that of the Duchess of Dearbornistan, Debbie Schlussel.

locomotivebreath1901 said...

HotAir dot com is a pretty good U.S. of A. political 'gator, with occasional right turns into religion & culture.

Cobra said...

I highly recommend VDARE.com.
Exceptional blog for US patriots.

martelthegreat said...


1389 said...

Foehammer's Anvil has a news feed aggregator page. The link is in the sidebar.

1389 said...

The Jawa Report is a great source for the cyberspace counterjihad.

1389 said...

CVF offers an excellent counterjihad headline news aggregator from its member blogs http://910group.com/blogroll/blognews.html

1389 said...

http://www.gulfcoastpundit.com/index.php Gulf Coast Pundit blog and forums

1389 said...

European counterjihad, Balkans theatre: Byzantine Sacred Art Blog

1389 said...

Balkans theatre, continued: Julia Gorin

1389 said...

Breaking news about terrorism and suspicious incidents: Global Incident Map

1389 said...

ASTUTE BLOGGERS, A Global Group Blog

1389 said...

US or Them

1389 said...

I also likeCao's Blog.

Finally, if you truly feel that a day without activism is a day without sunshine, and you would rather confront dhimmis and jihadists than do anything else, stop by and visit 1389!

Appalachian said...


Military, international issues as it pertains to the United States, loss of traditional American values and general Socialist Progressive stupidity. Great site. It's a daily read for me.

Conservative Swede said...

Good that you mentioned your own blog eventually, I was just going to do it myself. I started reading recently and have done it with great interest. I find the Eastern European / Serbian perspective very rewarding.

Baron Bodissey said...

1389 --

You must have missed Jawa. He's in my list. :)

1389 said...
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Orlando said...

I recommend


(aggregated news of PC crazieness) as well as the rest of John Ray's writing and Cassandra at the Lighthouse


Zonka said...

1389 Wrote:
BTW: On my techie wish list: a widgetized version of the CVF/910 Group multi-blog headline feed aggregator, that we can all put on our sidebars. Is this doable?

As the one responsible for the headline aggregator, yes it is possible, though it might be a bit cluttered if it has to go into the sidebar, which is one of the reasons that this haven't been done already. If you have some good ideas or suggestions feel free to drop me a line using this contact form (mention "CVF headline feed" in the subject, I get tons of spam so I have to be able to pick out the messages easily or they might be ignored as spam...)

KyleS. said...

Not to start another blog war, but read with care at VDARE. I know of at least one individual whose articles have been hosted there who is highly anti-Israel/anti-Jewish. I don't know if it colors the whole site, or if they are just very open about who they let contribute. I can provided more specific information and documentation for the Baron if he needs it.

Unknown said...

If you want a news aggregate site that also includes a forum discussion thread for each news article linked to or posted:

It's not a blog though.

1389 said...

Thanks, Conservative Swede!

I also have a second, less formal blog that I use for messages and links, for my own or anyone else's future use.

1389 Message Blog

1389 said...

Family Security Matters

1389 said...

Thanks, Zonka, I'll follow up on that later.

For the Middle East theatre of the global counterjihad:

Ynet News (Yediot Aharonoth in English)

1389 said...

European counterjihad, Balkans theatre: Serbaianna offers a good aggregator with news media coverage as well as blogs and papers.

1389 said...

CAMERA exposes and refutes anti-Israel media deception and spin.

1389 said...

Oops... Serbianna was misspelled above.

1389 said...

Balkans theatre, continued: View from Minas Morgul

1389 said...

Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group: Distributed Information Operations by domestic PSYOP auxilliaries

1389 said...

Our Children are the Guarantors

1389 said...

The Anti-PC League, a/k/a Let Freedom Reign, has an aggregator for all its member blogs.