Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Live Blogging Central Virginia’s First Blizzzard of the Season

It’s coming down like snowflakes out there. Now all the cars will be reduced to driving a white-knuckled thirty miles an hour…and those are just the brave ones.

The future Baron set out for town - forty miles away. I figure if none of the other drivers panic (that’s best case scenario) he’ll be there in about an hour and a half. Or two.

BlizzardThis was supposed to turn to rain, but it has stayed opaque since it started. The Baron looked at the outdoor thermometer this morning and it read 12ºF. When he put his thumb on it, the thing shot up to 43º but in reality it’s actually 29º according to the weatherman...obviously I need to get out our fancy digital thermometer we got as a Christmas gift. I can’t seem to get the battery in the outside piece to stay charged, though. And I'll bet the directions are in the recipe box somewhere.

The weatherman claims there will be “little to no accumulation” but he’s a pathological liar. Nice guy, though; at least he smiles when he lies. Come to think of it, so do politicians…and economists bearing bad news.

Have you ever noticed how economists and NPR love bad news? They will chirp about bad news even if they have to twist the circumstances on the ground to squeeze a drop of doom out of what would otherwise be simply the ups and downs of life…or the success of the Surge. Thanks heavens for Bill Roggio and Michael Yon, not to mention Larry Kudlow’s on-going corrections of the MSM's view on the economy.

MSM economic news=depression/deflation/doom/financial ruin coming soon to a home near you --probably yours. Be afraid. Larry Kudlow says "Twenty-Five Years of Prosperity (and more to come)". See his link above.

As for our blizzard, I wonder if they’ve closed the schools yet? Or if the bus drivers are calling in sick again.

I guess this means Hurricane Season is over.


[snow drifts end here]


Pixel Bunneh said...

Ground is now white, but it isn't sticking to the roads yet.

(close to DC)

Jungle Jim said...

Dymphna, why do you think we call it the "Dismal Science"? If economics were all nice and fluffy it wouldn't be of any interest.

By the way, is that a Sasquatch crouching behind the evergreen on the right in your first photo?

Jungle Jim

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

I must say the inability of Americans anywhere south of New Jersey to cope with token amounts of damp snow are eternally bemusing. Your photographs clearly show what should be considered a reasonably dry, sunny and warm autumn day.

Zonka said...

Good to see that Global Warming hasn't reached the boonies of Virginia... and Father Winter can still make a dress rehearsal for a white ...ahem... color challenged Christmas ...ahem... holiday season...

*cough* *cough*

spackle said...

I think I have seen the sun once for about ten minutes in the last five days. We have been getting non-stop lake effect snow showers. One thing I can guarantee is that if its raining, snowing or blowing anywhere in the state, its doing it about fives times harder in my little slice of heaven. Geography is a bitch!

ProFlandria said...

It's been snowing lightly - but steadily - in DC all day... Lightly traveled sidewalks show a light dusting; the streets are wet but clear.

And yet, the locals are already displaying that haunted look specifically reserved for weather calamities. some of my government customers, God love'em, darkly mutter that "somebody needs to be told we need a [government] closure..."

The beltway is starting to snarl up beatifully, with special emphasis on 95 South. If thismorning's commute is any indication, thousands of white-knuckled drivers are now iching their way south at 10 miles per hour when they could safely go 50.

I think we'll have some fish & chips at our favorite Irish pub and wait for the lemmings to clear, and for the roadkill to get mopped up.

I't very pretty to look at though...

Dymphna said...


DC and No Va to a T

Now in Boston, snow is a sign to go faster so you can get past those idjits doing 50.

Of course, in Boston, red lights are optional, too.

I still use the handy "Boston left" to get into busy traffic. Fortunately, Virginians are so polite, they just think I'm a Yankee who wasn't Raised Right.

Paul said...

I'm hoping for the Aurora Borealis at North Pole. Yesterday was -14 to -4 degF. What shall it be in the next few days? I shall tell you next week.

Christmastime at the North Pole. Yes!

The odds of us beholding the Aurora outside Fairbanks at North Pole? At Christmas??? Check this link: . Yeah baby! Note the position of the auroral oval. Hint: it moves with the earth's rotation, kind of like the tides.

UncleMeat said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

UncleMeat --

Please don't paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post's comment section.


UncleMeat said...
Too bad for you my friend. But you will get no sympathy from western Canada, where a little actual global warming would be nice.
13 below c with a few inches of the white stuff.



Darrin Hodges said...

It's pretty hot in Sydney, no snow :).

I also managed to get in the local media in regards to the rejection of a proposed Islamic school. Waits for RPG to come through front door....

Sodra Djavul said...

Out here in the Rockville area. I agree it never ceases to amaze me how poorly DC-area commuters are able to react to token amounts of snowfall.

The funny thing was I was raised in Florida, with inclement weather being the norm. And even I, who had never driven on snow or ice prior to the age of 24, drove better then than some of these nutjobs.

Hint: You can't clock at 70 miles per hour around the Beltway and expect the same stopping distance if that distance is covered with ice. Basic Physics 101.

- Sodra

Homophobic Horse said...

Philosophical defence of the 10 commandments