Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beheading Geert Wilders

Geert WildersIt’s often been pointed out that the Dutch politician Geert Wilders is being set up to be the next Pim Fortuyn. His anti-immigrant positions are construed to put him beyond the pale, consigning him to that twilight zone outside the boundaries of polite discussion.

When the time comes, and a Muslim or an anarchist takes it upon himself to solve the Wilders problem, it will be regrettable, even criminal, but hardly a surprise, given the man’s dangerous political proclivities…

The most recent step in the demonization of Geert Wilders is an obnoxious video made by immigrant rappers. One of our Flemish contacts has translated an article about the video, first giving us his introduction:

The most popular blog in the Netherlands, Geen Stijl picked up a new and really nasty threat against Geert Wilders today, related to his plans to make a film about the Koran. The threat is by the Moroccan rappers Youssef & Kamal. In the end of the video clip Wilders is symbolically beheaded.

And now the translation of yesterday’s Geen Stijl article (the text in square brackets is explanatory material inserted by the translator):
- - - - - - - - -
Youssef & Kamal hate Geert Wilders. Again.

The new video clip of Youssef & Kamal is out now. The skinny squeaking little voices you perhaps remember from the song “Cottonpicker” are gearing up a again for a bit more in this latest issue. Two years ago the duo attracted a lot of media attention with their hateful Wilders-rap which Uncle Geert immediately reported to the police. The kids with the hakbar beard [hakbar = a mixture of Allahu Akhbar and Hakkenbar, a shoe-repair shop] in their throat [as they say of adolescents] were scared off so much that they immediately “apologized” with a song called “Sorry”. Sorry. Useless apologies, because they continue to produce songs against Wilders. This can be seen in their freshly-published low-res video clip that was released today. The small blokes this time dragged out all the tools they could find. Threatening and waving with hammers, saws, knives and firearms. And at the end of the clip they suggest that they behead Wilders. Also “Appa”, now a celebrated and much in demand excuse rapper [excuus = an anti PC slander, meaning being cheered at only because of belonging to a minority, roughly equivalent to the American “token”], joins in very cosily in this tiny clip of this tiny club of AIVD-targets [AIVD = the Dutch intelligence service]. That’s again something to report to the police, Geert…

CLIP: Youssef & Kamal — Eindhoven Represent

I’m hoping to receive a translation of the lyrics of the “song”. As soon as I do, I’ll post them as an update.


Zenster said...

"Symbolically beheaded"? Garsh, isn't that some form of hate speech? Oops, I forgot. It's being made against a white person and everybody knows that all whites are racist. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

No Apology said...

For sure he's painted a "kill me" sign on his back. Too bad we don't have more courageous people in the West to stand up they way Geert Wilders is doing.

Happy New Year to you, Baron and Dymphna!

Zonka said...

I suggest, that we all send Geert Wilders a nice supportive New Years Greeting... It can be done via the Contact Form on the “Partij voor de Vrijheid” (Party for Freedom) page. Press the “Verstuur Mail” to send your message.

blogagog said...

I generally support you guys, and am actually a big fan of Mr. Wilders, but that is one goofy looking dude.

KGS said...

Thanks Zonka, I did just that! He really is leading the march against Islamofascism and deserves all our support. This racist hate crime by the two rappers should be brought up on charges.

Holger said...

One can only hope that there will be some guys in turn taking care of "Yusuf & the Kamel" if anything happens to Geert Wilders. I'm all for the "eye for an eye" concept. ...And no, this isn't calling for violence but just hoping that someone will be returning the courtesy.

blogagog said...

I noted my support for Geert in an email to him (thanks Zonka!), and they replied:

"Hartelijk bedankt voor uw interesse.
Uw bericht is doorgestuurd naar Geert Wilders (

PVV Webservice

Niet op deze mail reageren aub, want dit is een automatisch gegenereerd bericht."

Is that just an automated response? Or did he insult me or something :).

Zonka said...


No it's certainly no insult... :)

Losely translated it means:

"Many thanks for your interest, your message has been sent to Geert Wilders (email address)

PVV Webservice

Don't reply to this email, as it is an automatically generated message.

strangerthanfiction said...

These creeps are just bringing light to Gerts words! They are just asking to be attacked themselves for being such an eyesore and a menace to society. I hope they are forcefully jailed and deported publicly. That would be a great "reality t.v. show".