Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Suppressing the Video of Dissent

Protest at the EU parliamentYesterday I embedded a YouTube video of the protest at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the occasion of the signing of the “Charter of Fundamental Rights”. The protesters held up banners and chanted “Referendum! Referendum!”

Sometime since then YouTube has removed the video. As anyone who watched it can attest, there was no sex, no nudity, no violence, no “hate speech”, and no copyright violations (except maybe for the music used in the soundtrack, and that’s a stretch) in the EU Parliament video. It was simply a recording of peaceful protesters chanting in unison against the creation of the EU superstate, and demanding a national referendum for the countries involved.

The video violates none of YouTube’s policies, yet it was removed.

The nature of the game is now clear: YouTube, like so many other online services, is a tool of the Powers That Be. Any dissent from the party line about the EU, Islam, and Multiculturalism is suppressed.

The mask is off.

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KGS at Tundra Tabloids tells me that the Devil’s Kitchen has re-posted the video at a new YouTube location. I’ve updated the original embed to reflect the new link. We’ll see how long that one lasts.

Also, Heroyalwhyness, a Gates of Vienna reader and commenter, saved a low-resolution copy of the video, and I have it here on my PC. The one at YouTube is definitely preferable, but at least we have a local copy.

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Bobby Coggins said...

I routinely download videos from youtube, google, and liveleak, and burn them to CD...especially after they started yanking conservative accounts, or removing videos.

It might, at some point, be possible to swarm post certain videos from our alternate you tube accounts (you do have more than one, right?), and creatively tag them to make finding them all hard. A little 5GW for our side!

Steen said...

Well, isn´that just like Google ?

I still havn´t recovered from the fact, that I made them bring my chinese dissident video back after two weeks. He could try, you´ll never know


Zonka said...

Another option if you have space on a hosting server or is hosting your own server to have a copy of the video and letting people play it by Miro, the open-source media player, works well with YouTube, Google Video and others... and runs under Windows, MacOS and Linux. Just installed it myself and find it a pretty neat application.

Rebel Radius said...

I would appreciate advice on how to burn onto CD. There are many clips I would like to pass around for friends to view, especially those who do not have PC's.


As for "You Tube". It is time for a GLOBAL BOYCOTT.

There are many other sites that do not censor. Let us support them.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Google Video might have better and more couragious editors than YouTube - which, AFAIR, is still banned in Turkey. Google has better quality, too, and is trival to download.

Ultimately, hosting our own videos is the proper solution.

livfreerdie said...

FYI, Google, Inc. bought You Tube last year. Seems someone is going to control internet content one way or another.


Rebel Radius said...

Easy fix.

We need an International list of all companies to boycott.

Stephen Gash said...

I just watched it on YouTube. Maybe they've disabled the embedding, or maybe it's been put up again.


closed said...

YouTube will hammer any video that gets enough complaints automatically.

If some leftard-greenie group gets its panties in a wad, they encourage other little stalinists to flag the badspeak until it goes away.

I would suggest LiveLeak ... they actually look at the video before shutting it off because of flagging.

As for dumping a flash vid to DVD ...
Use Download Helper ( or something similar ) to grab the raw .flv.

Then use WinFF to convert .flv to .mpg to save space.

Use DVD Flick to burn the .mpg to DVD ( You can also directly burn the .flv to DVD with it, but it takes up a lot more space on the DVD ).