Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Only three more shopping days until Saturnalia the Solstice Celebration Winterval Kwanzaa whatever offensive holiday it is that the kuffar are about to celebrate.

For a last-minute gift, the Counterjihad 2008 Calendar is just the thing!

Counterjihad 2008

It will come in very handy for keeping track of events in 1429 2008.


The Counterjihad Calendar was designed to supplement the Brussels conference in October. Some of the same design elements used for the Brussels logo went into the front page of the calendar.

You can buy it at our Café Press store, or go straight to the calendar page at this link.

Big Ben at Westminster

The purpose of the calendar is twofold:

1. To enhance a sense of community among the inhabitants of the countries of the West. We can show solidarity with one another even as we remain nationalists within our own countries. The West doesn’t require an artificial and corrupt empire like the EU or the UN to maintain its collective identity. There is something that binds us together, a common heritage that enables us to resist Islamization.
2. To facilitate a greater awareness of the struggle we are all facing and how it is approached in different countries, by listing Counterjihad blogs and websites on the sidebar for each country.

- - - - - - - - -

Somnath Temple in Gujarat

Before the call of the muezzins from the minarets echoes across the monuments of the West…

Before the icons of Christianity, Hindusism, and Buddhism are pulled down, burned, or blown up…

Before the right to speak freely about all these things is taken from us…

Use these twelve months of images to remind yourself what’s at stake.


CarnackiUK said...

I received mine very promptly and recommend it unreservedly to all with an interest in the CounterJihad!

ole said...

As an Israeli citizen and a former infantry soldier it saddens my hart that the Israeli flag is not there on the Counterjihad-calender.
I know that traditional leftwing politicallycorrect Jewish politics are mostly to blame for this,but still I hope things will change, for in Israel even the far -far-out leftist "peace camp" willingly send their sons and daughters to fight the Hamas and the
Hizbollah ,too of the most blodthirsty Jihad -crazy organizations in the world.
Israel as a nation is very different from the image of "jewishness" that most Islaam-critics seem to have.

Baron Bodissey said...


I had to leave off Israel for the same reason I left off Serbia, Thailand, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Nigeria, and a number of other countries: there are only 12 months in a year.

This calendar was aimed mostly at Europe (for the Brussels conference), so Europe was overwhelmingly represented. If I ever do another calendat (a big if, because it takes such a long time to make these images), I'll include Israel, possibly using the Wailing Wall.

CarnackiUK said...


You could recycle the images you've created by making them available as affordable postcards. I'm sure people in the UK would buy the London one.

The advantage of postcards over the calendar is that the pcs would be seen by many as they travel thru the postal system. And you can always have relevent slogans/quotes printed on the back.

1389 said...

Serbia and Israel in 2009, I hope!


Captain USpace said...

Great job on the calendar Baron, and great postcard idea CarnackiUK!

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