Monday, December 10, 2007

Fjordman: Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Fjordman has an essay in today’s Brussels Journal advocating that Ayaan Hirsi Ali be give next year’s Nobel Peace Prize:

I have had a few minor disagreements with Hirsi Ali in the past, mainly because she has on some occasions compared Islam to other religions like Christianity and Judaism, which I believe is wrong. However, her views on this have matured considerably, and because of her background she has made criticism of Islam acceptable to people who would otherwise find it difficult to digest the arguments she presents, even though they are perfectly correct. She is no doubt an extremely courageous person. In spite of death threats she has never hesitated in pointing out that many of the problems in the Islamic world are caused by Islam itself. She is an invaluable asset to the fight against global Jihad and as worthy of the Prize as any other living person.

In my view, the Norwegian Nobel Committee will soon have to make a choice: If they want the Nobel Peace Prize to be a Global Celebrity Award for Outstanding Achievements in Political Correctness, they can give the next one to Bono of rock group U2. Or, they can do something meaningful, something that will actually advance the cause of peace and human liberty around the world, and award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2008 to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

It’s a quixotic cause, but Fjordman doesn’t stop there. He has another modest proposal for Norway:
- - - - - - - - -
Being Norwegian myself, I would also like to make a suggestion to Norwegian authorities: Norway is, or at least was the last time I checked, the planet’s third largest exporter of oil, after Saudi Arabia and Russia. If Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest exporter of oil, spends money on promoting Jihad and sharia, is it not fair that Norway, the world’s third largest exporter of oil, should spend a little on combating the same? The Norwegian Petroleum Fund amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. Norwegian authorities could easily create a fund of a billion dollars or more earmarked for the defense of persons threatened for criticizing Islam. That’s the least we can do in return for being blessed with wealth we did very little to earn.

This fund could be called the Theo van Gogh Memorial Fund, the Asma bint Marwan Memorial Fund after the poetess who was killed by Muhammad’s followers 1400 years ago for mocking Islam, or perhaps the Charles Martel Foundation for Intercultural Understanding. Most citizens in my country wouldn’t even notice if we spent a billion dollars on this, but such a fund, whatever we choose to call it, could have a big impact on the lives of people struggling to get their message across or simply to stay alive in the face of death threats.

Read the whole thing at the Brussels Journal.


xlbrl said...

To suggest someone for the Nobel is no longer an honor, to say the least.
Character is easier kept than recovered. How does anything recover from Yassir, Jimmy, and Al?

ole said...

I would suggest chemotherapy, involving lots of uraniumhexaflouride

. said...

On this issue I agree with Fjordman. The courage of Ayaan Hirsi Ali would bring back honor to the Nobel Peace Prize that has been frittered away by the committee awarding the prize.

Sodra Djavul said...

"...the Charles Martel Foundation for Intercultural Understanding."

I like the sound of that. How about you, Lex?

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

Nominating Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a wonderful idea. Just imagine the howls of indignation that would erupt from the throat of Islam.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I agree with Fjordman but the term "snowball in hell" comes to mind. These are scandinavian socialists we're discussing here.

X said...

They may see reason. Stranger things have happened.

What does it take to nominate someone for the prize, anyway?

Zerosumgame said...

The Socialist morons in Oslo who award the Peace Prize are so morally depraved, that they'd sooner give it to Ahmedinejad.

It's time to write off this "prize". It is now a badge of shame, not a badge of honor.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Hmmm, which George Bush leaving office in a little over a year, the Nobel Committee only has one more shot to show their hatred of Bush and the United States. Hmmm, Jimmy Carter, Mohammad alBaradei, Al Gore. All have been awarded the Nobel.

Who is left? The NIE analysts willing to subvert intelligence and national security to politics? Sean Penn? Hugo Chavez? A dying Fidel Castro? Would they be so bold and award it to Achmedinejhad?

Bono can wait until 2009. It has to be someone to show that final disapproval of Bush.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Sort of OT, sort of.

rickl said...

That gives me an idea for a bumper sticker:

"I Support the Charles Martel Foundation for Intercultural Understanding".

If I could print on weatherproof vinyl, I'd do it.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Also OT. Subtropical Storm Olga- warnings for Puerto Rico to be issued at 10:45 AST

Sodra Djavul said...


Last week, I was up for some mischief so I decided to sock-puppet LGF for a little bit of fun during one of CJ's recent open registration periods.

I decided to take on the role of a barely literate football (soccer) fan who thought the site was for "the glory chat of football."

One of my first posts:
Hello Footballs!

A regular takes the bait:
Poor Eastern European...

One retained their reservations:
I think it's Borat...

Sodra hooked one deep in the jaw, and reeled in ever-so-softly:
Recapping the Lounge conversation

Sodra's obligatory dig (as EFF Puppet) toward the Democrats which my fish took hook, line, and sinker:
Are Dems the other football team???

That really was a lot of fun, no matter how juvenile.. I would've shared earlier but I had to keep it a secret until I could turn the LGF lounge into an inferno... Which I did... Tee Hee!

- Sodra

Dymphna said...


Thanks for the weather report. I'll let Fausta know.

She's a native of PR.

Darn: December tropical storms. It's global warming!

Dymphna said...


get your custom made sticker here

Ed Mahmoud said...


Thanks for the weather report. I'll let Fausta know.

She's a native of PR.

Darn: December tropical storms. It's global warming!

2005 had Tropical Storm Zeta December into January 2006.

Bigger story will be tree snapping power line downing mega-ice storm in Northeast Kansas. Temps about 1 km aloft near 5ºC, but -2 to 0º at the surface, so liquid rain is subcooling and flash freezing on impact.

Radar shows heavy freezing rain over much of Kansas.

Wichita, KS and Tulsa, OK have reached freezing, and will probably soon warm above freezing, but ice may still accumulate for a short time thereafter on sub-freezing surfaces.

Dymphna said...

we live on the snow/ice line here so we see a lot more ice than I'd like. I'll take snow anytime.

Many people have invested in expensive generators kept up by the power company so you can continue on as though it's April out there...

...I worry about the old people in trailers with electric heat...

Subvet said...

Hirsi Ali is a woman, a minority, an athiest, not hesitant to criticize the USA. Seems there's a lot going for her nomination.

But as another commenter said, "snowball in hell" comes to mind. Too bad.

Elric66 said...

How can Fjordman nominate Hirsi Ali for a Nobel Peace Prize? LGF said he is a white supremist and a Nazi. Perhaps some lizards can explain this to me. How about it Kilgore and Jammie, I know you are lurking. :-)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I do not understand why Fjordman would want to bestow such an honor on the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Committee became a joke a long time ago. It's reputation is beyond redemption. Hirsi Ali does not need her reputation tarnished by being in the same circle of clowns as Arafat, Carter, and Gore.

Elric66 said...


Would be nice to see someone who deserves it actually win. But to be in such company isnt much of an honor.