Thursday, December 13, 2007


CorrespondenceOK, I’ve read all the emails and looked at all the comments. I get the message!

As if I didn’t already want to be rid of That Awful Topic.

The job had to be done first, and it has been. Now we really can do something else.

No one’s mind is going to be changed in either direction by any further argument.

I no longer consider Little Green Footballs to be a reliable source of information.

Therefore I will not discuss it any more, nor will Dymphna. I won’t answer any emails on the topic. There is nothing left to be said. I’m sure there will be more videos and photos that prove that Filip Dewinter is a Nazi, but I’m not going to deal with them.

We’re done. Finished. We have officially Moved On.

I’m worn out from two months of this, and am also behind in my other duties, so posting may be light for a while. But I’ll be back up to speed in a day or two.

Readers may be looking for an alternative to LGF for news aggregation. As I said before, Gates of Vienna is not the place to go for news. But below the fold is a list of English-language blogs that I consider worthwhile for news and analysis.
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News aggregators:

News plus opinion, deep analysis, or specialized functions:


Sodra Djavul said...

You closed the comments just before I could send my heartfelt Christmas wishes to our visitors.

Christmastime at LGF

At any rate, I'm glad you posted that. Remember, you know you're over the target when...

- Sodra

1389 said...

I hope you are not going to allow those evil people prevent future Counterjihad Conferences from being held in Europe and elsewhere. I believe these to be vitally important.

Fjordman said...

To Scandinavian readers, I also recommend Snaphanen, Honest Thinking and Kurt Lundgren's blog.

Fjordman said...

1389: No, we will continue our work. I don't see why we should ask for permission from LGF. But it's sad to see a blog which I once respected destroy itself like LGF has been doing over the past couple of months.

Jungle Jim said...

I also recommend Provocateur

1389 said...

Oh well... (looking at link list) seems as though 1389 Blog - Antijihadist Tech, and some other niche blogs, are too small, too new, or too edgy to make the cut for an individual mention.

Our little won't be left out in the cold, as long as your readers know about Zonka's CVF/910 Group headline feed aggregator. The link is on the CVF/910 Group blog, which you featured in your list.

This link brings up a web page with the most recent posts from all 910 Group member blogs, and it refreshes itself regularly.

Ed Mahmoud said...

About the unfortunate poster named Marcus- I see now that 'render' at LGF paints me as agreeing with his 'Jew Watch' babbling, and that I'm hiding my marriage to a Hispanic women from my new Klan/Nazi friends here.

#370 Render


GoV commenter's are now linking to Jewwatch dot com.

How's Ed gonna explain that to St. Peter when he gets there? How is Bottehond gonna explain that to his children? How will Atlas explain that to the rest of her family? How will Zionist Youngster explain that to his parents?


For I am Render and I work the night shift.

Render, have you noticed something? Ed is married to a Hispanic woman, I believe. Has he even mentioned that over at GoV? And I note he's still lying about the reason he was banned.



Render- are you that stupid, or that dishonest?

Ed Mahmoud said...

My bad, Render started that stupidity, and 'Wahabi corridor' finished it...

1389 said...


If you are looking for another blog to help you publicize future Counterjihad Conferences, anywhere in the world, 1389 Blog will be pleased to step up to the front lines.

As a staunchly conservative, counterjihadist, pro-Serb, pro-Zionist, pro-Southern blog, we get flak from every direction at once. It goes with the territory We expect it, we are used to it, and we know how to deal with it. We're self-hosted, so won't be shutting us down.

Anyone needing to get in touch with us about these matters can use this link to email us.

BTW, here is the feed aggregator link for the CVF/910 Group blogs:

DP111 said...

I was wondering when the civil war between blogs was gonna end - before or after the Islamic takeover of Europe. Good you are calling it a day. Let us focus on the real problem - the West's self inflicted wound that is Islam.

Anyway by way of JW, here is a new blog that will prove to be really handy when to comes to things Islamic

1389 said...


What on earth are those malfunctioning Stepford Lizardoids talking about over there? Are they drunk? On drugs? Or normally that incoherent?

Baron Bodissey said...


No one is gladder than I am to be done with this one. It was a strategic necessity to complete the process, but it's one of the nastiest jobs I've ever had to do.

I saw "Sons and Apes and Pigs" on our referrers list (they have a link to us), but I haven't been over there yet. I'll go look now.

Thanks for the tip!

1389 said...

I just blogrolled them.

Jungle Jim said...

Does Charles really have a copyright on the forged Killian memos? See my comments in Provocateur

1389 said...

Back to the Anti-Islamization beat:

Britain's Lessons in Cultural Suicide

Sodra Djavul said...

Jungle Jim said...
Does Charles really have a copyright on the forged Killian memos?

That was my initial reaction as well. That was why I suggested the Baron shift the source of his image from his original to Wikipedia.

At that point, assuming that Charles did in fact own a copyright to the animated GIF in question, which I doubt would hold up in court, his counterparty would be Wikipedia itself, not GoV.

That would have put the Great Charles in a difficult conundrum: either have Wikipedia remove all reference to his "copyrighted" material referenced in the Killian Memos entry, or just ignore its use by someone he disagrees with politically.

- Sodra

Cincinnatus said...

Yeah, Cease fire! Cease Fire! The Guns of December. Good stuff.

X said...

Stille nacht, heilige nacht...

Amillennialist said...

I'd like to recommend Amillennialist Contra Mundum.

I know the author.

Kiddo said...

No Kirk, the game's not over...

1389 said...

One more news source I forgot to mention earlier (sorry about that)...

The Anti-PC League, a/k/a Let Freedom Reign, has an aggregator for all its member blogs.