Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Burqa For Men

I found out about this trendy little item of apparel from the Spanish blog La Yijad en Eurabia. No article in English seems to be available, so I translated this story in last week’s “7 Sur 7” from the French:

The “burqa for men” seduces young Britons

The Burqa for MenThe jacket with sunglasses integrated with the hood, nicknamed “burqa for men”, is gaining increasing popularity among young Britons since it went on sale a few weeks ago, but the police are concerned with the anonymity it provides. “Within three only weeks, we have sold over 450 in my territory, “said Peter Webster, a representative in the south and south-east of England for the brand Carter. “The retail sector is very bleak at the moment, and yet the ‘goggle jacket’ has very good market”, he stressed.

The “goggle jacket” is a jacket with a hood that can be closed completely by using flaps to cover the entire face, with two sheets of reflective plastic for the eyes. It was nicknamed the “burqa for men” by a Sunday newspaper.

Silhouette raiders

Available at several prices between £50 and £85 (€70 to €120 [ca. $110 to $190), at the moment they come in black, camouflage, cream, and… pink, and appeal especially to young men between the ages of 15 and 25. The design is based on a leather jacket from Italian designer CP Company, in a tribute to a car race between 1927 and 1957. This model of more than £600 pounds (€834 euros [ca. $1300]) has been worn by Liam Gallagher, a member of the group Oasis. The result is “funny and fashionable” for some, “frightening and disturbing” for others: models create a dark silhouette of a sniper or a commando and models obviously give the impression of having survived a biological or nuclear disaster.
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At Chez Arrival, a store on the outskirts of Newcastle, the jacket is selling like hotcakes by word of mouth, even among girls.

“I sold sixty in three weeks, and fifteen Tuesday,” said Mark Chapman, the manager of the shop. “It is unusual, it’s hot, some are waterproof. The design is fun, it’s great clothing,” he added. In the vast Bluewater shopping mall in Greenhithe (East London), three shops are selling the jacket just as successfully.


In one week, the store base had sold all thirty copies. It now has 200 stocked in anticipation of Christmas. “It is a question of fashion. It is a look so different that it generates a lot of interest,” noted the manager of the store. Some buy for fun, others for skiing or their motorcycle, but not to commit illegal acts, assured the outlet stores and the creators. “We haven’t thought about a possible misuse. Anyway, there are a lot of clothes that people can wear if they commit crimes, a hood for example,” explained an official of the group Projekt NYC.

For Mark Chapman, it is not ideal apparel in which to commit a crime because “it’s hot in there quickly and the condensation forms on your glasses so you can’t see anything.” However, the simple act of crossing the street, since one looks more like a creature from Roswell than a human being, especially if it is in a group, may frighten many passersby. Not that the police could intervene. “There is nothing illegal about wearing this jacket,” said a spokesman for the Association of British Police Officers (ACPO), stating that for the moment no incident involving a wearer of a “goggle jacket” had been reported.


X said...

Rather odd idea... actually this might well highlight the "inequality" problem that burkhas cause. Banks and many businesses require you to remove helmets or other face-concealing headgear when entering their premises and, in fact, I believe there is even legislation on this matter. The first time someone gets refused entry to a bank in this thing when there's a woman in a full burkha there getting served without comment (very likely these days) I imagine there'll be quite an uproar.

Anonymous said...

have the wearers of this thing cross a busy road and the problem is going to solve itself soon

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

If I start seeing that, I will start packing heat again. It makes identifying criminals impossible.

Kylie said...

I wish I could be as optimistic as Archonix is. But I doubt that there'll be much of an uproar in the UK if someone wearing the burqa for men is refused service anywhere while a woman (presumably) in a full burqa is served.

Unfortunately, as is true here in the States, it seems that nowadays some are more equal than others.

RISE_UP said...

I can see that in a police line up (the red one did it)

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

TC said...
"have the wearers of this thing cross a busy road and the problem is going to solve itself soon"

LOL, TC! I dare I may not slow down, either...

(Just kidding, Baron! Don't ban me, please!)

Zenster said...

One armed robbery or physical assault by someone wearing this ridiculous outfit should spark a major legal dust-up. Britain has already seen wanted terrorists elude arrest by wearing a burqa while transiting customs. Who in their right mind does not anticipate this apparel being put to similar illegal uses?

I can only suppose that before any steps are taken there shall have to be the usual predictably needless loss of life at the hands of a criminal clad in this moronic garb. Conversely—as already noted by others—anyone foolish enough to attire himself thusly is so blinkered that he will be a prime target for mugging or worse. Furthermore, it goes to a basic aspect of societal malaise that such conspicuous anonymity (quite the oxymoron that!) is even seen as being desirable. Far better that this ludicrous set of togs is banned right along with the burqa and niqab as well.

AMDG said...

Thank you for the mention. I have started it on the basis of the previous one, Eurabian News.

As the comments show, this men’s burka posses too challenges; first the security one: a standard piece of clothing can be arranged in ten seconds to provide you with complete anonymity; and then the social one: how can it be forbidden if women can wear a burka?

M.J. said...

This jacket is the fashion of the football terrace hooligan so the criminal element are already using it.


OMMAG said...

Having some experience with these kinds of matters I predict you won't be seeing the fad last long.

Urban thugs got over the habit of wearing the hoods up and over their faces with the popular fleece warmups as soon as they got a sucker punch and a sh*tkicking they didn't see coming.
If you see one of these coming in your direction assume the worst and act accordingly.
Remember they cant see a adamned thing on the sides.....