Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jolly Old Saint Mo

Well, maybe not all that jolly.

Lars Vilks, the creator of the infamous Modoggies, has branched out into a new line of Christmas cards:

Merry Christmas from the Prophet!

The inscription reads: “The Prophet wishes [you] a merry Christmas.”

A much larger version can be seen at Steen’s place.

Update: I noticed that the inscription was in Danish, not Swedish, so I asked Steen why. Here’s what he said:

Trykkefrihedselskabet [The Free Press Society] commisioned the card by Vilks, so he wrote it in Danish. In Swedish it would have been something like Profeten önsker er en glad jul.

Lars Hedegaard’s [chairman of Trykkefrihedselskabet] text goes something like this:

“The Free Press Society has asked Lars Vilks to draw this year’s Christmas card for our members, since the Swedish postal authorities have refused to distribute material containing drawings by Lars Vilks. As one can see, it shows a prophet bringing gifts. Who this prophet is, we do not know, only that he is some prophet.”

Glædelig jul, indeed!

[Post ends here. Ho ho ho!]


Appalachian said...

Should have colored him green.

Ed Mahmoud said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

RISE_UP said...

I have just one thing to say about that cartoon. My chicken can draw better. ahhahahah

Steen said...

a common argument. I think your absolutely wrong. Vilks has personality and history in his pen.

By the way - that was also used by the "decent" against the Muhammed cartoons from JP. "Had they only been art, it would have been OK".

the doctor said...

It is very nice to see that Lars has been so scared by the Mussis that he has given up insulting the Prophet .
Now he dares to insult me by defiling
Christmas cards , long may he do so !!

Profitsbeard said...

The "prophet" is not "bringing gifts" but robbing a sleeping family.

(See the history of Islam in the Koran for "the division of the booty" suras which explain the procedure.)

Mo is a ho.