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The Danish People’s Party Breaks Ranks on Kosovo

As the Islamization crisis deepens in Europe, and Eurabia becomes more and more of a reality, several points of intransigent conflict between the United States and Europe will become glaringly obvious.

One such point is the admission of Turkey to the European Union. This is an issue which is wildly unpopular across the whole EU, so much so that even the French government seems set to oppose it. Yet successive American administrations of both parties have enthusiastically supported it.

The newest issue is the independence of Kosovo. An independent Kosovar state would be poverty-stricken, corrupt, a hotbed of Wahhabism, and dangerous to the stability of the whole continent. Yet, outside of Serbia itself, there is little official opposition to the prospect of an independent Kosovo.

Now comes the news that the Danish People’s Party, which is an important component of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s ruling Venstre-Konservativ coalition, has broken ranks with Venstre and come out in opposition to independence for Kosovo.

According to today’s Jyllands-Posten (my translation):

DPP says no to government recognition of Kosovo

DPP breaks for the first time with the VK [ruling coalition] government over an essential foreign policy question. The party refused to support the recognition of Kosovo.

The Danish People’s Party breaks for the first time with the government over an essential foreign policy question.

The VK government’s party has made it clear in a letter to foreign minister Per Stig Møller (K) that the Danish People’s Party will go against the government’s plan to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.
- - - - - - - - -
“Normally, you know, we stand loyally behind the government on all essential foreign policy questions, which is not difficult, because we are generally right behind them on foreign policy. But as to Kosovo, we are in disagreement about the course the government has laid out, and therefore we felt the time was right to inform the government of our position,” says Søren Espersen, the foreign policy spokesman for the Danish People’s Party.

The Danish People’s Party writes in a letter to the foreign minister that the international community is setting out to do an injustice to Serbia, and the decision to recognize Kosovo will violate the UN charter, which emphasizes the member countries’ territorial integrity.

Hat tip: TB.

Note: My Danish is shaky at best. If I have gotten the sense of this article significantly wrong, I welcome correction by our Viking readers.


ziontruth said...

What is it about the Danes that causes them to be on the forefront of this fight just about every single time? :-)

God bless.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The translation is just fine Baron. I guess you go call Berlitz if you suddenly find yourself looking for a job.

1389 said...

Let me express my gratitude!

Another report concerning the European counterjihad, Balkans theatre:

Neo-Nazi Croatian band Thompson to tour Melbourne Dec. 29, 2007 ... he has made common cause with the Muslims and is dangerous.

kepiblanc said...

Zionistyongster, maybe it's that Odin thingy of Charles Johnson's plus all the runes, yuletide, beer, snaps and whatnot going on over here. Heck, even leftist Danes can laugh their behinds off....
On Topic: I wrote on Kosovo Here - in Danish...

Unknown said...

What about splitting up Kosovo between Serbia and Albania? Is that a way out?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Personally, I think splitting Kosovo - possibly at the Ibar river - is the best way to go. Then Serbia gets to keep the part that means most to it, both in terms of history and of industry (many minerals in the north part), and the Serbian minority gets protected.

The idea has not been well received by many, though.

The greatest problem remains stemming the mafia-Wahhabi network, which is also strong in Albania and Bosnia. Russian mafia is involved and reportedly purchases property along the Adriatic coast to implement smuggling routes.

We need to help Serbia stem this.

1389 said...

Henrik, I agree with you on most things, but I cannot accept the possibility that any part of Kosovo should be detached from Serbia.

Some commenters have insisted that the proposed turnover of Kosovo to the local al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadist/narcoterrorist gang is a fait accompli, simply because of demographics. I say that’s just plain wrong. Just as mistaken are any proposals to detach any part of the province of Kosovo.

The Albanians who have infiltrated Kosovo over the past century do have a place to which they can, and must, return: Albania. The fact that their own relatives and countrymen have made Albania unfit to live in matters not. They must return there.

To allow any avowed enemies of the Serbs to remain in Kosovo would be to reward a century of Albanian Muslim, Nazi, Titoist, and US/NATO pogroms, persecution, and outright genocide against Serbs.

See this link for the Warsaw Ghetto that the US, NATO, and the Albanian jihadists have made for the Serbs of Kosovo:

My Trip to the Kosovo Kitchen and the Holy Serbian Church Land - Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott, Serbian Unity Congress

And this!

Terror in Kosovo-Metohija

This is intolerable.

At this point, we should be talking not only about repatriating all hostile foreigners, but also about compensating the Serbian people for the evils perpetrated upon them - and NOT about taking any territory away!

BTW, have you read this?
Chronicles: Kosovo as a Symbol of Anti-Postmodernism

1389 said...

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Zonka said...

I don't know enough about Sebian and Kosovo matters to have more than a gut-feeling about about whether it makes sense to create an independent Kosovo or not. But as a principle, it is and should be a sovereign decision made by Serbia and those who seek independence of Kosovo!

No other nation has the right to impose their will upon Serbia in this matter, and certainly not the U.N. as dividing a sovereign nation is both a very dangerous precedent and against the U.N. Charter. And if successful, who knows who will be next?

So purely based on the principle of national sovereignity the proposal must be rejected.

Zonka said...

I wrote:
But as a principle, it is and should be a sovereign decision made by Serbia and those who seek independence of Kosovo!

Meaning the leaders of the independence movement in Kosovo, as this is a Serbian internal affair. Just wanted to make that crystal clear.

Henrik R Clausen said...

"Henrik, I agree with you on most things, but I cannot accept the possibility that any part of Kosovo should be detached from Serbia."

Now, I'm not Serbian, so my opinion doesn't count as much as those of the Serbs.

My completely private opinion is that a realistic solution would be a division along the Ibar river, with a well organized population exchange to prevent further trouble. Strict border control, and no foreign aid to the new microstate unless it absolutely rejects Wahhabi Islam.

Then let it sink.

After a decade, re-evaluate the situation.

SurferAussie said...

Anybody wants Kosovo i Metohija independence to happen, can’t bypass legal implications of UN Resoluion 1244. Legal implication is that Kosovo is Serbian land. Another legal and moral implication is that 250,000 Serbs must return safely home back to Kosovo i Metohija. If international force is not up to task then they have to leave Kosovo i Metohija. Pushing independence by any mean will just bring violence and instability.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Yes, the UN resolution constitute a promise that the West intends to break and Russia to keep. When I suggest dividing Kosovo, it's a way of cutting a deal that at least partially respects Serbia (the current proposal is in complete disrespect), while it reflects the reality on the ground.

The ideal solution would be to have Serbia still have overall control of the province, helping it battle the Wahhabi mafia there. I just don't see any chance whatsoever for that to actually happen.

And now that Russia declares this a vital interest and intends to veto any independence proposal in the Security Council, what does EU/USA do?

Bypass the UN, of course, because what would happen there doesn't suit their interests. And the majority of countries have now pressed the minority (except our friends on Cyprus!) into following the US line.

I'm glad that at least Russia struggles to uphold international law. An unexpected ally, but far better than none. The West is running around like headless chickens - again.

eatyourbeans said...

Russia is understandably touchy on the subject of regions that wish to split off. The USA would be too, if it realized that what's sauce for the Albanians in Kosovo is also sauce for the Hispanic populations of the SouthWest. But that's a subject for another day.

Back to Russia. Given that every government in the West, with the possible exceptions of Denmark and Switzerland, is the enemy of the West, a resurgent and from what I understand an Orthodox Russia is a very timely subject.

Baron? Dymnphna?? Anybody?

. said...

1389, you have revealed your true point of view - ethnic cleansing of Albanians from Kosovo.

As for your allegations that most Kosovars infiltrated the country during the last century, this Wikipedia article,, gives a much more complicated picture than your childs coloring book version of events allows.

It shows how the story of the Kosovars is most akin to that of Northern Irish Protestants, who have settled Ulster for several centuries. The thought of "ethnically cleansing" the Ulstermen back to Scotland and England is unthinkable - as should any Serbian racial/ethnic/religious supremacy you spout. And here's a map showing an obvious spot for partition:

I repeat my warnings to Fjordman, the Baron, Dymnphna, and the readers of this blog - don't let your legitimate concerns about unassimilable Muslim populations in Western Europe be hijacked by the Serbian ethnic cleansing brigade.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Poster formerly known as Gordon, your evil accusations against Serbia are unfitting for a decent blog. Serbia has been vilified throughout the whole collapse of Yugoslavia, but understandably still demands a say over its own territory.

If you're really so fascinated with ethnic cleansing, you should blame NATO first, which has tacitly approved ethnic cleansing of Kosovo. Then look to Croatia, where Operation Storm caused intense ethnic cleansing against the two Serbian enclaves, lasting just a few hectic days. Performed by the fascist-revivalist Ustasha regime, to boot.

There is a severe problem with double standards here. 'Ethnic cleansing' was the battle cry to turn NATO from a defensive to an offensive organisation. Yet, when directed against the Serbs, the West is quiet.

Come on, get all riled up. Either internaional law applies to everyone, or we might as well discard it and attack whoever we please.

1389 said...

Nodrog, why on earth would anyone in his or her right mind take seriously a "warning" from you? Just who do you think you are, other than a leftist/pro-jihadist Internet troll? What authority or credentials, knowledge, or reputation do you imagine you have? Or are you attempting to threaten or blackmail us in some way?

Jungle Jim said...

"One such point is the admission of Turkey to the European Union. This is an issue which is wildly unpopular across the whole EU, so much so that even the French government seems set to oppose it. Yet successive American administrations of both parties have enthusiastically supported it."

Why in the hell are American administrations getting involved in this at all? Whether or not Turkey belongs in the EU is none of our business.

1389 said...

FYI, Nodrog, Albanian Nazi Muslims invaded Kosovo during WWII. Nazi Germans were driven out of eastern Europe at thf time of the Axis defeat, and were made to relinquish whatever remained of their loot, but Nazi Albanians were allowed to remain in Kosovo and to keep their ill-gotten gains. They also have kept their obsession with killing non-Albanians, whch is why they must be repatriated before they run out of victims to kill in Kosovo.

What is your motive for spreading enemy disinformation, Nodrog? Are you lying in order to try to help Hillary get elected?

ziontruth said...

Henrik wrote:

"My completely private opinion is that a realistic solution [...]"

Realistic solutions are today's bane. They fail to take into account the fact that the Islamic enemy is both ideological and patient, willing to take piece after piece of non-Muslim lands and cultures in order to achieve its final goal.

"[...] and no foreign aid to the new microstate unless it absolutely rejects Wahhabi Islam."

Islam. Just Islam. Not "Wahhabi", "radical", "fundamentalist" or any other modifier that serves only to obscure the fact that a Muslim who takes his religion seriously participates--or at the very least supports--in the jihad just as a Catholic who takes his religion seriously believes the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Jesus.

No Muslims in or near non-Muslim states. Unless a workable, reliable way of sifting the true "moderates" (i.e. those Muslims who don't take the commandment of jihad seriously) from the jihadists and jihad-supporters is found. Or unless Islam everywhere reforms into a live-and-let-live religion. The lives of non-Muslim women and children are on the line, not to be gambled with.

God bless.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Eight reasons to say NO to an independent Kosovo :

1. International law. Independence would contravene UNSCR 1244 and the UN charter. It directly affects the nature of sovreignty and inviolability of borders, and sets an extremely dangerous precedent.

2. Long term, who are we backing? The Serbs are western oriented and Christians, with farms, churches, city councils, gardens, liberated women, laws and all the other paraphernalia of western culture, in addition, their entire history is interlaced with resistance to jihad. The Albanians are Muslims with a culture that would feel right at home in Afghanistan : clans, compounds, repressed women in Muslim family structures, blood feuds, mosques. Which of these two would still be a western ally after 20, 50 or 100 years?

3. Rewarding cleansing : Independence for Kosovo would reward ethnic cleansing. The current 90-10 population balance of Kosovo was created after near all of the province South of Ibar was ethnically cleansed by the Kosovo Albanians 1999-present.

4. Viability : Kosovo is not a viable state. It is small, landlocked, poorly educated, low skilled workforce, under industrialized, overpopulated, poor and has a third world population structure. Even now the majority of the economy is direct or indirect aid, and most of the rest is international crime or remittances.

5. Government : Kosovo even now a criminal entity run by elected representatives of the gangster clans. The enlightened Rugova is gone, and criminals like Agim Ceku and Hashim Thaci rule. Kosovo lead Europe in drugs smuggling before the wars, and now lead Europe in smuggling drugs, guns and (shudder) human beings. The KLA – now the elected government of Kosovo – has a well documented history of dealing with al Qaida.

6. Rewarding Jihad. The Muslim and Albanian nature of Kosovo is due to the imperial activities of the Ottoman empire, less than a century deceased. The KLA’s fight against the Serbs was considered to be Jihad by the Muslim world and again sets a bad precedent, nor does surrendering some of the Holiest sites of the orthodox church.

7. Rewarding rebellion. The Kosovar Albanians are as good example of any as what happens when unassimilable Muslim populations in Europe reach a critical mass. Its NOT a good precedent to set to reward anarchists and terrorists. Kosovo today, Presevo and FYROM tomorrow, Seine St Denis and Bradford the day after.

8. Spreading disorder. In addition to already spreading armed insurrection to Presevo and Macedonia, an independent Kosovo may have other ramifications at a time when the state system is already weakėning. The Kosovo Albanians are kin to the Gheg highlanders of Northern Albania, while Albania is dominated by the Tosc lowlanders. As a linked source of disorder, Kosovo may well undermine the very weak Albanian state, which has already fallen into total anarchy not ten years past.

Dividing Kosovo along Ibar may protect the remaining Serbs, but will NOT solve these problems, and Kosovo would remain a festering pustule.

ziontruth said...

Gordon wrote:

"1389, you have revealed your true point of view - ethnic cleansing of Albanians from Kosovo."

Expelling the Muslims en masse is currently the only practical and humane (vs. genocide, which I do not advocate) to halt their colonialist invasion of non-Muslim states. To be PC about it is a luxury we cannot afford.

"[...] don't let your legitimate concerns about unassimilable Muslim populations in Western Europe be hijacked by the Serbian ethnic cleansing brigade."

Serbia's fight is that of us all. The same fight as that of Western Europe, Thailand, Ethiopia and Israel. The fight against global Islamic imperialism masquerading as national independence movements or "multicultural diversity".

Don't let historical falsification and deceptive marketing blind you to the fact of a uniform, worldwide Islamic ambition to add lands to the Abode of Islam.

. said...

Henrik, the Serbs are certainly not the only ethnic cleansers in the Balkans. I would expect that the EU would require Croatia to readmit and recompensate the ethnic Serbs expelled from the Krajina region before admission of Croatia to the EU.

Calling the Croatian government the "Ustasha" is like calling Bosnian Muslims "Turks," it's nothing but Serbian name-calling used to justify ethnic cleansing.

And, 1389, I notice that amidst your name-calling you did not address the census facts contained in my previous link, which I will give here for you again: Kosovo was primarily Serbian until the late 17th Century, when

The Great Turkish War of 1683-1699 between the Ottomans and the Habsburgs led to the flight of a substantial part of Kosovan Serbian population to Austrian held Vojvodina and the Military Frontier - about 60-70,000 Serb refugees total settled in the Habsburg Monarchy in that time of whom many were from Kosovo. Following this an influx of Catholic Albanian from the highlands (Malesi) occurred, mostly into Metohija. The process continued in 18th century.

In 1871 a census performed by the Austrians showed Kosovo to be 64 percent Serb and 32 percent Albanian. However, an 1838 study by an Austrian physician includes the interesting fact that 1/3 of the Serbs were Muslims!

Between 1876 and 1912 it appears that Kosovo lost its majority Serbian character as a result of expulsions related to the constant warfare between the Serbian Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire during this period.

By 1899 another Austrian study showed that Albanians had become a slight majority in Kosovo. A 1909 British study found 2/3 of Kosovo to be Albanian. A German scholar in 1912 found all parts of Kosovo to be at least 60% Albanian.

By 1921, the first Yugoslav census found that Kosovo was 75% Muslim and 65% Albanian (the difference apparently consisting of Muslim Serbs). In another Yugoslav census in 1939, only about 20% of the population was Albanian, but that was because many of the Albanians were forced to be classified as "Turks," and the Serbian population of Kosovo was only 35%. This after an intensive program of encouraging Serbian resettlement in Kosovo by the Serb-dominated Yugoslav government.

During World War II the Italian occupiers of Albania and Kosovo expelled about 100,000 Serbs and settled 100,000 Albanians in Kosovo. Post-war Yugoslav censuses show consistent 2/3 Albanian population totals.

Read the rest of the article for the more recent census machinations.

My point is that 1389's claims that the Albanian majority of Kosovo is very recent are a lie.

1389 said...

Nodrog, you are nothing but a failed Internet troll. I am amazed that you were enough of a lamer to think that you could get by with citing Wikipedia on such a controversial issue as this. You did not answer my question, either: by what authority do you think you have the right to demand answers from me or anyone else?

1389 said...

Nodrog, it is your statement that, not mine, that is false. The Yugoslav government was anything but Serb-dominated. Any article claiming otherwise is hogwash. Tito was half Croat and half Slovene, and made sure that Serbs always got the short end of the stick. And both Nazi Croatia and today's Croat leaders have made a big show of Ustache symbolism and behavior. But those Nazis can be excused, because they seem on Nodrog's team. What, Nodrog didn't write to protest the Thompson concert?

. said...


The "Serb-dominated" Yugoslav government I referred to was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between 1919 and 1941. Post-war Communist Yugoslavia was not Serb-dominated.

The Wikipedia article references other authoritative sources. That's why I used it. Do you dispute these sources?

I have answered your "questions," of course I have a right to demand similar factual sources from you.

Anyone who openly advocates ethnic cleansing of almost 2 million Kosovars has a lot of explaining to do to justify such a stance. I therefore expect you to explain yourself.

Henrik R Clausen said...

ZionistYoungster wrote:
"Islam. Just Islam. Not "Wahhabi", "radical", "fundamentalist" or any other modifier".

Wahhabi, totalitarian, fundamentalist or any other modifier that denotes an intolerant, violent, racist, Jew-hating ideology. We should all be able to agree on this, in principle even the lefties.

Defeat this first, because it's obviously criminal. Then shift the burden of proof to whatever remains that it is non-violent, tolerant and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

What is most odious about Nodrog's comments is that he uses the lie of Serbian ethnic cleansing/genocide to incite a present-day ethnic cleansing/genocide against the Serbs, and to excuse the jihadist motivation of the Albanians.

Even if the ethnic history of Kosovo is not a 'child's coloring book' but rather more complex, involving more ancient Ottoman campaigns against the Serbs, there is a reason we take the Serb side in all this. Serbs are Christians, Albanians are Muslim.

One side kills in spite of religious teachings that proscribe it. The other side kills because their religion compels them to do it.

My point is that, whatever the history of violence and death in the region, Serbs are born of a cultural identity that will allow them, as a people, to transcend tribalist violence, and become bleeding heart liberals just like CJ wants. Albanians, on the other hand, are rather more intractable. Their culture, Islam, will never allow them to embrace modern liberal values. All counterjihadists know this, even leftists like nodrog.

So because some Serb owned a black pet rat that wore an Odin's cross armband in 1933, we need to support the jihadist takeover of Kosovo?

This is typical leftist propaganda - just like when people say that America is evil and racist due to slavery and killin' injuns...

Cultures with Christian characters CAN evolve from barbaric, tribalist societies into hippie, pot-smoking free love societies. Cultures with Islamist characters CANNOT.

So even if Serbia is a terrible, evil nation full of racist murderers, (which it isn't) they can and should be supported, because they can be redeemed. And join Charles Johnson's global leftist utopia. Albanians? Never.

--insert pc disclaimer--

ziontruth said...


The trouble with these modifiers is that they are fed by and feed the misconceptions that "true, mainstream Islam does not call for jihad" and that "most Muslims have the same dreams as you and me". They underpin the PC call to deal with the Muslims through negotiations, concessions and accommodations, as well as the branding of those who see Islamic imperialism for what it is as "bigots", "fascists" or worse.

This framing has succeeded in pulling many otherwise right-thinking people away from the camp of self-defenders and into the camp of negotiators, which is only just a little bit better than the camp of appeasers. Not saying you've been taken in by the ruse (especially now that you make it clear it should only be tactical prioritizing), but many have. Just look at President Bush's downward slide from his post-9/11 resoluteness to today to see how.

Yaakov Kirschen of Dry Bones once did a cartoon where old Nazis in hiding talk to each other, and one of them says something like, "If we had presented our ideology as a religion, the world would have given us free pass". It figures: the Nazis never got divided into "Hitlerian radicals vs. Roehmian moderates" or any other such scene. But because Islam is a religion, and the world is sold on the idea that religion is a matter of one's conscience first, one's personal choice, such a lot of people fail to see how political it is.

Marxism is a political ideology with religious trappings, and Islam is a religion with political ideology. Or the other way round. They both blur the line heavily. Hence (among so many reasons) the unholy alliance they have struck.

God bless.

1389 said...

I owe nobody any explanation. It is the Muslim Albanians of Kosovo who need to explain why they should be allowed to remain in Kosovo to enjoy their ill-gotten plunder obtained through the ethnic cleansing of nearly the entire non-Albanian population.

Merely allowing them to leave is very generous indeed. Justice would require putting them all on trial.

Nodrog's question was misleading and bigoted in the first place. No further answer need be given.

I am not about to recheck Nodrog's wikigurgitations against original sources. He is arguing in bad faith and is too much a racist to accept any evidence as valid, no matter how convincing it is.

I would never let anybody spew bigoted drivel like Nodrog's on my blog. Enough is enough!

Henrik R Clausen said...

ZionistYoungste wrote:
"The trouble with these modifiers is that they are fed by and feed the misconceptions that "true, mainstream Islam does not call for jihad" and that "most Muslims have the same dreams as you and me"."

Two points here:
Of course mainstream Islam calls for Jihad. It's all over the Quran. What 'Jihad' exactly means is a matter of interpretation, of course. An interesting alternative to the classical smaller/greater Jihad swindle is this:

"Jihad is the effort to make Islam rule supreme. Violence is applied as needed."

This definition would included bin Laden style terrorism, Tariq Ramadan and his subversive work, and all kinds of deceptions we encounter on our way.

Personally, I don't care crap what kind of god people pray to or rituals they perform - as long as they don't start demolishing our free societies and destroying our cultural richness. Thus, I don't mind the ritualistic aspect of Islam as long as it's not being forced on others. Which, unfortunately, is very frequently the case.

""most Muslims have the same dreams as you and me."

This statement is one I actually agree with. Peaceful Muslims not only exist, they are the majority. Unfortunately, they have no voice, and the fundamentalist Muslims are making damned sure that anyone speaking up against them is marginalized, vilified, attacked or killed.

But most Muslims know very little about their religion. They get fed tiny out-of-context pieces of the Quran by their imam, and very few even read the Sirat (life story of Muhammad). These quite normal everyday people leave the thorny issue of religion to their imam. If fed the truth about Muhammad, most of them vince in horror.

One of the best counteroffensives we could mount would be missionary work. I heard from Iran that many are converting to Christianity, and even today I heard the same rumour about Turkey. I hope it's true.

Keeping documenting and exposing Islam as a violent, hate-mongering & even racist movement helps these conversions, but active missionary work could have a dramatic effect.

Henrik R Clausen said...

"I would expect that the EU would require Croatia to readmit and recompensate the ethnic Serbs expelled from the Krajina region before admission of Croatia to the EU."

Dream on. I've studied the EU accession in detail, in particular in the case of Turkey. It was demanded from Croatia that they hand over their national heroes, and general Gotovina in particular. I attended a EU Parliament hearing on the matter, and getting hold of the heroes was obviously the point that really mattered.

Let me quote:
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?

The 'Heroes for ghosts' trade has been accomplished, and Croatia is working towards EU membership, reluctantly.

But on the issue of actually admitting crimes and providing compensation - to Serbs? I can't imagine that taking place. It's not mentioned in the negotiation framework, and everyone, not least the US, would prefer to forget the matter entirely.

Mercurius Aulicus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mercurius Aulicus said...

This article by Srdja Trifkovic at Chronicles Magazine discusses a number of reasons for Kosovo to remain a part of Serbia.

Major Pain said...

Here is a the response to Albin Albin Kurti's comments by William Dorich which help explain the population question that Nodrog brought up...

Albin Kurti's comments on Kosovo are immoral. More than 40% of the Albanians in Kosovo are illegal aliens who cross the border from Albania into Kosovo as easily as Mexicans cross our border each night in San Diego California. Granting Albanians superior rights over the 350,000 Serbian citizens whom they have successfully cleansed shows the contempt Kurti has for international law and equal human rights.

I remind this political opportunist that during the 1999 NATO bombing over 90,000 Albanians fled to Belgrade... into the arms of their Serbian enemies? The only time Albanians "will no longer treat the Serbs as a threat" is when there is not a single Serb or a single Serbian church left standing and a total Genocide has been accomplished in Kosovo.

Serbs were the majority (80 percent) in Kosovo for a thousand years and built more than 1,500 churches and monasteries. Serbia was internationally recognized as a nation at The Congress of Berlin in 1878 and it was ONLY Serbia who gave up her statehood to form Yugoslavia with her former Slovene and Croat enemies in WWI. A good reason why the new nation was called The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918. When that country was formed the Albanians represented less than 5% of the population according to numerous historical documents. It was also a time when the nation of Albania was formed, do we really need two Albanian nations in the heart of Europe or all we all pretending, like Kurti, that a "Greater Albania" is not the end game here?

In my lifetime, Serbs have become a minority in Kosovo, starting with the Holocaust under Benito Mussolini when the liquidation of Serbs reduced their numbers to 45 percent. After the war, Broz Tito forbade the 155,000 ethnically cleansed Serbs from returning to Kosovo, giving their land to Albanian Nazis thereby reducing Serbs to 39 percent.

When the dictator Tito granted Albanian "autonomy" in 1974, the Serbian language was banned and 100,000 Serbs lost their jobs—in the process over 2 million books on Serbian religion, history and music were burned—more than 120,000 Serbs were cleansed as Serbian farms were burned and Serbian girls and nuns were raped, reducing the Serbs to 29 percent. Just seven years ago the Serbs represented 21% of Kosovo, how shocking that Albin Kurti acknowledges that Serbs are now "6%" but looks the other way as to why they suddenly dropped to this appalling level. It is apparent that Kurti does not believe Serbs are entitled to equal human rights or justice.

If the 350,000 recently cleansed Serbs and the 90,000 non-Albanian minorities were allowed to return to Kosovo and the 40 percent undocumented Albanians were forced to go back to where they came from, there would not be this fictitious "90 percent Albanian" population to seek independence. It is more than clear that there is a "Greater Albania" at work here as the Albanians have already exposed their hand in wanting other parts of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and northern Greece where large minorities of Albanians live.

But Kosovo is not just about population count, it is about the "jihad" taking place in the Balkans. Kurti fails to mention the dozens of new Islamic mosques that have been built in Kosovo including the Osama bin Laden Mosque. I wonder what the attitude will be once Serbia is totally destroyed and the Muslims start coveting Bulgarian territory?

William Dorich
Los Angeles

Henrik R Clausen said...

"Kurti fails to mention the dozens of new Islamic mosques that have been built in Kosovo including the Osama bin Laden Mosque. "

And a deep mystery how the US government can tolerate this. Forgot about 9/11 already, or what?

ziontruth said...


If the peaceful Muslims have no voice, and are being silenced by the fundamentalists, how can you even know that they're the majority?

The assumption that peaceful Muslims are the majority, just like the opposite, that they're the minority, needs to be based on hard data, data which is difficult to come by, because of the factor you just mentioned. I have many reasons to believe the peaceful Muslims are a tiny minority, but if anyone were to offer good evidence against that, I'd change my mind; but (the crucial "but" here) it is very important not to base one's assumptions on conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom, for some reason I still can't fathom, holds the fanatics and extremists to always, always be a small but vocal minority, imposing its visions upon the silent majority of moderates and peace-lovers. But a realistic assessment of human nature has it that there is nothing to stand in the way of the scenario of fanatics and extremists being the majority.

Active missionary work is what Bush should have done once the military occupation of Iraq was complete, in March 2003. Had he pursued that path, the US would now be celebrating victory, real victory, in Iraq: the transformation of a Muslim state (an enemy of the US by nature) into a non-Muslim one. But, as we all know, he just had to avoid making it a war against Islam. Even if that's what it has always been.

God bless.

Henrik R Clausen said...

ZY, it's quite clear, actually. Most Muslims are taking care of their little shops, have too many children to raise them properly, and generally don't want trouble. If they were all out to blow things up, there's not be brick on brick left anyware on the planet, except perhaps on Greenland.

They don't care too much about religion - just have confidence that Islam is good and that their imams will take care of matters. Boy, are they being deceived.

Small, vocal minorities are extremely dangerous. We have seen that in Germany in particular, and see that in many places in current times. The Muhammad crisis was one example. Assuming they represent a majority is a flaw, a dangerous one.

Showing that the Islamists have no legitimacy is workable. Helping Muslims convert to Christianity is my favorite way to do this :)

ziontruth said...


Ah, I see where you're coming from. You count the Muslims who actively blow things up (God forbid), while I count also the ones who provide aid and comfort to the former. Under your count, jihadist Muslims really are a minority, and I have never said otherwise. But my count means that the true "moderates", i.e. Muslims who can be relied upon to inform of jihad plots and to condemn "honor"-killings, are the ones who are the tiny minority.

If you compare to Germany of the past: few were SS members, but most gave their support to the SS; and those Germans who opposed the SS publicly had to get out real quick, or else get an early tombstone.

I agree with you that helping them convert is the best solution. Islam is a package deal in which, even if you don't actually do the dirty work, you're supposed to approve of those who do. Solidarity with the worldwide ummah. The only way out of the package deal is to get out of the package.

God bless.

1389 said...

Meet the new friends that Billary and GWB made for us.

They make NO attempt to conceal their malevolent intentions toward the Serbs.

Henrik R Clausen said...

ZY, we have reached an agreement. That quiet support is a very real problem, also in funding Jihad and related 'holy' purposes.

Showing the quiet supporters that their efforts are dangerous, immoral and fruitless is very important. Without this support, the radicals wither and die.

Actually, Al-Qaeda recently came out with a request to provide more economical support for their 'holy' warriors. I read the text myself. It said interesting stuff like "How can we expect our warriors to do the job of Allah if they have no ammunition for their guns, no food to eat?"

Rachel Ehrenfeld is possibly the greatest unsung hero of this struggle. Her efforts to make Jihad support (can you say "Islamic charities"? I knew you'd refuse :) be embarrasing has probably saved the lives of thousands.

. said...

1389 - and you make NO secret of your intentions toward the Albanians. Who, by the way, are not all Muslim - a minority in both Kosovo and Albania belong to the Albanian Catholic Church.

So, what is better, "ethnically cleansing" 200,000 Serbs, or "ethnically cleansing" 2,000,000 Albanians?

Or how about neither?

1389 said...


Troll much?

The problem is that the Albanians presently in Kosovo have no intentions of letting anyone other than themselves remain alive.

What the h--- do you pretend not to understand about that?

My intentions are to get the Albanian aggressors out of there before they finish killing off the last few non-Albanians. The Albanians who are presently in Kosovo are a present-day version of the Mongolian hordes. It doesn't matter how numerous are these invaders, nor how few are their remaining victims. They don't belong around civilized people and they need to be sent back where they came from.

BTW, the KLA (whatever they are calling themselves this week) have already driven out those among their fellow Albanians who were decent people and who refused to collaborate with their narcoterrorist/jihadist program. But then, you would have known that if you had researched all of the links I have provided at various times, but of course you already know all the answers from Wikipedia.

If a Jew in Poland during WWII had asked for help in expelling the Nazi Germans from Poland, you, Nodrog, are the type of person who would have accused the Jew, and not the Nazis, of ethnic cleansing.

There is no point in discussing anything further with you, because, like Charles Johnson, you lie like a rug, you ignore what other people say, and you keep spouting the same drivel like a broken record. You are boring.

Nodrog: Let it be known that I find you, and your "reckless disregard for the truth," to be despicable.