Friday, September 07, 2007

OIC: Insulting Islam is an Illness

Prime Minister Reinfeldt of Sweden has completed his meeting with Muslim leaders, and it’s not clear whether he was sufficiently submissive. But judging by the smug and complacent comments from the Muslim participants in the meeting (I’ll be posting on that later), they have been appeased, and are ready to put the unfortunate Modoggie incident behind them — provided Sweden’s behavior shows appropriate improvement.

Before we go into the reports on the meeting, however, let’s take a look at this article from Today’s Zaman, which refers to the prime minister’s earlier obsequiousness towards Swedish Muslims:

Muslims pleased with Reinfeldt’s mosque visit

A ModoggieMuslim countries and groups across the world were pleased by a visit from Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt to a mosque in Stockholm on Wednesday, where he met with representatives of Sweden’s Muslim community.

The visit came after a wave of protests from Muslim countries following the publication of a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed in the Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda.

Muslim leaders around the globe evaluated Reinfeldt’s comments Wednesday expressing his “regret” for offending Muslims as a “positive development.” Meanwhile the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) called for working together with Western countries to resolve the problem effectively. Spain and the US are expected to host conferences against Islamophobia next month.

Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who heads the OIC, said in an interview with Today’s Zaman that he believed the recent statement of the Swedish prime minister was “a positive approach and an expression of goodwill.”
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Ihsanoglu called on European leaders to cooperate in order to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


Ihsanoglu said he expected the Swedish government to respect the sacred values of the Muslim citizens of Sweden as well as the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

He said insulting the sacred values of Muslims and hiding behind the principles of constitutional freedoms was an illness. Ihsanoglu also said he would like to see the implementation of resolutions condemning defamation of religion passed earlier by the United Nations General Assembly and the Geneva-based Human Rights Council. [emphasis added]


Swedish Ambassador to Ankara Christer Asp also condemned the cartoons, referring to them as “provocative.” Speaking to Today’s Zaman, Asp said a majority of Swedish people were against the publishing of such cartoons in a local newspaper. The ambassador expressed his opinion that freedom of the press was not unlimited and emphasized that respect for what others hold sacred should be preserved.

This is the standard Muslim line on the Modoggie crisis: 1.5 octillion Muslims are insulted. The Swedes are apologetic, obsequious, repentant, and, in a word, very very sorry.

But look at this new contention: insulting Islam is an illness.

With all the recent conferences about “Islamophobia”, and its designation as a stigma alongside racism, xenophobia, etc., I expect that “Islamophobia” will soon enter the DSM IV as an official mental illness.

The DSM IV is already very politicized. Homosexuality was removed from it a long time ago, and there is a full-court press from NAMBLA and similar organizations to have pedophilia removed from the list is well.

Then add Islamophobia, remove bestiality as a designated aberration, and the Muslims will have it made.

After that, all they’ll need is an exemption from psychopathy for “the beheading of infidels”…

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Alexis said...

1. I am not an Islamophobe, but an Islamoskeptic. What I feel isn't fear of Islam, but irritation with Muslim demands.

2. Why is the OIC calling Islamophobia a bad thing? When Muslims threaten non-Muslims, why shouldn't non-Muslims be fearful -- or even annoyed?

3. If the Emperor is wearing new clothes, the Emperor may be able to force the mental health community to regard any truth about his clothes to be a mental illness. However, there is sometimes a child who is so immature and so lacking in Imperiophobia that he says the obvious -- the Emperor has no clothes!

falcon_01 said...

Appeased? ZOMG! How on earth did he manage that? Did he chop off his own head and offer it up to them?

The only illness is in allowing the deadly infection that is islam to spread. We have to stop treating symptoms with appeasement and start treating the source with
a cure.

What cure? An explosive suppository that will turn terrorist states into a parking lot would be a good start.

Unknown said...

Clean your asses with leaves of Koran and spare them.
When you think you have enough of them let them go with the wind, in a Friday, near a mosque when they are gathering to their collective demonstration os submission to Evil (what they call prayer but is not)
Guys, you have no idea how I feel sick!

Unknown said...

Gosh , I am ill am I , but do you know this disease I like . Will I go for a cure , not likely . The cure for the OIC is an injection of a lead compound inter-cranialy , their fellow travellers should also go for this cure .

Subvet said...

Gotta give 'em credit, they're fast learning the game of being politically correct.

First they establish the moral equivalence of Islam to other faiths, then they establish their own "victimhood". Then they move on to outlaw by any means possible resentment against them.

After that, Islam and sharia law are given preeminence over all faiths and legal codes.

Don't pass the hemlock, just show me where we're keeping the ammo.

Francis W. Porretto said...

I recall a case from Australia, where two Christian ministers were on trial for defaming Islam, where the defense was forbidden to read from the Qur'an. The prosecutor objected, and said that doing so was itself an insult to Islam. The defendant in the dock asked, "How can I be insulting Islam if I am just quoting from the Qur'an?"

He received no answer. The judge sustained the objection.