Friday, September 28, 2007

Learning to Love the Bomb

Riding the bomb in Dr. StrangeloveThat split personality, Sigmund Carl and Alfred, ponders the plight of Jews and of the rest of the world if Iran has or will soon get nuclear weapons for use on Israel. No doubt this is a scenario that many Israelis ponder also:

The left is all a twitter because they fear a western effort to make sure Iran doesn’t get the bomb. More than one ‘analyst’ has declared that ‘we can live with’ an Iranian bomb.


Neither Israel or the west can live with an Iranian or Arab nuclear program under any of the current regimes. The risk is too high and is therefore unacceptable.

The Iranian regime leaders have gone out of their way to conceal, cheat and obfuscate everything that has to do with their nuclear programs. IAEA inspectors have been lied to and deceived on a regular basis and Ahmadinejad himself presented a bald faced lied at Columbia when he stated that the IAEA had declared the Iranian nuclear program ‘a peaceful program.’ In fact, the IAEA has concluded just the opposite.

Imagine being a black person in a neighborhood where you are surrounded by KKK members who for decades have promised to lynch you. They have no problem stating what is they have in store for you and they teach those lessons to their kids in neighborhood schools and in summer camps and even in churches. Parents display their pride as their children play games like ‘slaughter the nigger!’ and express their desire from a young age to participate in the killing of blacks.

The comparison between the Israelis and American blacks in, say, the 1920’s, is apt. Of course, the Israelis have the chutzpah to hang on while the professional victimoid Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Sharpton only serve to degrade the national conversation on race. Unlike Sharpton & Co., Israelis are not extortionists and they don’t demand reparations - though they have tried to get those Swiss banks to release the money they’ve been holding since World War II. They’ve even made some progress in that regard.

It is probable that with the ongoing help of the trouble-making Russians (“if we can’t prosper, don’t none of you get to prosper either” seems to be their motto…Putin will never make Eagle Scout) and very scrutable China (through its client state, North Korea), Iran will have nuclear weapons capable of hitting lots of places besides just Israel...
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The French have made it plain that their nuclear weapons are not for show:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy piled pressure on Iran at the United Nations Tuesday, saying it would be unacceptable for the Islamic republic to get hold of nuclear weapons.

Sarkozy’s comments came just hours before Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was due to address the world body, in a speech expected to attempt to play down fears of Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

“Iran has the right to nuclear energy,” Sarkozy told world leaders at the General Assembly’s 62nd session here. “But allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons would mean an unacceptable risk for regional and world stability.”

Sarkozy added there would be no world peace if the international community “shows weakness in the face of the proliferation of nuclear weapons,” in a speech received with loud applause from the rest of the assembly.

Of course, Jacques Chirac laid the groundwork while in office. As the BBC reported in 2006:

Speaking at a nuclear submarine base in north-western France, Mr Chirac said a French response “could be conventional. It could also be of another nature.”

He said France’s nuclear forces had been configured for such an event.

France has had an independent nuclear deterrent since 1960, after an arms programme ordered by Charles de Gaulle.

Which may explain George Bush’s silence regarding Iran in his recent speeches. To talk of their nuclear weapons build up would only incense those Americans who are adamant that we do nothing about the Iranian situation. Besides, it’s time for someone else to do the heavy lifting when it comes to Tehran’s machinations.

George Bush’s hands are tied. Should he even blink on the subject, impeachment proceedings will begin. In fact, the Dems probably have all the paperwork done and are simply waiting for him to mention the problems Iran has created throughout the whole of the Middle East to start the proceedings.

So for the non, we will learn to love the bomb. And then the Democrats can deal with the problem, whining all the way that it’s Bush’s fault.

Of course it is. All the evil in the world was devised by George W. Bush. Ask anybody.

Umm, Miz Hillary - got a moment to answer a question?


rickl said...

I notice that a lot of posts on GOV lately have zero comments, at least when I read them. That shouldn't be. Maybe your posts leave commenters speechless. Maybe no one has anything to add.

I guess you could take that as a compliment. ;)

Dymphna said...


It's true that people don't comment as much. In fact, what you and I are doing right now is more like meta-commenting.

The decline is unfortunate since we've so many insightful and thoughtful readers.

However, I'll guarantee you that if we post on something that hits a nerve, the comment thread can get long, and sometimes rude.

Funny thing is, as our comments have declined, our traffic and page visits have increased substantially.

Additionally, we get many more tips and correspondence. The email box is overflowing some days.

Go figure...

History Snark said...

Perhaps everyone is too busy working on their own blog...

This is an interesting posting, but I think I'll hold off on my celebrating. Somehow, I just don't see France attacking a Muslim country.

Though they likely will do what they can to lead the public battle- this way, they could claim to be "important" in the wide world again. Which is arguably the central focus of their policies.

A Jacksonian said...

After looking at the Syrian WMD complex and their long-range missile capabilities, the thing that is most missed is the geographical position of Syria. While an Iranian missile can get to Israel, one from Syria (a SCUD-D or NoDong improved variant) will go much, much further. Even the nominal range of that includes a wide circle touching SE Italy and then circling around any point in Syria, probably the al-Safira site.

That is not a prescription for genocide, but large scale and regional nuclear blackmail. The economic targets garnered between Syria and Iran are huge. On the European side, the southern Russian pipelines are a concern, as is the Suez and Dardanelles, not just population centers. That is not a minor threat range considering how much trade transits through Suez and the dependancy of Europe on Russian oil/gas resources. No US 'missile shield' will cover all of that.

The short-term casualty rate by Iran is huge... the long term consequences to cutting off the resources of Europe, including the Saudi oil fields and the production of the Emirates is huge. That is even before looking at other delivery methods... which are far less accountable.

Whiskey said...

A Jacksonian -- good insight and let me add something.

Chirac and Sarkozy did not make their comments in a vacuum. Iran has long held itself the patron and protector of Europe's Muslims. Both French Presidents made their public threats IMHO because they were threatened privately by Iran on behalf of France's Muslims.

What if a "French Muslim Republic" was declared, backed up by Iranian nuclear missiles? In Iran or forward bases in Syria?

The existence of Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, and many other French cities would hinge on Iranian goodwill and tolerance. An Iranian regime moreover that does not care about civilian casualties and has a proven record from 1980-88 of tolerating devastating air attacks on Tehran and other Iranian cities.

ole said...


ole said...

If one day suddenly we would see in the news ,that the israeli airforce had succeded in destroying the iranian nuclear weaponsprogram ,the whole world would sigh in relief for about 5.7 seconds; and then the same whole world would moove on to condemn this new examble of israely WARCRIMES.
In Israel there is a growing feeling that George Bush and Sarcozy has given up on the iranean problem ,and that they are just letting out political hot-air-smokescreens.
So,there are realy only one thing left to do.
To hope for a miracle.
its' happened before.