Saturday, September 15, 2007

Faith Freedom

Faith Freedom

Several people have written to me in the last few days asking about Faith Freedom, Ali Sina’s website for ex-Muslims. The site has been down for a while, without an explanation.

According to a reliable source, the Faith Freedom site was hacked last week, but will be back up within a few days.

The URL is This link is obviously not working right now, but we hope it will be before this post diappears off the bottom of our main page.

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Unknown said...

The activ site isnot working yet but the massive archive is running.
Go to Muslim comments and have a laugh.

White Elefant said...

from an admin at FFI, found at Jihadwatch via JihadChat:

"Ali Sina's Faith Freedom International hacked"

An anniversary gift for 9/11, evidently from Oman. From FFI admin Doubting Thomas, in a message posted at JihadChat (thanks to buraq_is_dead):
Yes, the server was hacked by someone using an IP from Oman...

Steven Luotto said...

Thanks for the info. I was beginning to seriously worry.

Conservative Swede said...

Doubting Thomas is such a great asset for FFI!

PS. Hi futzie-man!


Sorry, Geraldo,
what is there to laugh at? -- it is only depressing reading, all these anal/genital/religiously twisted, mostly subhuman psychopats.
Citing Sima:"I sometimes wonder how many brain-cells Muslims use! I doubt its more then 2000. A mosquito must have better reasoning capacity than these poor Muslims."
But, are kaffirs much better? Have a look at 'Muhammed Kalb Ibn Kalb' =

Steven Luotto said...

Hi Conservative Swede,

We're doing okay. Presently I'm posting "jihading" on Italian Newspaper fora. It was the late Oriana Fallaci's birthday a couple of days back and so whereas - here in Italy - the Brussels affair only brought Vlaams and the Lega briefly to attention, at least there's another handle on the Sharia question.

Conservative Swede said...

Hi Ioshka,

In Sweden there has been nothing, zilch in the media about it. Sweden is a perfectly sealed PC system, media-wise.

It's when considering this, that we can fully appreciate the greatness of the cunning of Lars Vilks. A very skillful lockpicker, unlocking the minds of the Swedes.

Take care

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao again C.S.,

Very interesting. Right now, in Italy a famous "populist" comedian has taken over the political scene. His name is Beppe Grillo. He has launched a Vaffanculo Day... and is gathering up quite a cross-ideological following that's worrying some of the "profesional" politicians. Unfortunately he has no focus to speak of on Islam... but mostly about corruption, incompetence and charlatanism.

But the approach is interesting.

X said...

I was told about Grillo a few days abo by a friend of mine. His approach is perfect. It's exactly what Italy needs right now.

Their government is hoplessly corrupt, like a lot of european governments, and that's one of the reasons they have so much trouble dealing with the muslim problem. If there's enough people demanding a real change in the political scene of Italy then other problems will be solved as a matter of course.

It should be interesting to watch what happens.

Steven Luotto said...

Ciao Archonix,

Politically he's a moonbat, with some shades of no-nuthinism and he's operating in a regime that has government ministers leading protesters on anti-government marches... Well of course the left coalition is only an anti-Berlusconi monstrosity that contains lefty Catholics, libertarians, socialists, ex-communists, greens and Maoists.

Politically he's not interesting except in the potential climate of "just speak your mind" that might be generated, which could inspire more people to do precisely that. Some anarchy might be good in this phase.

Real moralization requires order and not street populism, just as real politics require positive proposals and not just complaints. But things might have to get worse before better.

Today he was the guest at the Festa dell'Unità, ex-communist party festival where he heavily (brutally) criticized their leaders and was applauded.

If it all sounds confusing, it is. But I repeat, what is interesting is the fact that he's a showman, a beloved comedian, once terrifically popular on TV and then kicked out by Craxi (in the previous hyper-corrupt Republic) when he made a sensational quip on TV in front of a mega-audience against Craxi's own Socialists. Craxi was going on a State visit to Red China. Beppe Grillo mused: "If the Chinese are all socialists, then who can they steal from?" That was the end of Grillo's TV career... Then he became a sort of adbuster-culturejammer and went on in theaters and cabarets with enormous success.

It remains to be seen if he's just a fenomeno which the lefties will co-opt or whether he will have impact.

On the bright side, a Government minister for Social Solidarity suggested that the immigrants, legal and illegal should take to the squares and hold a protest inasmuch as they are now rightfully "incazzati" (pissed off). Paolo Ferrero belongs to the PrC (partito di rifondazione communista - the Communist Refoundation party.

Wait... I take it all back... Beppe Grillo - I just went to his site - is arguing against immigration from North Africa. He's against immigration... in a strange but interesting way... and he's being heavily criticized by many of his "grillini" and praised to high heaven by a great many others.

This is good... I'm still suspicious, (a year and a half ago I quit participating in his blog in utter disgust) but there might be something afoot after all.