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The Muslim Brotherhood in the Old Dominion

Correction: Little Green Footballs broke the story first, and not Jihad Watch. Sorry, Charles!

UPDATE (by Dymphna): Bacon’s Rebellion is carrying this story also. I guess when the Ummah arrives he’ll have to change his name real quick.

Virginians who live in the rest of the state look askance at Northern Virginia, and with good reason: the sprawling suburbs of D.C. are like a piece of Yankeeland dropped into the bosom of our sovereign Commonwealth. I voluntarily exiled myself from NoVa thirty years ago, and whenever I have cause to return, I stand with my son atop Arlington Ridge, sweep my hand in the direction of Pentagon City and Alexandria, and warn him: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

Unfortunately, we all have to pay attention to Northern Virginia, because that’s where the people are, and that’s where the money is. The state Senate keeps the old ways of the Commonwealth from being swamped completely, but NoVa pays the piper in Richmond, and it still gets to call much of the tune.

And so it is with the Virginia Commission on Immigration. It was just recently created, with members appointed by Governor Tim Kaine, but it is already doing the bidding of the unholy alliance between the open borders business lobby and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jihad Watch broke the story of the appointment of Dr. Esam S. Omeish to the commission, and that was what made the big splash yesterday — the chairman of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization took his place on the panel.

The Northern Virginia Daily tells the story:

Valley delegate challenges Kaine appointee to immigration panel

A local delegate has asked Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine to re-think his appointment of the head of the Virginia-based Muslim American Society to the Virginia Commission on Immigration.

Dr. Esam OmeishDel. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, wrote to Kaine earlier today, saying he was concerned about the appointment of Dr. Esam S. Omeish, a Northern Virginia physician and the group’s president, to the panel. The commission was created earlier this year to study the impact of illegal immigration on the commonwealth.

The Muslim American Society has significant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group founded in Egypt, Gilbert said.

“It is unfortunate that the Governor would choose the leader of an organization such as this to represent many the freedom-loving Muslim citizens of Virginia on this important commission,” Gilbert said.

“While the Muslim American Society claims to be the innocent face of peaceful Islam in America, their history and teachings tell a much different story. Unfortunately, it is a story about which all Americans have become much too familiar — that of the promotion of a global Islamic state. The questionable origin and teachings of this group should give the Governor some serious concerns about his recent appointment. Even though this organization has a savvy public relations machine, the public face that it projects may disguise some very troubling hidden intentions.”

Gilbert asked Kaine to “take the necessary steps to ensure that the important work of the Commission is not tainted by other, more nefarious agendas.”

Here’s a video of Dr. Omeish voicing his opinions about the state of Israel:

But Dr. Omeish, of course, denies that there is any longer such a thing as the Muslim Brotherhood. During the media circus surrounding the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial, he had this to say:
- - - - - - - - -
Esam Omeish, president of the Virginia-based Muslim American Society, or MAS, says the documents introduced in the Holy Land trial are full of “abhorrent statements and are in direct conflict of the very principles of our Islam.”

“The Muslim community in America wishes to contribute positively to the continued success and greatness of our civilization,” Dr. Omeish said. “The ethics of tolerance and inclusion are the very tenets that MAS was based on from its inception.”

His group, formed in 1993, is thought by many to be the Brotherhood’s current incarnation in the U.S., although he and other MAS leaders say their group formed as an alternative to radicalism.

“MAS is not the Muslim Brotherhood,” Dr. Omeish said. The society “grew out of a history of Islamic activism in the U.S. when the Muslim Brotherhood once existed but has a different intellectual paradigm and outlook.”

This reminds me of the old days of the Cold War, when the various lefty organizations denied any involvement with the Communist Party. They were always named something like the Workers’ Solidarity Federation or the International Brotherhood of Labor. “What Communist Party? We don’t see no communists around here.”

But the money, the propaganda, the strategy, and the marching orders always came from Moscow. After the fall of the U.S.S.R., when the Soviet archives were opened, ample documentation emerged showing how Soviet money and influence was laundered through various front organizations which all the while worked assiduously to destroy the institutions and culture of the West from within.

And so it is with the Muslim Brotherhood. Foundations, shell corporations, charities, and dummy organizations all shield the terror financiers and their petrodollars from any direct linkage with seditious activities. Federal and international agencies chart the complex but undeniable chains of influence, yet these make for tedious and technical reading. The cries of “racism” and “Islamophobia” ring much louder, and gain more compelling sound bites, than all the work of the green-eyeshades guys and the Arabic translators ever will.

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The interesting thing is the convergence of interests that created the current crisis in the Virginia Commission on Immigration. This is essentially an intra-Republican squabble — Tim Kaine is a Democrat, but the recent power struggle within the commission pitted one faction of Republicans against another. The “open borders” faction won out over the “traditional Virginia values” faction, and by alliance with the Democrats the enthusiasts for unbridled immigration gained control of the commission.

According to Inside NoVA:

Tuesday’s 9 a.m. meeting got off to a strange start when it took more than 30 minutes for the commission to appoint a chairman and vice chairman.

That’s because Del. Bob Marshall, a staunch conservative who sponsored the bill to create the commission, repeatedly, and at times combatively, insisted that tradition dictated he be chairman.

But a movement against appointing him chairman appeared to be afoot behind the scenes, prompting Marshall, R-Prince William, to ask that the nomination process be delayed until his colleague, Del. Jay O’Brien, R-Fairfax, arrived. O’Brien didn’t show up until after 11 a.m. because he had another meeting.

Citizen member George Foresman, however, wasn’t too keen on waiting.

“With all due respect, all the other members made an effort to be here at 9 in the morning,” said Foresman, a Powhatan resident and former Under Secretary for National Protection and Programs at the Department of Homeland Security.

He then nominated Sen. John Watkins, R-Midlothian, to be chairman, describing the state senator as “a fair and reasonable individual.”

Next, Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, nominated Marshall and Marshall started talking about “outside influences.”

“I am the author of this bill,” he said, noting it was “a little bit surprising to me that somebody made a different nomination.”

“The effort will be suspect; the conclusion will be tainted because we decided to go outside the normal process,” he said.

Then Watkins, who runs a nursery and said in his introduction that he employs immigrants, gave his campaign speech, calling for “a balanced, even-handed approach to dealing with this issue.”

In the end, the commission selected Watkins, and the meeting continued with an interesting, if slightly dated, report on the “Acclimation of Virginia’s Foreign Born Population.”

Notice all the “R”s after people’s names in the above quotes. We don’t have to wait for the Democrats to sell us down the river; the Republicans are busy doing it for them.

Owners of certain types of businesses — like Watkins, who runs a nursery — have a vested interest in an increasing supply of cheap Mexican labor. The Islamist organizations have their own agenda, and the Multicultural cover story is handy for both groups — hence the unholy alliance.

Many towns are up in arms against the Governor’s sanctuary-type immigration policies. The wrangling over the chairman of the commission is chronicled by Black Velvet Bruce Li, and there’s more background on the internal political hardball on the Washington Post blog.

The struggle over the chairmanship was fierce, and according to a Washington Post article, Mr. Marshall did not give up easily — his opponents had to wrestle the gavel from him.

The money involved in this issue, whether from business or Wahhabist petrodollars, is overwhelming, and has tipped the scales against ordinary people, guaranteeing that their preferences will have no effect on state immigration policy.

It’s becoming clear that the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated deeply and at all levels of government within the United States.

Laura Ingraham has posted an audio interview (mp3 format) with Dr. Omeish, in which he admits to wanting Shari’a as the law for the U.S.A., if it can be voted in, and that he will work towards that end.

Note also the relationship between the Muslim American Society and the very radical Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, run by Mahdi Bray.

Keep an eye on the Vigilant Freedom blog later today. Christine has been all over this issue, and we can expect to see more on the topic at CVF as the day wears on.

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Yesterday was not a good day for the Counterjihad, what with Italian police promoting cultural understanding by teaching their officers Arabic, Norway sending millions to support radical madrassas in Pakistan, Sweden paying illegal immigrants to go home, and a supporter of violent jihad running for municipal office in Finland.

And now we have the Muslim Brotherhood helping to guide Virginia’s immigration policy.

All this eager embrace of dhimmitude is enough to make a grown man cry.

It’s not just that the fox is guarding the henhouse: the hens voted him into the position. They enthusiastically welcomed him.

And now they line themselves up in neatly ordered rows to make it easier for him to pick off the plumpest and juiciest ones.

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David M said...

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A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Unknown said...

That's funny - I remember all those Hezbollah rockets falling on Israel and they didn't care where they fell. He didn't condemn that - hypocrite.

PapaBear said...

Fox News reports 'Man appointed by Virginia Gov. Kaine to state panel quits after video surfaces showing him advocating 'the jihad way'"

PapaBear said...

AP article at

with more details

spackle said...

It is scary enough that this Muj was given his position by the Governor, but scarier still that according to FOX news the Gov. had no idea what this guy said. Only when the video filmed by "a Washington-based organization that investigates radical Islamic organizations" was brought to his attention did any "action" take place.This just proves to me once again how this blog and other like minded orginizations will be the ones to win this war. It is like the article Dymphna wrote not too long ago about the reporter in the book "House to House" who had better intel on the enemy that the army. Sad, but this is what its come to. By the way, I almost finished my own copy of "House to House" and highly reccomend it. When I think about what these young men went through and then think about their "peers" at Columbia applauding Irans prsident I feel like shipping the lot of them to Iraq sans weapons to hang out with their Muj buddys. Same age range yet light years apart.

PapaBear said...

It's not that the gov had no idea what he said, but that the Governor did not CARE. He was probably given the name by some group he wanted to keep happy, and assumed that nothing too embarrassing would come to light about the guy

Profitsbeard said...

Our political class is clearly alseep at the wheel.

Good thing that jihadwatch, LGF, HotAir, Gates of Vienna and others sites are running on enough adrenaline to kick their somnambulistic asses.

Good work!

Anonymous said...

First, we must be thankful for small victories, to include the resignation of the Jihadi.


A bit off the central topic, but...

Speaking of Northern Virginia, a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” it is, but I think it is even worse across the Potomac (well, those are the yankees after all). Being a 9/11 transplant from way, way out west, I have experienced quite a steep learning curve but have also endeavored to maintain my outside perspective and at least most of my integrity.

There are a few of us here in NoVa who soldier on, trying to get the annointed and the powerful to do the right thing for the right reason. We are often disappointed.

My day job does is not directly connected to the long war. However, recently, I was able to attend a government-sponsored seminar where the topic might be paraphrased; “How can we improve our methods of getting the man on the street in Iraq to like America?” Although this is perhaps a reasonable aim, many of the ideas presented were... well... perhaps intentionally naive.

What do I mean by this? Some of the discussion focused on using marketing techniques to win hearts and minds, however, when the presenters of this idea were asked about the necessity of appealing to core values of the audience, they mostly went silent and had no answer - almost as if to signal that discussing values, in order to find ways to connect, was off-limits (because, of course, this is the age of moral relativism). There was not one elephant in the room, there were many, many elephants. In this polite company, and it was very polite and congenial, I held no expectation of hearing any discussion of the “R” word (Religion), or the “I” word (Islam). My expectation was nearly exactly met.

Authors Spencer and Trifkovic have indicated that, in the American mind, religion is nothing more than a fairy tail. The seminar further indicated to me that the idea of religion in America is so marginalized that even the moderately elite Ph.D’s of government funded think tanks do not consider it as a possible real motivating factor for human behavior.

The profound reality is that Jihadis are fearless because they embrace the religious belief that blowing themselves up is the most pious event in which they can possibly participate. Yet, many of the “great” minds applied to protecting and defending Western civilization cannot cross the one-way barriers of post-modernism. There are a few that I have noticed that *get it* however to maintain their influence in the fight, their insight must maintain a low profile - for even within our published National Security Strategy, Uncle Sam indicates that Islam is a “Religion of Peace.” Imagine what it might be like under (shudder) Hillary and cronies.

As I further wrestle with our situation, I often return to the thought that our central civilizational weakness is the weakness of the church - and that is the big church, with no distinction between Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. In Trifkovic’s 2002 book, he says that “where God retreats, Allah advances.” Perhaps this is indeed the core reality of this war.

Profitsbeard said...


"where God retreats, Allah advances"-


"where the instinct for survival weakens, the predatory Jihad marches in".

couch304 said...


what you don't understand is that Arabs are a fiercly independent people and they will never ever, ever, EVER submit to a foreign force, especially the fascist part of America (that is, people like you).

You think you value freedom but actually you do not. You value a fascist system that provides you with convinence, the convenience of power and to intimidate others.

Islam as a religion was invented by Arabs and as such it carries in it this fierce feeling of independence and freedom. The rejection of Islam (except Shia) of a centralized Islamic church is a manifestation of its desire to preserve independence and freedom for people.

If you factor in this element in the crusades, you will understand why the Arabs had to put an end to that fascist European Church establishment in the Middle East. Christianity was not the issue at all because the Egyptian Christians fought along the Muslim Arabs against the fascist Church establishment.

Well today, it is pretty much the same.

I am an Arab, an atheist, and there is no way we will submit to your fascist system. If you think you can threaten our existence with barabric nuclear force (which is the hallmark of fascists), think twice. China, and others countries will not stand in the sidelines while you butcher human beings into submission.

Oil is ours, we fought for our lands for centuries if not thousands of years to preserve them. It is not yours, and one day we will cut the oil, that you are willing to kill for, off.

We are not the native Indians against which your fascist system committed a genocide.


It has been more than 4 years in Iraq, and what has your fascist government achieved? Not a single thing. How many Generals will your fascist government assign to Iraq? how many more?

It is a total defeat and a disaster.

Time to pack, go home and build another of those temple memorials for fascists like to worship.

spackle said...

Couch 304,
I dont even know where to begin with the so called "logic" of your statement. From what you wrote I gues you have no clue as to what a "Fascist state" really is. But thats okay, thats the MO of your ilk. I am also glad to see you are using technology invented by a "Fascist" western culture. And have most likely taken drugs invented by "Fascist" western countries for various ailments in your life. I wont even go into surgical techniques. I suggest you throw out everything you own that has anyway been infected by the hands of the "fascist" western culture you decry. Or you can continue to utilize and prosper off the back of us "fascists". Slavery sure is a bitch isnt it?

couch304 said...


Unless you are European, you need stop speaking for "The West" as a whole or "western culture" as a whole. What the US has is far being "western culture". Up to the 60s, millions of blacks were forced into segregation, can you name one SINGLE western country that enforced such shameful fascist laws? There isn't one.

Here are some numbers to remind you that at least half of westerners dislike everything American stands for (It is taken from the book "America against the world"):


Canada: 40% dislike, 50% like (big suprise here huh?)
Germany: 45% dislike, 47 like
Italy: 37% dislike, 45% like
Britian: 42% dislike, 43% like
France: 53% dislike, 42% like


Canada: 56% dislike, 34% like
Italy: 43% dislike, 39% like
Britain: 44% dislike, 37% like
Germany: 58% dislike, 32% like
France; 73% dislike, 23% like


US: 60%
Canada: 51%
France: 50%
Spain: 45%
Britain: 38%
Italy: 36%
Germany: 22%


Germany: 83% YES
Italy: 72% YES
France: 77% YES
Britian: 74%
Canada: 69%
US: 51%

So tell me spackle, what values do you share with the rest of westerners? I won't even go to the support of Death Penalty, gun ownership and other very un-western values.

Other countries in the world Muslim and non-Muslim alike (Latin America) are just tired of the violence that is committed by the US government. How many more decades shall the world tolerate this fascist governments in the US who intervene in other people's countries, affairs, bomb, invade, finance and arm coups, etc?

Aliens should come save us from the mass-murderers of the US government and the fascism that feeds it.

Didn't you have enough BLOOD in Vietnam? more 3 MILLION PEOPLE WILL SLAUGHTERED...for god's sake, 3 million human beings and not a single fascist US official was punished, not one went to jail.

Let history bear witness that the world is under attack from a FASCIST SYSTEM that values OIL more the life of human beings.

Let history bear witness that this FASCIST SYSTEM wants to dominate the world, enslave us, rob us of our FREEDOM, our right to DECIDE on our own destiny, our right to be LEFT ALONE.

Leave western civilization alone, you have NOTHING to do with any civilization, except the one of death, slavery and robbing others of their resources and freedomds.

spackle said...

Couch 304,
You are obviously stuck in a historical revisionist loop. Have fun there. I will stay here with all the "Fascists" and leave all those gentle Mujahadeen's to you. Think of me the next time a homosexual or an adulturer gets his head lopped off. I wont even get started on apostates. If that is Arabic "independance and freedom" then I will stick with the "fascists".

couch304 said...


I would have hoped that you addressed my challenge to you regarding this "western civilization and values" that you talk about. Isn't it true that most if not all western european countries are socialists? isn't it true that the richest western European country, Norway, is more socialist than France, Spain, and even Germany?

So please tell me, what do you have in common with these countries? Even little Greece is well known for its fierce anti-Americanism (anti-capitalism).

As having "heads lopped off", it is very typical from the supporters of the fascist system in the US that sells billions worth of weapons in the world (for people to kill each other), the system that poisons and electrocutes to death mostly black convicts to exaggerate what occurs in one single Arab country, Saudi Arabia. Well there are 22 Arab states, and no homesexual was ever put to death in any of them.

I am an Arab atheist, do you really think that someone like you is going to tell me how I am treated in my own land? Arabs are not hostile to me because they know that I am Arab, I am not hostile to their beliefs, and I do not value oil more than the life of other human beings. Even if I was treated badly, I rather suffer and fight for my rights within my community than become a SLAVE OF US FASCISM and submit to its violent and racist system of dominance.

So stick with your fascist have over 12 million blacks to police in the ghettos you built for them. Police your own citizens, the people for whom you are held responsible.

Gays may not be treated fairly in our countries (and they are not in America either) but we have never EVER mass-murdered 200,000 innocent people in 2 strikes or slaughtered over 3 million people in some remote country 5000 miles away from our homes.

History is never going to forgive you for all that mass murder of people. Did you know that since the end of war on Vietnam, 100,000 innocent vietnames have been killed because of mines and unexploded bombs dropped by the US government? every year over 1,000 people die because of them. The fascist system you defend has not only bled Vietnam during the on-slaught, it still continues to bleed it even to this day. The country is still suffering from the effects of millions of galons of chemicals (agent orange) that were sprayed over the land scape.

Why doesn't all of this bother your conscience? do you take pride in so much death and destruction?

History is not going to forgive you or the fascists you defend.