Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Paying Dangerous People to go Home

If you’re a regular reader of Gates of Vienna, or if you follow the ongoing Islamization of Sweden, you know about Malmö, a city in the south of Sweden just across Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen. Certain neighborhoods in Malmö are composed of virtually 100% immigrants, and most of those immigrants are Third World Muslims. The result is that Malmö is now a virulently violent city, and some areas are no-go zones even for the police and emergency services.

Now the Swedish police have made it official: Malmö is the most dangerous place in the country.

Well, duh.

It reminds me of those government studies that prove that a mother’s devoted love is good for a child’s mental development — spending people’s tax dollars to discover the obvious. But here it is anyway, from The Local:

‘The most dangerous place in Sweden’

The inhabitants of a part of Malmö have the dubious honour of living in the most dangerous place in Sweden, according to a new police survey.

Gangs in MalmöThe Södra Innerstaden, or south-central, district of Malmö is the most crime-ridden place in Sweden, police say.

Residents of the area responding to a police questionnaire complained of rowdy gangs of youths, vandalism and litter.

Open drug use is a “very evident problem,” residents said, as was street drunkenness. Women being groped was also a common complaint.

Police blamed the area’s poor reputation on the density of pubs and clubs.

“It’s an area with lots of bars and entertainment establishments. There are people around in the area all day,” said Ulla Ardermark, Malmö Police commander, to Metro.

Ah, those “youths” again! They sure do pop up all over the place.

If it weren’t for all those bars, none of this stuff would happen; the youths would just stay home and spend their time sharpening their knives and tossing Molotov cocktails at one another.

So… Malmö is filling up with dangerous people. What shall we do with them? Let’s pay them to go home!
- - - - - - - - -
Failed asylum seekers to be paid to go home

Failed asylum seekers who are hiding in Sweden will in future be entitled to state support to return to their homelands, the government has said.

Migration Minister Tobias Billström has said he wants to widen the scope of benefits available to help people living in Sweden illegally to return home.

In an interview with Svenska Dagbladet, Billström said he wanted to be active in encouraging people who were not entitled to be in Sweden to return home. Everyone who has had an asylum application rejected should leave the country, he said.

The new ‘re-establishment aid’ will be introduced on 1st August. Through the programme failed asylum seekers will each be entitled to 20,000 kronor in state support to return to return to countries where living conditions are difficult.

So what happens if the state hands SEK 20,000 to some indigent Somali, and then he doesn’t go home? What are they going to do next? Say “Pretty please”?

He broke the law to get to Sweden. He broke the law by staying in Sweden. He breaks the law when he throws rocks at police cars, or beats up ambulance drivers, or rapes teenage girls, or torches schools in Rosengård.

So what’s to stop him from breaking the law by pocketing all that cold cash and then staying right where he is?

He’s living in Fat City. Why should he leave?

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Dymphna said...

shoot...I'll never find it now, but I read an article yesterday (a Brit piece) on monthly payments from Her Majesty's coffers to some central or eastern Europeans. They get paid to go home and stay there.

If Sweden is smart, it will be a monthly allotment, not a big cash handout.

Counter-Jihadist said...

"Pay them to go home." This is lunacy. Abject lunacy. I'm tempted to say that the lemming Swedes deserve their fate, but I won't. Perhaps their proximity to Denmark will rouse them from their cultural coma before the inevitable collapse occurs.

Or not.

Unknown said...

Sweden is not acting very clever at the moment.

The swedes blame the danes for the trouple with muslims. They say that the danes dont allow people to bring in other people when they are below 24. This is from mariage.

So they go to sweden and sweden blame danmark for the crime and the disorder. But sweden would newer that the crime and disorder comes from muslims, but they are happy to say that it comes from Danmark.

The swedes blame Danmark for thier problems. But Sweden and Danmark are both EU members. After living a few years in Sweden, Mustaffa and his bride can legaly move back to Denmark.

So when the swedes say that that Denmark export problems to sweden, it is in realety sweden who exports failier and ignorance to denmark.

Exile said...

Denmark is facing the same problem with failed asylum seekers but has a slightly different tactic up their sleeves. So do the asylum seekers...

I blogged it yesterday..

Read it here

Arles said...

They tried the same scheme in Norway after the end of the Balkan war. The Norwegian Government offered to pay Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian muslims approx US $ 3000 to return to their homelands. Only problem was that these individuals eventually returned to Norway after spending the money they'd been given(or handed it to relatives in FRY) and reapplied for political asylum.

I even think that some of these individuals were granted asylum status for a second time. Now, how dumb is that???

Vol-in-Law said...

We Anglo-Saxons have a name for money paid to get people to leave. It's called "Dane geld" - "Dane gold", after the original recipients.

Makes you think, eh?

ngilbert said...

How disgusting - Sweden forcing these beleagured immigrants to live in these violent ghettoes.

Unknown said...

If are swede (or else) and you live in a place like Malmo (or else) and one of your relatives has been assaulted or raped you should grab a relative (wife kid etc) of your home politician and take him to the worse place in Malmo (or else) to he or she can see where they make you live.