Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lars Vilks Earns His Fatwa

A Modoggie
Not only did Lars Vilks merit a bounty for his blasphemy, but also a fatwa. Here’s the latest from Carpenter:

The Modoggie affair has resulted in a Fatwa, issued by “The European Council for Fatwa and Research”, whose existence I wasn’t aware of until just a minute ago. Expressen published the Fatwa yesterday, point by point. No English version is yet available, as far as I know. But here’s my translation of the ten items of the Fatwa in question:

  1. We condemn the caricature and consider it an insult to the religion of all Muslims, and also an insult of all people’s religions.
2. We maintain our convictions on free press and strive for increased freedom of speech. But to insult other people’s sanctuaries is not included in freedom of speech; it’s a crime against human rights.
3. We consider the caricature conflicting with our struggle for a positive integration between different European societies in which Islam is a part.
4. We consider the caricature conflicting with our work on creating a inter-religious dialogue with other religious groups.
- - - - - - - - -
5. We ask European authorities to protect Muslims and other believers from insults.
6. We ask religious and human rights organizations to counteract the insults to religions and sanctuaries.
7. We repudiate all acts of violence, including murder, because it’s insulting to other people as well as contradicting the doctrine of Islam.
8. We ask European legislatures to institute laws that criminalize insults to all religions and sanctuaries.
9. We ask Muslims in Europe to be reasonable and defend their sanctuaries with the help of current democratic laws and to repudiate everything related to violence and acts of crime.
10. We maintain our objective of helping European Muslims to contribute prosperity to their countries and that this mad caricature shouldn’t stop this important process.

Carpenter adds: “Number 8 is my favorite…”

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FluffResponse said...

Dear Reasonable Muslim,

Your prophet killed for the pleasure of killing and had sexual contact with a young child (below 9,without intercourse) for the pleasure of it, in contradiction to the morals even of his time. He was vile man, and a graphic of Mohammed as a dog is really a kindness.

Muslim societies cannot prosper (outside the temporary oil spigot) because the culture that grows from Islam is egotistical and tied to in'shallah fatalism. Cannot succeed, except that the wealth can be used for intimidating violence, for paying for good press, for conversion initiatives in prisons and elsewhere. Cannot succeed. Any nation that comes under your way will become immature and ridiculously male oriented (yes, there is a problem with the excessive femininity of the west -- an aspect of the consumer culture -- that will need to be corrected in time). Your way will not bring prosperity or goodness; you are wrong about this.

The only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim.

Darrin Hodges said...

If I was Lars Vilks I'd ask for a refund. What a crap fatwa.

John Sobieski said...

It's so absurd. Muslims really really do believe that we must respect their ratking. Should I respect Hitler? I'm sure Nazis are offended by ridicule of him. Jesus has been taking it for years and you never hear the Christians make threats. Our politicians continue to suck up to 'moderate islam' which is just a mirage. There is only one islam and two jihads, soft and hard. Depends on which one you want to die from. With the soft settlement invasion jihad, the Muslims work within the system to oppress our freedoms with their ridiculous demands and abuse of our welfare and naivety. Too bad clowns like Bush and so many others just can't see it when it is in their faces screaming at them.