Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lars Vilks is a Dead Man Walking

Vilks seminar
Lars Vilks is third from the left (thanks to Steen for the photo).

Yesterday I reported on a seminar in Stockholm at which Lars Vilks’ drawings were displayed, and the artist was present to discuss the Modoggies.

Now I have some additional information about the seminar, based on an article in yesterday’s Svenska Dagbladet. Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has translated it, accompanied by this observation:

The fact that Muslims can stand up at a public meeting and talk about Vilks as a “dead man walking” without police interference is quite telling.

And now for the translation itself:

Commotion while debating Vilks’ drawings

Halfway through a seminar on freedom of speech in Stockholm a group of Muslims hijacked the focus from Lars Vilks. In Swedish and Arabic Husam Madani criticized the Swedish artist and defended the prophet.

A ModoggieAccording to Arabic -speaking listeners Husam Madani said as follows: “Let his death be a lesson for the others.”

People in the audience took that as a threat. The police did not interfere while he was speaking.

Already half an hour prior to the seminar, arranged by Humanists of Stockholm and the Central Committee of Ex-Muslims in Sweden, a large media presence gathered outside the venue. Swedish as well as international press were ready.

Several police patrols cruised the area and the participants of the meeting were screened.

“Islam is becoming a political movement if you use religion for political purposes. We secular Muslims must react. To preserve freedom of speech is of utmost importance to mankind,” says Afsaneh Vahdat, Chairman of Ex-Muslims in Sweden.

Lars Vilks himself displayed the notorious drawing of the prophet Mohammed as a roundabout-dog:

“I couldn’t exhibit it and that’s why so few people have actually seen it. Some people say it isn’t art, so I have commanded myself to draw a better one.”

During the seminar some men prayed in the apartment above the seminar.

“We are Muslims and we love the prophet. We do not accept what this man is doing. It is forbidden,” says Husam Madani.

The others applauded. They were not affiliated with any particular organization, they claimed.
- - - - - - - - -
When the seminar opened for questions the men entered. The meeting’s moderator allowed Husam Madani to speak.

“We do not accept anyone to say one single unpleasant word about our prophet. We love out prophet more than out parents, more than our children, more than our lives.

“I want to say a word to Sweden: I call you to Islam. And I will say a word to Lars Vilks.” And then Husam Madani said something in Arabic. During that he was interrupted by the audience and some shouted that he was threatening. Yet Lars Vilks and the other panelists wanted to hear what he was saying.

When Husam Madani had finished he and the men left the venue.

Once again it was publicized that more than 100 Swedish companies were threatened by militant Islamists. Addresses and maps have been published on web-sites.

“Some people say that I am responsible. I will not accept that. The responsibility lies with those who threaten,” says Lars Vilks in a comment.

For previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.


Papa Whiskey said...

A new addition to Lars Vilks's art project: Check out this music video, aired by the Hamas channel Al-Aqsa TV yesterday and translated by MEMRI. The film features footage of corpses at terror attack scenes and of little kids in cammies strutting in formation with toy weapons in a schoolroom, while the jaunty jingle includes such lyrics as, "A bombing every minute ... in black bags, chunks of flesh of Jews ..."

But the real kicker comes in a blurb at the end:

Dedicated to the Arab and Palestinian community in Sweden

falcon_01 said...

I think I'll make a Mopiggie sketch. :-)

Anonymous said...

The level of their intelligence doesn't seem to be the highest, as that Madani guy proves. It is forbidden, that's nice, but only forbidden for... Muslims. Last I checked Vilks isn't a Muslim, so it's not really forbidden for him. Or is eating pork forbidden for him, too?

It just shows how they're trying to dominate everything.

Athos said...

What rankles is the spinelessness of police to what is so clearly a death threat.

Doesn't anyone recall the cascade from broken glass on Krystalnacht to the gas ovens? No? Multicultural PC is simply a green light for Islamic fascism.

From whence chivalry, gentlemen?

shokk said...

Sweden has allowed itself to be overrun by roving bands of immigrant thugs. The new huns r in ur town... sweepin out ur old 1s.

Jesper said...

Actually he said "let his fate be a lesson" and not "let his death be a lesson" (according to the Arabic-speaking panelists who translated), but I agree that it could be interpreted as a threat.

Captain USpace said...

More cartoons are needed! Tease out the Jihad! Mock out the insanity! YEY Lars!

draw not Muhammad -
Islamic law can only
apply to Muslims...

Muslims not bound by Buddhist
Christian or Jewish doctrine

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
start a riot today

if your faith is so weak
a cartoon will threaten it