Saturday, September 15, 2007

Modoggie Bounty Update

I just got this email from Paul in Sweden:

Swedish TV4 at 22:00 [4pm EDT] just had an update.

A ModoggieSwedish politicians are calling in extra staff to evaluate the threat against Lars Vilks. They are more concerned about the average wacko who might want to take advantage of the bounty.

Lars Vilks — who is currently abroad, and not home in Sweden — on a quick phone interview with TV reporters said 100 grand for his head does not seem right he says twice might be better. Asked if he was the least bit worried, he stated that yes he was worried but does not feel as if he has done anything wrong.

IMHO the Swedish media seem to be rallying around Lars Vilks, he has been on many programs since the first newspaper publishing of the Mohammed Rondellhund drawing.

A spokeswoman for the Swedish Muslim Council said that the death threats came at the worst time; she was appalled that the death threats came during Ramadan. The Swedish Muslim Council officially condemns the death threat against Lars Vilks.

For previous posts on Lars Vilks and the Roundabout Dogs, see the Modoggie Archives.

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KG said...

I know the train-wreck that is Europe has a kind of awful fascination, but....
GOV has done some magnificent work, pointing out the home-grown dangers in the U.S. It'd be a pity if you neglected that.

X said...

she was appalled that the death threats came during Ramadan.

Yeah, they should have waited until afterwards so that the brothers could be well fed and rested for their attacks! Stupid imams...

miriam sawyer said...

Death threats during Ramadan! Unthinkable! That's as bad as attacking Israel on Yom Kippur--oh wait! They did that, didn't they?

Whiskey said...

Sadly I don't think either Sweden or Viks appreciates they are not dealing with Swedes but dangerous people who grew up killing people for a living.

I expect it will not be a home-grown killer but a AQ killer who'll do it because he likes it.

What this does show is the total inability of the PC-Multicultural idiots to handle existential threats.

I also inevitably expect that Sweden like Europe will not have a middle course between appeasement and pacifism and the jackboot. Sigh. Col Peters was right.