Friday, September 07, 2007

Islamizing Finland

A reader sent me a link to this article from Helsingin Sanomat, but did not include a translation from the Finnish. I asked KGS of Tundra Tabloids to translate it for us, and here’s the result — it’s about the formation of the first Islamic party in Finland:

Finland’s first Islamic party“That Muslim children wouldn’t have to attend music classes or trips to the swimming hall, which according to Tammi, go against Islam. In addition, the Islamic party wants halal (ritual animal killing) and male circumcision to be given legal status. Tammi was asked if the party wants in the long run, sharia law (Islamic law) in Finland.”

“That would be great”, said Tammi. He observed that the law’s purpose was to prevent crime” According to Tammi, the party isn’t seeking powers of position. Also the group isn’t connected to any international Muslim organizations, but being the product of Finnish needs.

In the press meeting, the party members were Finnish-born, but the supporter group intends to enlist all ethnic groups.”

KGS has more comprehensive information on the topic at Tundra Tabloids:

Finland’s First Islamic Party Intends to Run For Parliament…!
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It begins with this. “Last Saturday’s meeting established the Finnish Islamic Party, which intends to gather 5000 signatures for their registration by the end of the year. The party already intends to place candidates in next years municipal elections around the capital.”

If there was ever a wake up call for all the Finnish fence sitting Left, it’s this.

“The intention is also to participate in the 2011 parliament elections, says party spokesman, Abdullah Tammi. Party members are only a few dozen. The party platform includes the eliminating of alcohol from stores, the freeing of Muslims from school curriculums that contradicts Islam.”

Also of equal importance:

We believe that we’ll get into the Parliament, there are 55,000 Muslims in Finland, we believe that we’ll get many thousands of voter support, Tammi predicts.”

Go over to Tundra Tabloids and read the whole thing.

KGS includes this observation:

I am reminded of a recent story of Muslims actively proselytizing in the streets of Helsinki, and recognized a familiar name Abdullah Tammi, from the Islam Aika Society. IMHO, it’s only a matter of time before the Leftists join hands with this group to help them get into parliament, all in the name of multiculturalism.

He’s right, and it’s something that’s already started across the entire West. It’s the Unholy Alliance, the Demonic Convergence, the tactical co-operation between the Left and the Islamists. We’ve already seen that Antifa and similar organizations routinely demonstrate in support of any Muslim group, no matter how extreme or violent.

Each side presumably thinks that once the decadent capitalist hegemony in the West has been overthrown, it will have no trouble subduing its erstwhile allies.

So who will win?

I’m betting on an outcome like this:

Stop global warming


Unknown said...

"Each side presumably thinks that once the decadent capitalist hegemony in the West has been overthrown, it will have no trouble subduing its erstwhile allies." Wrong
The left dont think about the day after. When western world will be out there will be paradise. In paradise do you bother with next day?

Unknown said...

Hegemony is NOT: The Dominance of liberal outlooks in academia, journalism, education, the arts, etc.

Hegemony IS: The dominance of capitalism, and of bourgeois cultural concepts, in Western societys.

spackle said...

That is one of the best cartoons ive seen in awhile.

Jungle Jim said...

The link to Tundra Tabloids doesn't work.

Counter-Jihadist said...

Sadly, that cartoon speaks for millions upon millions of lemming-hearted Westerners both in EUrope and the US.

Baron Bodissey said...

JJ -- there was an embedded space; I fixed it. Thanks for telling me.

Chris Bering said...

This is great news. I've been waiting for this to start happening.

So far, muslims have infiltrated established leftist parties. The dumbest muslim politicians have often caused embarrasment and backlash for their party, when they proved unable to hide their lust for sharia and loathing of western civilization.
The smartest muslim politicians are able to hide their true intentions, biding their time, silently doing the job assigned to them, collecting the muslim vote.

The emergence of Islamic parties changes everything.
First of all, the left loses all its muslim loser votes.

Second, the true intentions of muslim politicians are brought into the open.

Third, the size of an Islamic party will show just how large a part of the muslim community, that want an islamic revolution.

It's going to be an eyeopener for a lot of people. They are going to realize there's only one Islam - not moderate, not extremist, but just Islam.
It will be painfully obvious, that it's not just a tiny extremist minority that want the abolishment of democracy, womens suffrage and basic human rights, and replace it with sharia.

The more muslim politicians roaming around without leftist beastmasters, the better. The more muslims that vote for them, the better.

Finland is a tiny start. Lets hope it will serve as an inspiration for muslims in countries such as Sweden, England and Holland.

Muslims, UNITE!!!

Profitsbeard said...


Hegemony is something your trim with a shearsemony.

Hate the word.

Hate "bourgeois", too.

Robotic replacements for real thinking and analysis.

Islam wants a global unholy gulag.

Whether it is also a "hegemony" will be immaterial if we do not stop it.