Sunday, September 23, 2007

Malmö and Södertälje

A brief note from Carpenter, who frequently translates Swedish for us:

I’ve noticed that you brought material from Fenix Exilen to attention at GoV. So you ought to tip all “Scandinavish” readers out there to read a post by Magnus Andersson of the blog Magnus Orerar, in which he has collected info on Malmö, and when it will be Islamized entirely. It is too much for me to translate…

Malmö is changing — sharia on its way.

By the way — This summer, The New York Times had an article on Swedish town Södertälje.

What impression does an American get from the article?

In each case, Södertälje has its own immigrants’ enclaves: the districts Ronna and Hovsjö, where immigrants (youths!) are burning buses, harassing the police, shooting Swedes with air guns, and robbing Swedish children. The town has been facing a crime wave, related to immigration of course…

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