Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kraft durch FrEUde

Kraft durch frEUdeTake a few moments and contemplate the photo at right.

It’s a statue in front of some kind of official EU building in Brussels. I stole it (and the title of this post) from Steen — go over to Snaphanen to see a full-sized version.

Notice the stern-visaged woman holding up a EU/Euro symbol for everyone to worship.

Notice the strange blocky-looking men lying supine beneath Lady Euro, reaching upwards as if to clutch desperately at the withheld currency symbol.

Notice the Fascist Modern style of sculpture, eminently suitable for 21st-century Brussels.

We need a motto to go with it.

My suggestion: EUphoria, EUphemism, and EUthanasia!

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Unknown said...

Well, I don't know anything about fascist style of sculpture, but I still have in memory communist style - this statue is a perfect match.

Bilgeman said...


Can't argue for or against the taste, but I'd observe that Shari'a law does not allow idolatrous images.

EUnjoy EUr EUtopia while it lasts, EUrocrats of Brussels.


kepiblanc said...

Well, the sickle needs a handle and the head of the hammer is missing. Typical EU sloppiness...

Anonymous said...



I think that about sums it up.

Profitsbeard said...

A work to inspire no one and nothing. (A Futurist Laocoon mating with a Stalinist waif?)

A Motto?


Heads, primarily.



(as in NO, as in "HUIS CLOS".)

(Kepiblanc aptly caught the recycled crypto-communist symbolism.)

Yorkshireminer said...

what about EUnuch? that seems about right

Profitsbeard said...

The Device in the statue's hand (e) suspiciously and conveniently adaptable to a Crescent and Star (just punch a five-pointed hole in the central line and you're ready for the New Mohammedan Overlords).

Terrapod said...

Thought it was a lopped off fertility symbol, which is pretty appropos, eh-oo?

atheling2 said...

It looks fascist to me. It resembles the old 30's style posters (Art Deco-ish) during Mussolini's rise to power.


That's priceless! LOL!


Euthanasia is part of the current European culture of death, decried by Pope John Paul II.

Dr. Bruce Thornton wrote an interesting article about the EU, the Brussels demo, and the implications for Europe.

X said...

atheling, you'll find that there's very little difference between fascist and socialist propaganda art.

Sagunto said...

It's already in the picture, but with a little help from my the point could be made even more strikingly. Because, isn't that a brave little pac-man, going left, eating a brick out of the Euro? [middle bar of E]


"Pac-man will save us!"

Unknown said...


Euthanasia was practiced by the Nazis.

The problem with it is the "slippery slope" question:

Who should die? Who decides when it's okay to kill another person? How can pain or suffering be quantified?

Don't be so shallow.

Sagunto said...

To add just a little to my previously stated motto (Euro-Pac will save us):

My 'Homepage' with slightly modded photo

See my point? ;-)

Alexis said...

How about this one?

We are a Euro Nation!

Profitsbeard said...

jc supercop-

The "slippery" in euthanasia's slope is in cases like Terry Schiavo's, where a husband tells a judge that, even though his mentally-disabled wife left no living will, or other specific medical instructions, she really really your honor wanted to be euthanized if she ever reached this state.

And the State killed her.

Slippery enough?

And I'm in favor of individuals being able to end their own life, medically.

But not in favor of ceding this power to their relatives or ANY court.

Then you have ancient Rome.