Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Video Footage of the Brussels Demo

Aeneas has posted a new video of the 9-11 Brussels demo on YouTube:

Brussels demo 9-11He says there will be more to come, including footage of Filip Dewinter being dragged onto the bus.

In the video you can see the Italian MEP Mario Borghezio being forcibly put onto a police bus. He stops just outside the door of the bus to shout something.

Brussels demo 9-11People are visible milling around in front of the police bus while the police are bending over somebody on the ground, presumably handcuffing him or her.

A group of people locks arms in front of the bus, as if to keep it from driving away. One of the policemen grabs a demonstrator by the lapels and shakes him.

Brussels demo 9-11[Post ends here]


Aeneas said...

Mario Borghezio, if my hearing was correct, shouted ‘scoundrels’ and if that is the case he is right - the Brussels police are beyond the pale. They followed immoral orders and become the enemies of freedom and the oppressors of decent people.

Brussels should hold a day of shame for the violence that was perpetrated by its leaders on that shameful day! 9-11 was a day of infamy in Brussels! An act of state terror was perpetrated against the representatives of the people of Europe and thereby the people of Europe themselves.

There is an urgent need for a public inquiry to restore the reputation of Belgium as a democratic country. If this does not happen then Belgium can be dismissed as nothing more than a tin pot dictatorship.

Aeneas said...

The international community of bloggers should not rest until the perpetrators of these violations of the human rights of European citizens are brought to jutice.

Conservative Swede said...

Where is the media coverage in America of this? In Italy, France, Germany, Spain etc. it is covered. In most European countries, but in America there is almost only Washington Times.

Several hundred people go to Brussels to hold one minute of silence in respect for the 9/11 victims, and they get treated in this way. This ought to be all over the media in the U.S. Especially as many Americans like to hear stories of how unfree Europe is.

Why not? This is one of the biggest setbacks compared to what I expected.

Don Miguel said...

Conservative Swede, few in the US media would cover it even if it happened in the US, much less anywhere else. On Saturday in Washington, DC there was a large group of counter protestors against an anti-war demonstration led by the usual far-left suspects. Much of the media that even bothered to report it barely mentioned the counter protests, if at all.

"Especially as many Americans like to hear stories of how unfree Europe is."

I doubt that many Americans are even aware of that, because the media does very few stories on things like freedom or Islamization in Europe. It takes a lot of burning cars and rioting jeunes in France just to get the media’s attention, but it doesn’t last long and the media doesn’t understand it. Most American journalists would prefer an America in a European-socialist mold, so they’re not going to report what’s really going on anymore than the BBC is going to give a balanced view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

CarnackiUK said...

At about 0.58 seconds you see a middle-aged man wearing a brownish jacket appear on left of frame with a stills camera. He crosses to the right and at one point raises his camera, apparently to photograph demonstrators in front of the police bus.

Dressed as a civilian photographer, this man was obviously a security agent. I observed him systematically taking pictures of demonstrators at the Schumann roundabout. At times he broke cover to shout orders to uniformed police and even helped push back demonstrators and press.

As this agent appears in several of the videos posted on the net, he should be easy for Belgian lawyers to identify. No doubt orders came from above, but this person and the sadistic-looking senior officer with gold braid on his cap appeared to be directing the police operation.

CarnackiUK said...

BTW the demonstrators are not shouting 'scoundrel' as Aeneas suggests, but 'Scandale!'

Sagunto said...


To add to y'r comment:

2:54 on the YT link

And here starting at 3:18

Another Ytube

Again, same footage: 1:05

YT again

He's saying in plain Flemish (Dutch): You don't have any business here.. no press.. press? Ok, you're Flemish, so back off!

Kind reg's,

My Ytube'r on Brussels Journal:
the face of Shariasocialism in 'el Bruss'

Aeneas said...

Thanks for the clarification on the word 'Scandale!'.

CarnackiUK said...

Thanks Dr_Prof_Gen. It's definitely the same guy pushing people back and addressing them in Flemish.

The irony is that members of the Belgian police were an important and essential component of the Resistance movement in WW2. Many police officers were executed by the Germans for their Resistance activities.

Characters like Brown Jacket here remind me more of the milice, the paramilitary police force working for the Nazis. After Belgium was liberated, summary justice was meted out to many members of the milice.

We may be seeing the development of a similar Good Cop/Bad Cop dichotomy in Belgium.