Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Italy Makes Its Own Protest

From EuroNews:

Italy protests to Belgium over MEP arrest

The Italian government is lodging a formal complaint with the Belgian authorities after one of its European Members of Parliament was arrested during a demonstration against the “Islam-isation of Europe”. The rally had been banned by the Mayor of Brussels for fear it would threaten public order. Among those detained was Italian Northern League member Mario Borghezio. He was arrested along with other European politicians.

Italy claims his arrest violated his right to diplomatic immunity. Borghezio challenged the decision of the Belgians to stop the protest in the first place: “It doesn’t seem normal to me that on the 11th of September, in a European capital, a demonstration involving European parliamentarians, against fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, can be banned.”

The European Union’s top justice and security official, Franco Frattini, also said the protest should have been allowed in the name of free speech. But a total of 154 people were arrested. They were released after a few hours.

Hat tip: SD.

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White Elefant said...

There is something funny happening at Euronews: some recent news items disappear such as the one mentioned in this article as well as the one about "Dozens arrested at anti-Islamist rally near EU HQ" (here)
wheras older ones about the same subject ""Stop Islamisation" march banned in Brussels" (here)
remain. Software bug? Human error? Other reason?

History Snark said...

That's the beauty of the msm. They're the gatekeepers, so they decide what is news, and then they're the ones that decide HOW to report it. Thus ensuring "pride of place" to their viewpoints.

Fortunately, some people- bloggers mostly- are breaking down their "gates" and reporting the real news.

But the media ain't happy about it.

BabbaZee said...

the video of the arrests really upset me - this is a western government enforcing Sharia

Americans like to think it is not happening here
it is...
faster than they think too

this is their object lesson right here

so it is important that Americans do not see this to many people

I hope to run a post on it today , not that my blog reaches that many
but one more is one more