Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fenix Exilen

Here’s an appeal to our Nordic readers from Gates of Vienna’s Swedish correspondent LN:

Fenix ExilenBaron, will you please spread the message to all your many “Scandinavish”-reading readers that they must visit this forum “Fenix exilen”, with this actual thread: Ledarskägget Mahmoud Aldebe = “the Führer-Beard Mahmoud Aldebe” — about the cooperation of Social Democracy and Islam and the ongoing Islamic undermining. It is too much to translate!!

Some non plus ultra digging has been done by “kniebolo”.

Consult Kepiblanc about it!!

[Der er ikke noget tilbage]


Conservative Swede said...

This is the proper link:

Baron Bodissey said...

Conservative Swede --

Thanks for noticing it; I've fixed the link.

kepiblanc said...

Well, I'm flattered to be promoted an 'expert' in this, but I'm equally confused. The link is about some 'person with a non-Swedish background' - an imam who seems to be the Swedish counterpart of the late Danish Abu Laban of Motoon fame.
In short: a blatant idiot. 'Nuff said...