Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mexicans Welcome a North American Union

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Americans are extremely naive if they do not understand that their authorities at the very highest levels have de facto abandoned their national borders in favor of a regional economic bloc in North America. The EU is the model:

Mexican official urges North American Union

At a Denver conference on intercontinental trade corridors, a Mexican mayor called for a swift move toward a European Union-style merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Referring to Europe, Evaristo Lenin Perez of Ciudad Acuna – a sister city of Del Rio, Texas – told the Great Plains International Conference, “It’s a model we need to follow quickly.”

Perez later told WND, “If only people know the benefits of opening the borders and working together, improving the quality of life for all, then no one would be opposed to the idea of a North American Union.”


Perez also affirmed the Ports to Plains Corridor is basically a NAFTA Superhighway and needs to be developed as such.

“We need to begin by building the infrastructure in the three countries, investing in Mexico, and then we can sell the main idea that Mexicans should stay in Mexico. We just need to create an equal level for all,” Perez said.

Del Rio, Texas, Mayor Efrain Valdes told conferees he came to build relationships he hopes will last for decades to come.

“We are all North Americans,” he said. “Three countries, but we are all North Americans.”

We’re Losing A War We Don’t Even Know We’re In
- - - - - - - - -
The United States is perfectly prepared to fight the last war: if any enemy tried to drive tanks across our borders, fly bombers into our airspace, or sail warships into our harbors, we would easily prevail.

Unfortunately, we are in a new kind war that most of us don’t even know is in underway. It is the most innovative and successful war ever waged in history. And we’re losing it, badly.

I’m not talking about the war with Islamic terrorists.

I’m talking about the war with Mexico.

On September 3, 2007, Mexico’s President stated, “I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.”

Mexico’s strategy is brilliant. Mexico is effectively taking control of our territory simply by having its citizens walk across our undefended border. Their only “weapon” is shoes. You still think the Maginot Line was dumb? At least the French tried to keep out foreign invaders, and at least the Germans had to go around it.

Although certain gangs of illegal aliens have used violence to engage in “ethnic cleansing” in certain L.A. neighborhoods -- a la Croatia and Darfur -- Mexico’s war against us is for the most part non- violent, waged with nothing more than money and words.

Our vulnerability isn’t military. Rather, our Achilles’ Heel is “political correctness.” As a nation, we’d rather silently endure the invasion than subject ourselves to the embarrassment of being called “racist.” Can you think of any other nation in history that would be so easily defeated? Defeated by name-calling? Criminy!

Mexico’s word-weapon is more effective than any neutron bomb.

Mexicans pour into Canada from U.S

Every single day this month, Mexican nationals who have been living illegally in Florida -- some for a dozen years or more -- are turning up at the Windsor-Detroit border seeking refugee status…

“They’ve been coming steadily ever since,” said Jacquie Rumiel, director of programs for new Canadians at the YMCA.

The Ortegas left Naples, Fla. and say all they ask for in Canada is “a chance,” said the father.


When his American neighbour threatened to report him to authorities, he told his family to pack-up. They simply couldn’t risk returning to Mexico, where he says he fears the powerful drug cartels, corrupt government and poor living conditions.

“We don’t have a future in Mexico,” Ortega’s 36-year-old wife said, noting her brother and his family also fled to Windsor fearing deportation. “We can’t go back.”


Salvation Army hostel supervisor Marlene Dufault said she believes the U.S. crackdown on illegal immigrants has led to the influx of Mexicans at our border. She said a church group in Naples has been charging the asylum seekers $400 a head, promising them there will be jobs awaiting them here. The Canadian Council for Refugees sent out an alert Tuesday in response to what it calls an “urgent” situation.

Salvation Army hostel supervisor Marlene Dufault said she believes the U.S. crackdown on illegal immigrants has led to the influx of Mexicans at our border. She said a church group in Naples has been charging the asylum seekers $400 a head, promising them there will be jobs awaiting them here.

The Canadian Council for Refugees sent out an alert Tuesday in response to what it calls an “urgent” situation.

Mexican curriculum in Oregon schools stirs debate

Some Oregon high schools are adopting Mexico’s public school curriculum to help educate Spanish-speaking students with textbooks, an online Web site, DVDs and CDs provided free by Mexico to teach math, science and even U.S. history.

The Oregon Department of Education and Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education are discussing aligning their curricula so courses will be valid in both countries.


Until now, Oregon school districts generally have relied on bilingual aides or used Spanish material different from the English material others are studying.

“That’s not enough,” said Patrick Burk, chief policy officer with the superintendent’s office of the Oregon Department of Education. He said the idea is minimal disruption for immigrant Latinos.


Mexico has made its national curriculum available to communities across the U.S. since 2001 to encourage Mexican adults and youths to continue an education often abandoned back home due to limited resources.

To stem nursing shortage, state plans to send bilingual students to Mexico, but some say money would be better spent in California

With nursing schools in California falling several thousand graduates short of meeting demand each year, state labor officials are seeking help in an unlikely place.

If all goes as planned, as many as 40 bilingual Californians now stuck on nursing school waiting lists will begin classes in January at a college in Guadalajara, Mexico – apparently the first attempt by any state to outsource nursing education to another country.

Program supporters say it’s a reasonable way to train more Californians, especially those who can work in communities that need more Spanish-speaking health care workers.


Charles Martel said...

Ola, amigos!

R. Hartman said...

"Can you think of any other nation in history that would be so easily defeated"
Sad to say: yes. Most European countries. And here the enemy is Islam, but the war is the same. Herbert Marcuse has done a great job in the 1960s, and we are confronted with the consequences on a daily basis.

The Netherlands will most likely be facing it's second Coup d'Etat inside 6 years: although the vast majority of the citizens want a new referendum on the renamed EU constitution (that may not be called one), the majority of Parlement wants the same and the Senate is as yet undecided, gouvernment already announced that it will refuse to hold it. The saddest thing is that he theoretically has a point: we don't need a new referendem. As the Constitution has already been rejected in 2005, and the 'new' treaty is merely a renamed/reworded version, our rejection still stands. But unfortunately that not our MP's argument. His argument is taht because the flag's gone and the European anthem is gone, it's no longer a constitution, and therefore we don't need another referendum. JP Balkenende is intent on handing over The Netherland's sovereignty to the EU, against the clear wishes of the majority of the Dutch citizens and he's no longer even trying to hide it.

Once we are a mere provence to the EU, we will be forced to allow another one million analfabetic, inbread non-western immigrants into our borders, and all that without abolishing the nanny state. Immigrants will be pampered from day 1, looting the final wealth from the remaining workers. It's clear that Europe is knowingly, willingly and purposely heading for war.

carpenter said...

One thing puzzles me: English is probably the easiest to learn language in the Western world. The Scandinavian languages, German & French, for instance, are way more difficult. Mexicans who intend to adapt to American values are lucky to have English as their new language. German, French or Danish would make them very unfortunate. And yet, Hispanics are unwilling to learn English.
How come?
(For the sake: In Sweden, one is considered a complete idiot if one does'nt speak English, but apparently not in the U.S. !)

History Snark said...


Why should they bother? What are the implications of NOT learning?

When my father came from Italy, he was 10 years old. True story, the only English he knew was "sonofabitch"-which he apparently put to a lot of use against bigger schoolmates, right off the bat. So he learned, and in my lifetime I've heard him conversing in Italian one time (he was talking to my aunt), and it literally shocked my siblings when I mentioned it later to them.

A friend taught English overseas for several years. At one point, his son was going to school in Malaysia. Didn't speak a word of the language, but within a year he was at the top of his class.

Meanwhile, in America in the 21st century, a child that doesn't speak English is put into a program in his native tongue, and kept there until he's "ready" to take classes in English. Sure it costs the school districts millions, but it's only money, and if you recall the famous quote from some politico, it hasn't even reached the level of "real money".

Of course, the program is a failure, but what of it? The school district gets piles of extra money for being bi/multi lingual.

Remember some years back the whole thing where Oakland tried to get "Ebonics" classified as a foreign language? Another friend of mine was a teacher in Cali at the time, and he said it was merely an attempt to get more money from the State- another language spoken by the students? Here's more cash to ease their transition. The taxpayers wouldn't mind, right?

As they used to say in the Army, "Good initiative, bad judgement".

Our educational system makes me glad sometimes that I don't have kids.

Finally, recall what I and others have said before: If you're an American overseas and you don't speak the language, you're ignorant. But if you're a foreigner in America and don't speak the language, you're multiculti

Papa Whiskey said...

I probably going to get flamed from hell to breakfast for saying this, but say it I will: hostility toward Mexican and other Latin American immigrants, even illegal ones, is, in the context of the Counterjihad, a serious error. While my American hackles rise at much of the “reconquista” and “Atzlan” rhetoric of Chicano and Mexican politicians, the great majority of ordinary working Hispanics do not bother with it. As Ignacio M. Garcia noted in his 1997 book “Chicanismo: The Forging of a Militant Ethos among Mexican Americans,” which sympathetically examines the Chicano movement of the 1960s, in due course Mexican Americans “abandoned the Chicano Movement organizations that remained separatist in orientation. In the end many Mexican Americans wanted ‘in’ to the American mainstream. ... Chicano militants were never quite able to truly convert the majority of their followers to the fundamentals of chicanismo.”

This accords with my quotidian experience in Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, there is occasional friction and trouble, but there is also movement toward assimilation and a generally mannerly, even friendly demeanor. Hispanics can and do make perfectly good Americans – often very good ones indeed, as the number of Hispanic surnames on many war memorials reveals. While a certain ethnic prickliness is widespread among them, it is not so deep as to preclude their becoming part of the American matrix. The overwhelming majority do not have a bone-deep adherence to an ideology calling for opposition to and eventual subjugation of everybody but them.

Contrast that with Islam and its Qur’anic mandates that Muslims be “hard against the unbelievers, merciful one to another” (Verse 48:29), that they “take not Jews and Christians as friends” (5:51), and that they “fight the unbelievers who are near ... and let them find in you a harshness” (9:123) “until they ... feel themselves subdued” (9:29). Do Hispanics have a holy book that is full of this sort of thing? Assuredly not – and it is hardly to be supposed that they are any more willing to live as Catholic, Protestant or secular dhimmis than any other non-Muslims. For us in the Counterjihad to gratuitously alienate people who could and should be on our side is exceedingly ill-advised. Let us have done with it.

History Snark said...


Here comes your flame, but a very mild one: Nobody argues that Hispanics are bad citizens or anything like that. The problem is the illegals and the ones who refuse to even try and assimilate. Are they "good Americans" if they come over illegally to get welfare, and then expect to get citizenship over those educated folks who can't even get permission to immigrate?

If they choose to keep to themselves, then they should expect to be marginalized. It's not intentional, but that's the way things should work.

My mother's family came over from Poland, and they wound up settling in an area populated by Poles and Germans. *Overwhelmingly* populated by them. My grandfather was born and lived his entire life in Michigan, and yet English was his second language. My mom said that when she started school she didn't speak a word of English. But she learned- she had to.

I haven't been to the "ancestral village" for more than a few minutes in years, not counting my grandmother's funeral. However, all my relatives there speak English now, and some of those who stayed speak little Polish anymore. And guess what? They all have jobs and money, and are no longer "outsiders" when they leave home.

It took a couple generations, but they left their insulated little community, assimilated, and now are doing far better economically.

Or would be, if the governor wasn't trying to destroy the entire economy of the State.

R. Hartman said...

"Are they "good Americans" if they come over illegally to get welfare..."

I thought noone had access to (most of) US welfare until after having been 5 years in the country. And that's probably only for registered immigrants, as you wouldn't know how long they were there if entry had not been registered.

That's why the situation in teh US is so much better than de one in Eurabia: here immigrants get full welfare from day 1, and the majority just loots the system. In the US, immigrants need to work, or perish. So you may have a problem with illegals, but at least they work for a living. Not so in NL...

R. Hartman said...

I've said it before in another thread, but I'll restate it here: anyone moving to another area because he expects his new location will give him better chances in pursuing his happiness needs to adapt. That includes learning the language and adhering to the new local customs and laws. When insisting that the new location should adapt to you, you're not seeking improvement of your situation, but you're conquering new ground. As such, you're a colonist and should be expelled.

Problem is that Political Correctness makes the state adapt to the immigrants, creating the problem of separate societies. This will always lead to civil war and destruction of the economy; the goal of the Frankfurter Schule, which is the father of PC, which in turn is plain (cultural) Marxism.

In the US, any official papers should be in English only; In NL, they should be in Dutch. Anybody getting in trouble for not knowing a regulation that was publicly announced, just because he did not understand it, only has himself to blame. You want to live there, make sure you understand the rules. Personal responsibility, not the state's.

This greatly helps in eliminating the differences between natives and immigrants. For anyone adapting and thus blending in, it makes no difference if his looks are black, white, indian, hispanic, moroccan or caucasian. People should be judged by their conduct, not outer features.

Vol-in-Law said...

Hispanic immigration to the USA is not as bad as Muslim immigration into Europe. That does not mean it's a good thing. For a start, Hispanic violent crime rates are more than 3 times Euro-American rates.

As far as I can see, Hispanics are either irrelevant to the counterjihad, or positively dangerous, because they contribute to arguments for continued uncontrolled immigration.

Captain USpace said...

Creating a North American Union won't make Mexicans want to stay in Mexico. Only greatly reducing corruption and establishing fair property rights for all people, especially poor people, will help keep Mexicans in Mexico.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't improve your country

send excess population
to rich Western countries

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
patriots must be racist

they want to save their country
preserve their worthless culture