Monday, September 24, 2007

They’re Good People

H. Numan, our Dutch expatriate correspondent, has translated an article from AD NieuwsMedia, and follows it with his own commentary:

‘Strong anti-Muslim tendency is threatening’
By Wim Bartelds Peter Groenendijk

The National Coordinator for Terrorism Suppression (NCTB) Mr. Tjibbe Joustra fears the consequences of the strong anti-Muslim sentiments worded by some prominent Dutchmen in the debate about Muslims.

Tjibbe JoustraHe refers to, amongst others, the words of Member of Parliament Mr. Geert Wilders. “If someone says such things, I look at it with mixed feelings”, said Joustra in an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper. “Such radical statements can push individuals, who are already on the brink of becoming violent, right over the edge.”

Joustra has the same feelings about some words of Mr. Ehsan Jami, founder of a committee for ex-Muslims. “We have nearly a million Muslims living in The Netherlands, but the vast majority by far do not approve of any form of violence. The group of extremists we worry about consists of just a few hundred individuals. If you listen to the debates recently, it seems people do not see that perspective.”

Joustra stresses that freedom of speech is the highest good in a democracy. “Anyone can say what he wants, but that doesn’t want to say one has to say it. You have to think clearly before opening your mouth.”

Geert Wilders considers Mr. Joustra’s assertions ‘inappropriate’. He said he was democratically elected into parliament. “Thus, it is rather inappropriate for a civil servant to state that my words push extremists over the edge” according to Wilders.

Earlier, during this past spring, an NTCB employee asked Wilders to tone down his statements. A recent opinion poll from Maurice de Hond shows that 6 out of 10 Dutchmen find that Wilders unnecessary antagonizes. Research from the NTCB shows that fear of terrorist attacks in The Netherlands decreased significantly: from 29% last year to 12% now.

And now for our translator’s commentary:
- - - - - - - - -
Go back a bit in time. Say, almost seventy years. The year is 1938. Germany is gearing towards war. Austria has been annexed, Czechoslovakia is under threat, so are Poland and basically every nation bordering Germany. In Holland there is a quite strong pro-German political party exists, called the NSB (Nationaal Socialistische Beweging); who later will become the Dutch Quislings.

Imagine now the Head of Homeland Security stating in public that the NSB is actually a peace-loving movement, consisting of mainly law-abiding citizens. Nothing to fear at all, just don’t provoke them to do anything nasty. They might, after all, get violent.

In 1937, this chap would get away with his nonsense. Those were the days of Chamberlain with ‘peace in our time’. In early 1938, he would in all likelihood have been asked, politely, to resign for health reasons. Later that year, he would have been sacked on the spot. Should he have uttered his words by the end of 1939, arrested.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I actually know this Mr. Tjibbe Joustra personally. He worked for some time as one of the top officers in the Ministry of Agriculture. In those days (almost twenty years ago) he was by far the most unpopular man in the ministry. A mistake (expect his own) could only be atoned for in blood. For the most trifling mistake he demanded and (sometimes got) a platter with someone’s head on it. An (over)ambitious career man so nasty and self-centered that I still remember him after all those years. As a normally cheerful person who doesn’t hold a grudge, and rather forgets these unpleasant characters, that’s saying something. Luckily, I never suffered his ire personally.

I actually wonder how an agriculturalist can be appointed Head of Anti-Terrorism Intelligence, and even more one who is as cowardly as Mr. Tjibbe Joustra.

— H. Numan


falcon_01 said...

Quislings and dhimmies... a traitor by any other name, is still a traitor, and just as noxious.
I think the translator's comments deserve top billing in the papers over there so the people can learn the truth before it is too late... maybe a letter to the editor at least- if they go for that sort of thing.

R. Hartman said...

Go back in time a little, say until beginning 2004. Joustra was Top Boss at Unemployment Institution UWV, and it became public that he'd spent millions of euros of public unemployment money on revamping the executive floors of the new UWV building, with nut- and cherrywood panels and furniture, marble floors en luxury toilets, having the standard, still new items removed.

Any person in business would be sacked on the spot, without compensation. He demanded, and got, another prestigious job, er else millions of severance pay. The NCTB position was especially created to get Joustra his new prestigious job. A complete disdain for the taxpayer could not cleare be illustrated.

Unknown said...

O shit - really? Was that him??
What a strange career...Maybe I coult try and land a job at the AIVD - no need at all to be trained in that direction, it seems!
This only goes to show that everybody who is anybody in our countries has to be of the same bloodtype..leftleaning, a dhimmi, and totally devoted to the multicultural society.
No quality needed..

ziontruth said...

OT, news alert: the Brussels disease is by no means confined to Europe. Via LGF:

Protesters evicted from Ground Zero. Quote: "Andrew Marcus - on video assignment for PJM - reports that the Port Authority evicted protesters from Ground Zero this morning. Group - including family members of 9/11 victims - was in front of the PATH station protesting possible appearance at Ground Zero by Ahmadinejad."

The walls are running away from my head in utter panic.

History Snark said...

“Anyone can say what he wants, but that doesn’t want to say one has to say it. You have to think clearly before opening your mouth.”

Words to live by. Perhaps he ought to try it himself.

Zionist Youngster said: "The walls are running away from my head in utter panic."

Love it! That goes into my vault of great lines to steal.

Michiel said...

It is even worse, far worse than Numan writes. The fact that this man is in the position that he is in now, is proof of how rotten and incompetent the system has become. I'm working on a follow up.

It is actually well documented in a book called 'Ministerie in crisis' by Oscar van der Kroon, a journalist. That book was an eye opener for me. However, nobody high up gave the proverbial rat's bottom when it was published. 'Yes Minister' the BBC series is not a joke, it is the truth. Actually it is a sanitised version of the truth.