Saturday, September 22, 2007

France Has a New Kind of Genome Project

The Daily Mail carried a story a few days ago which could portend a change in how (legal) immigrants are permitted into France and the more rigorous demands that may be placed upon them:

The lower house of the French parliament approved a bill that would allow immigrants to provide DNA samples in support of their applications to join relatives in France.

The National Assembly voted 91 to 45 to allow a trial run of DNA testing for immigrants until 2010 - a measure that critics say betrays France’s humanitarian values, and that even some Cabinet ministers dislike.

Is this new resolve among French parliamentarians due to the election of M. Sarkozy, or is France’s populace finally fed up with the chaos brought on by the immigrants’ behaviors and attitudes? Here’s a hint:

It is part of a broader immigration bill presented by Brice Hortefeux, a longtime friend of President Nicolas Sarkozy who heads the newly created Ministry of Immigration and National Identity.

A Ministry of “National Identity”??? Does the EU know about this?

The article goes on:
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The bill would allow consular officials at French embassies to request DNA tests from applicants seeking long-term visas to join their family members in France. The DNA tests would be voluntary.

So if the tests are ‘voluntary’ and those applying refuse to be tested, then would that mean their visas would be refused on those grounds? Can you picture riots at the French consulates?

Oh, and by the way, the person requesting the visa has to pony up the costs of running the DNA tests.

But that’s not all. One of the provision of this new piece of legislation also require that the applicants speak French or take French lessons.

The French legislature is definitely a few steps ahead of the U.S. in their thinking. In addition to DNA testing and language requirements, the government is leaning on the police to expedite the process of deportations for illegal immigrants.

Well, it’s not a done deal yet. Their Senate still has to approve it so perhaps the downward immigration spiral will continue unimpeded. We’ll find out in October.

As you can imagine, all of this is going down with France’s left wing like medicine down a cat. A lot of resistance, followed up by hissing, spitting, and a well-placed claw. And then the pill would be lying in a puddle on the floor.

Which is what may happen to this legislation. However it turns out, the French deserve credit for beginning the long process of going up against the entrenched interests that want to keep the current mess in place.

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Simon de Montfort said...

A good start to a beuatiful day: the Frogs went from Nearly the Worst to Probably the Best at Doing Something about non-Euro immigration into their country ( and all the attendant problems )

Maybe this will shut up those 'nuke Paris' looneys at Johnson's and other blogs who were going after the French several times a week.

Most French people are not either communists or idiots ( or both, which is easy ), and so they do not want their nation overrun by aliens who want to usurp and eventually destroy an entire civilisation.

The War has already begun, any of you reading this who have not already adjusted your investments and education plans for your children, etc, may be too late. As the Baron ( peace be upon him ) noted in the thread above, Europe in increasintly at risk of disolution and the United States would be next........

And congrats, Baron, on two days in a row with no 'Enabling Threads' for holocaust deniers or freaks arguing that the Jews were controlling Ike during WWII.......

spackle said...

And congrats, Baron, on two days in a row with no 'Enabling Threads' for holocaust deniers or freaks arguing that the Jews were controlling Ike during WWII.......

Bait laid. Here we go again. Sigh.

Dymphna said...

okay, spackle...'splain this to me. I am on drugs and a little slower than usual.

What are "enabling threads for holocaust deniers"? The h.deniers certainly have "issues" but if we just courteously ignored their rantings would they not wither and blow away? someone who would deny such a large part of 20th century history certainly has problems.

OTOH, I'm a global warming denier myself -- at least I'm not narcissistic enough to think man is that powerful that the global climate trembles in fear at our depredations -- so maybe we're part of the same camp...

Denial is an interesting defense mechanism. It sure got me thru a rotten bout with cancer.

Maybe that's it: the idea of mass murder is so appalling that denial is just one more way to cope with it. Lord knows a lot of people in the 40's were deniers -- they couldn't believe it.

I personally would prefer denying that ugly Ukraine holocaust Stalin prepared, but no one pays attention to it anyway. And the Armenian one is buried under three tons of Turkish verbiage....