Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The “Youths” of Södertälje

Our Swedish correspondent Carpenter sent us the following report on the immigrant situation in the town of Södertälje.

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Södertälje MuslimsI’ve mentioned Södertälje to you previously. It has become a ghastly place, as the town — on its own — has taken in more than twice as many Iraqis as the entire U.S.A.

I’ve decided to translate a few articles from the town’s local paper Länstidningen, which almost every day has astonishing new reports on the cultural enrichment of Södertälje.

From LT on September 21st:

Youth gang blocks ambulance in emergency

An ambulance in a hurry was about to evacuate a woman who had become ill at a grocery in Hovsjö town center. But it didn’t get there - some 30 youths blocked it. When hospital staff told them to move aside, the youths replied “Why? We live in a free country!”

It was around three o’clock Thursday afternoon when the ambulance was summoned to an ill woman at the grocery. But it turned out to be a job more difficult than anyone would have assumed.

The ambulance had trouble getting through. Some thirty guys blocked it and refused to move. Also the police were called.

The staff begged for them to move. At last, they did, but when the police arrived, they were already gone.

Another one from LT on September 21st:

New shootings at police

A man pulled an air rifle at the street and started shooting against a police patrol in Ronna yesterday.

The perpetrator, who is known to the police, managed to escape the scene. The police are taking the incident seriously and classify it as an attempt to commit violence against a public servant [våld mot tjänsteman]. The two policemen are said to be all right.

If it’s dark outside, it is difficult to notice any difference between air rifles and real firearms, even for the police.


It’s the second time in less than a week the police have attacked by weapons.

Yet another one from September 21st:
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Youths fired at Ann-Britt

The bullets struck upon Ann-Britt’s balcony as youths shot with air rifles. “I was struck by horror. I feel fear after thirteen years in the same residence, “ she says.


“Firstly, I thought youths were throwing rocks at my balcony… The bullets whined around my head - twelve rounds. It was that somebody was lying down and shooting. It felt unreal. Families used to walk where they shot from. Ronna doesn’t feel safe anymore, I hardly dare to be outside when it’s dark.”


Furthermore, a 68-year-old man tells that he was going past the gang along with his wife as the gang started shooting. Suddenly, they ran after [the couple] and fired. A bullet grazed the 68 years old man’s temple.

A brief press-item from yesterday:

Police called to Sydpoolen [bath house in Södertälje]

As youth gang started trouble at Sydpoolen afternoon Saturday, and the pool staff called the police.

But when the police arrived, the swimming hall already had closed and the troublemakers escaped the long arm of the law.

And how are the cultural enrichers treated? Of course, tax money is being wasted on them…

From yesterday:

Abyss between youths and the police

Police and youths in Hovsjö can’t agree. Insolence and harsh conversations create an abyss between the long arm of the law and the guys downtown.

In the basement of Hovsjöbolaget’s [municipal estates company in Södertälje] office, the new gym premises takes shape. Fresh walls, new plastic floor, a boxing corner. The only things missing now are the machines, and then the work can continue. Johannes Aydim is one of the responsible for this project.

“The boys feel restless, and therefore, we’re trying to get the premises started as soon as possible. “

The summer’s activities, summer jobs and the soccer tournament kept the youths busy. The youth recreation center’s bad hours of availability, and the lack of activities [for youths], are factors he thinks are creating troublemaking.

“The municipality, the police, everyone, have themselves to blame when they don’t do anything for the youths” [emphasis added]


Paintball-firing at police vehicles and an ambulance in emergency who can’t make it to the victim, that is the reality in Hovsjö.


Tushar Saxena said...

Oh how can this be?? I thought Iraqis weren't Muslims first, no? From identification from the whole myriad of "Rightist" blogs, Iraq contains 'IRaqis'. Yep thats it you've got it.
We dont trust Pakistani Muslims, Iranian Muslims or any other Muslims and see how every one of their supposed 'democracies' is virulently anti-American. But ohh, dont tell us that, HELL NO IRAQIS ARE IRAQIS.. WHats this Shia and Sunni u talkin bout?? Huh They need DEMOCRACY DAMNIT THEY VOTED! LOOK AT THE PURPLE THUMBS FOR ALLAHS SAKE!

Support the troops! No Cut and RUn! DEMOCRACY FOR IRAQIS.


History Snark said...

"Insolence and harsh conversations create an abyss between the long arm of the law and the guys downtown."

Doesn't sound to me as if the arm of the law is any longer than that of a T-Rex.

Unknown said...

Im all for the COunterjihad, but this posting seems a little ridiculous. I know when I was a little kid, I played around with my BB gun and sometimes got into trouble for shooting a window or someone's cat. Honestly, some of this just sounds like old folks complaining about the rowdy kids next door.

Dymphna said...


The best thing I can say about your callous remark is that it is a categorical mistake. Shooting a window with a BB gun is not the moral equivalent of refusing to let an ambulance through, or using air guns aimed at the police.

Shooting cats and causing an animal pain or fear is another matter. You must have been one cute kid.

spackle said...

This is really sad. I saw a photo of Södertälje on wikipedia and it looks like a beautiful picturesque city right on a lake. Oh well, Its down the toilet now. Nothing like good inentions and that road to Hell.

Oh and Siri, I bet no Swedish kids ever did what has been described above. If they did it was probably twice in the last 50 years.

Joshua_Tree said...

Why is the alternative text to the image "Söderälje muslims"? Those aren't muslims - they're christians. Promise. It's the christian Iraquis that refuge to Södertälje, as before them (and still I suppose) syriacs and asyrians and what ever else they call themselves.

Sure, we have problems in this town, no question, but it is not related to islam in any way since our imigrant population consists of christians. I would even say christian fundamentalists.