Friday, September 14, 2007

No Mosques in Slovenia

A reader from Slovenia wrote to us yesterday and noted that we have never posted any reports about his country. He’s right; we haven’t, probably because Slovenia doesn’t make it into the news very much. It’s not prey to the troubles with Islam that characterize most of the rest of Western Europe, so events in Slovenia don’t often cross paths with Gates of Vienna.

Map of Slovenia

Slovenia is the westernmost Slavic region of southern Europe, and comprises a branch of the South Slavs who moved into the area after the fall of the Roman Empire. Slovenia was under the rule of the Austrian Habsburgs from the 14th century until 1918, after which it was absorbed into another artificial multicultural entity — Yugoslavia — until 1991.

Slovenia was the first part of the former Yugoslavia to break away successfully. It won a brief war with the regime in Belgrade, and, since it is relatively ethnically homogeneous, it has avoided the persistent violence that has plagued places like Bosnia and Kosovo.

According to our Slovenian correspondent, his country has also resisted Islamization. Here’s what he said:

Slovenia is a strong beacon of light that shines bright. We have long resisted Islamization for centuries. Not only that, in the present, we were labeled by Brussels as extremely xenophobic and intolerant, but for what? Because we never allowed a mosque to be built in our county! Here’s an old article from the BBC’s site about Slovenia.

That article more or less hits the nail on the head: we don’t like Muslims, simple as that. There was a referendum later, and we voted against a mosque. Even now, after various pressures from the EU, we didn’t cave in and we will not. We will not allow a mosque to be built in Slovenia. I’m writing this to show you that not all of Europe is dhimmi-happy and drunk on liberal ecotopianism. Sorry If I just wasted your time, or you already you knew this, but I had a feeling that this is something that had to be said.


And here are some excerpts from the BBC article, which is from 2004:
- - - - - - - - -
Mosque bid stirs feelings in Slovenia

Ljubljana’s historic city centre is a picture postcard rivalling any European capital.

Its gothic and baroque skyline stands silhouetted against a backdrop of snowy mountains.

The cafes in the city centre are full of young people and overpriced cappucinos and the old market place is bustling.

But this is one of the few European capital cities without a mosque, even though the country’s 50,000 Muslims have been requesting one for more than three decades.

The most recently proposed site for the mosque is in downtown Ljubljana… next to the ring road, beside some allotments and perfumed by the proximity of the city refuse dump. But some politicians remain firmly against even such a modest location.

Extreme opposition

Nearly 11,000 signatures have been collected in opposition to the latest planning proposal. A referendum has been pencilled in for next month, pending a decision from Slovenia’s constitutional court.

Michael Jarc is the city councillor leading the petition against the mosque.


“You should look back in history. Slovenes have been in this area for 20 centuries. In the middle ages our ancestors were attacked by Muslim soldiers, and they did bad things here, and this is in our historical subconscious,” he says.

He also says Muslim values are seen as somehow opposed to the Jewish, Christian and Orthodox European tradition — the “enemy of Europe”, as he chooses to put it.


“Before this debate was blown out of all proportion, people in schools and workplaces felt fine, but now they feel afraid,” says local Imam Ifet Suljic.

Some of this fellow Muslims, he says, are now suffering victimisation in the workplace.

Slovenes are starting to accuse them directly, saying “It’s you… you’re the ones who want this mosque”, he adds.

With elections due this autumn, the imam worries that the mosque debate is being used for political reasons.

“We’re really angry at those who have known about our request for a mosque for years and years and have said nothing and now they are taking a stand on it just to win votes,” he says.


“Slovenia is so small and I don’t want a mosque here because we know what kind of people are behind all these recent explosions… We don’t need that here… I’m against it.”

“It’s not an appropriate time to build a mosque here,” a taxi driver agreed, “especially when you look at the problems in other European countries because of these forgiving attitudes towards Muslims.”

All this makes me wonder when the rest of the EU is going to impose discipline on Slovenia for its racism and Islamophobia.

The Austrians have set a precedent — they elected a leader considered unacceptable to the rest of Europe, and the EU cracked down on them.

Is the same fate awaiting Slovenia?


Unknown said...

Hello, from Slovenia everyone!

Thanks for posting this, Baron. The EUrocRATS are trying to do something similar like in Austria. However, the people here are against it. But, then again, as we know the political elite in most of Europe doesn't really care about the people. Anyhow, I would like to greet all the readers of this wonderful blog, and say that you're amazing people.

White Elefant said...

Slovakia is another country where no mosque is built... yet

ChrisLA said...

The "slov" in Slovenia and Slovakia is from "slave," as they were once slaves of Ottoman powers. They never forgot, and that explains their resistance to Islam today.

As an American, it continues to baffle me that so many African-Americans have become Muslims. They either forgot or never knew that most of the slaves were traded by Muslims, that slavery is still praticed covertly in the Middle East, that the same Arabic word is used for "black" and "slave," and that slaves were not discarded in the U.S. (and now comprise 12% of the population) whereas the black slaves in the Middle East just disappeared.

What a contrast!

Unknown said...

Last time I checked the word slov implies slavic origin. I didn't know we were enslaved by the Ottomans? because we weren't, and neither were the people from Slovakia. What's your source, chrisla?

Baron Bodissey said...

ChrisLA, Kranjski --

It's true that many Slavs were slaves of the Ottomans, but not the Slovenes. Hungary was a vassal state of the Sultan for a while, so it's possible, just barely, to claim that some Slovaks were their slaves.

However, I need to correct the etymological record. The word "slave" goes all the way back to Latin, and it was the same word that was used for the Slavs, because the Romans found it convenient to capture their slaves from the wild areas in Dalmatia and beyond, whose denizens were mostly Slavs.

Penny said...

As an American, it continues to baffle me that so many African-Americans have become Muslims.

Islam is a fast growing religion in the prison population in the US. I worked on the staff at a maximum security prison's mental health unit a few years back. The imam was a frequent visitor.

Islam is the perfect religion for anti-social felons, you never have to say you are sorry, which most of them aren't. Salvation requires rituals rather than conscience.

Of all of the various ministries that visited the unit, it was the imam that was aloof and delined any interaction with the staff.

Unknown said...

Two points - Firstly I note the Slovenia tourism site says, "Slovenia, a diversity to enjoy..." This is evil Eurospeak, 'diversity' being one of the EU's code words...

Secondly, Islam is popular amongst blacks in US prisons because as well as being anti-Western Islam is also anti-White.

Unknown said...


The 'diversity' part is referring to the very diverse landscape in Slovenia, and of course it's Europseak where do you think the majority of our tourists come from? Europe, of course, it's a PR thing.

kepiblanc said...

Just as much as I welcome the former East-Block countries like Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic, Rumania, Lithuania, Estonia etc.back in Europe, it always baffles me why they are so eager to join the EU?
So far all these countries seem to be - almost - Muslim-free. Do they really want to change that?

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Kranjski Thank god for your country, I wish Britain had your politicians who put our country first. I hope you never let a mosque be built on your lands. You are a ray of light for the other European nations being drawn into the dark Islamic cult.

Keep in touch

Unknown said...

@ Slovenc

Just keep leftist out of governement.
Deman referendums for everything and alway say NO!

Heartland Infidel said...

Good for Slovenia! I hope and pray that they don't give in to the EU bureaucrats! The Slovenians understand that Islam is at war with the West. They have been at war with us since the 7th Century. The Slovenians have a sense of history that is lacking in the United States.

Unknown said...

just a few clarifications. First, the ethnic origin of Slav is from the word 'slovo' meaning word. Therefore we related to ourselves as to the ones who can speak, whereas the Germans, who were our neighbours a good 1500 years ago were 'Nemci', mutes. There are other explanations as well, like the one about slaves, but most linguists find the one I gave first the most plausible.

Second, the post 'Slovenia rejects EU censorship laws' is wrong. The 571 signatures on the letter to the EU commission were about our govt which was ostensibly imposing censorship on our media. The journalists who had signed the letter never provided a single piece of evidence to support their claim but it was their little private war agains the incumbent prime minister, who is (alas!) centre-right wing.

As for the mosque, Ljubljana - or Slovenia for that matter - still has none. Unfortunately, the current major of Ljubljana, a half-Serbian himself, is pushing hard for its construction, as if he believes it will be some sort of badge of honour for Ljubljana. However, there have been complications so the project isn't getting anywhere far. And when one problem is solved, another springs up. Someone will just have to stand up and tell the truth - most people here don't want a mosque, they don't want any Islamic group setting their demands like we can see in Italy or even Austria. When some Iranian athletes a few years ago wanted a cow butchered halal-fashion, the whole of Slovenia jumped to its feet. And on top of that our public television aired 'Not Without My Daughter' that very evening. So PC isn't a malady many Slovenians are ailing from. I must say that there are times when I think we are rather backwardly and too xenophobic. But I more and more see that it is a trait necessary today if one wants to survive.

Wonderful blog, this. Keep up the god work.
Best wishes,
Janez Gorenc

Baron Bodissey said...

Janez --

Thank you for the clarification. If I have time, I will make this into its own post, so that readers will get the latest information on Slovenia.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to hear that there is a country where there is no mosque. I would never treat a muslim in an indecent way, as long as they are a decent person. But to not allow Islam the freedom they have in the west I feel is to protect one's country in a far greater way. Muslims in the USA want to take over. There are so many that they could eventually decide the election of the President. It's frightening because we know there are many terrorists in our country and that they are waiting to bomb us, by bringing chemicals into the USA through Mexico. I would like to see there be a total shutdown of any more muslim immigrants. It would be for the betterment of our security here. I would like to see a large percentage of muslims returned to their country. It's a huge security threat to the USA to have such a huge muslim population here. It's just a matter of time and there will be huge disasters because there are so many muslim terrorists in the USA.