Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belgium on the Block

Going once, going twice…sold to the man in the ten gallon hatSomeone with a sense of humor offered his country to the highest bidder on eBay - and got an offer of Euro 10 million. After last week’s display of truncheon and tyranny in Brussels, that may be over-priced.

On the other hand, one person interviewed for the story thought it would be good to have a tripartite division, with Brussels as a tax-free haven. Not bad… the rest of the EU could pay its upkeep. I’m sure that would thrill them.

Unfortunately, the offer was taken down by a nervous management, so we’ll never know what might have happened. Some Saudi billionaire might have picked it up as a trifle for one of his wives.

Or even better, a rich Texan could have hauled Belgium home to the Lone Star state and used it as a wall between Mexico and the U.S. Think of that roiling mix of Moroccans and Mexicans.

Think of the new cuisines! Tex-Mex waffles...barbeque and couscous...endive smothered in pinto beans.

What a failure of nerve on the part of Belgium’s eBay.

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[mercifully ends here, unless you have some recipes to add]


Papa Whiskey said...

I note that within the borders of the property proposed for sale is the city of Bastogne. I dimly recall that an outfit called the 101st Airborne Division paid a pretty good price for that place in December of 1944.

History Snark said...

Good point, Paul. Could the Division claim prior ownership?

I can't see the Belgians doing anything other than surrender the town. Although they might fight to save their society from the evils of America.

Would I be correct in assuming that Bastogne falls in the part of the country that's inhabited by losers?

spackle said...

You mean Wallosers right?

falcon_01 said...

The item was removed from eBay's listing as it had already been sold to an anonymous representative of the Muslim Brotherhood (of evil mutants).

openplaza said...

I would like to remind our English friends, who can’t wait for Belgium to break up, that the end of Belgium could be seen as precedence and also the end of the UK.

The creation of Flandern and Waloonia would most certainly give separatist all over Europe a huge boost. There are not only the Scots but also the Basques, the Corsicans and the Welsh who dream of their own state.

An interesting take on this one can find in the English TIMES.

ill Scotland do a Belgium? d’Hondt ask me