Saturday, September 29, 2007

Letting Idealism Interfere With the Welfare of Your Child

H. Numan, our expatriate Dutch correspondent, sends us this report on the state of PC Multicultural primary education in the Netherlands. The article and the excerpt from the school website are his own translations.

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Improving the world…

… by letting somebody else do that. That’s the way socialism works. What happens if a fighter for world peace, protector of the oppressed workers, and eternal foe of discrimination gets tapped on the shoulder by reality?


Targeted because you aren’t Mohammedan
By Bram Logger

UTRECHT - Expelled from school. Not because you are a bully, but because you are bullied. It happened to Cyril Teissier (9) on the Zuilen primary school ‘The Circle’.

“It’s really frustrating that we have this discrimination, for that’s what it is; we couldn’t stop it,’’ said internal school manager Annet van der Ree.

As the only white and Christian Dutch boy in class, Cyril in group 5 was bullied so much by his Moroccan classmates that school management thought it better to send him to a different school. The bullying kids kept on doing that: kicking, beating, intimidating, and excluding him from his classmates.

Cyril’s parents, Laurent and Laura Teissier, deliberately chose to send all their kids to the ‘black’ primary school “The Circle”. Cyril’s older sisters (now 15 and 19) went there. “Because of the warm atmosphere, and also because it is a minority school, which receives a lot of extra financial attention from the government. That’s why there is always something nice going on there. We never had any problems with our two older kids.”

Unfortunately, Cyril wasn’t that lucky. “It started in group 5. He had two friends. They started to beat him and bully him more and more often. And laugh, when he was in pain,” according to Laura. “When two new (Moroccan) boys joined the class, things went seriously wrong. They wanted to prove themselves and incited the others to bully Cyril even more.
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“Often Cyril was beaten. The school soccer field was only for Moroccan boys; you cannot play there, they said to him. And if he wanted to play with the girls in class, he was called a faggot. His only friend in class, a Turkish boy, fell for peer pressure and joined the bullies. He wasn’t a Moroccan, but at least he was a Muslim. Thus, better than Cyril.”

After each incident the school sat around the table with the bullies. They promised not to do it again. But more often than not, the very next day they broke their promises.

In the end, Cyril couldn’t bear it any longer. He didn’t want to go to school any more. He remained in his bed, and asked to be sent to a different school. The school management thought this was the best solution too. “Let Cyril go three more years to a nice school. This will only get worse,” said Van der Ree. “I told Cyril’s parents they should for once let idealism not interfere with the welfare of their child.

In the meantime, Cyril is now very happy in group 6 on the Montessori school in Oog in Al. “Twenty minutes cycling, not really convenient,” said Laurent Teissier. “We really dislike that. We hoped so much all our kids would get a good start in a black school. That was a failure.”

This summer a community announcement fell on the doormat of the Teissier family. It told about what a great success the “mixed school The Circle” was. “A nice safe place for all children from the community,” it said.

That was just too much for Laurent and Laura Teissier. “The school and the politicians shouldn’t behave as if there are no problems. We have the impression that bullying and discrimination by Moroccan youths against the Dutch is growing in Zuilen. Something should be done about that.”

The school’s website (in Dutch) :

Care to send the “school for peace” a nice email?

From the school’s website:

As of 2006 The Circle is a school for peace. We work on a program that raises the social and emotional climate in class and school. Pupils in a school for peace know how to handle conflicts. Thus, the school for peace becomes a community for peace, in which everyone (pupils, staff, parents, supporting staff) feels involved and responsible. A environment where people interact in a positive way with one another. A school where pupils have a vote, where pupils can influence the climate of their class and the school, on their own educational environment and their own development.

I wouldn’t call this school a black school. Rather a red school. Strange to call yourself a school for peace. Do other schools teach war?

At least, they are very honest: the pupils certainly influence the climate of their class and school. The kids sure know how to handle conflicts: you stamp it out with maximum violence. To top it off: the red management couldn’t manage a bun fight in a bakery.

Pity this poor child, a victim of his parents’ political idealism. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is dragged along in demonstrations to hug trees, protest against asylum centers and God knows what else. This is, in my humble opinion, serious and premeditated child abuse.

— H. Numan


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ricpic said...

Why do idealistic people, especially parents of defenseless kids, make me see red?

xlbrl said...

Exactly how defenseless would this teacher and principle be were I to go in each day to beat them?

Profitsbeard said...

"If you would have peace, be prepared for war."

(In Dutch: "Als U vrede wilt, treef voor oorlog voorbereidingen.")

That's the motto I would carve over this (and every) school's entranceway.

Wishes never got horses for beggars or stopped 12 million from ending up in death camps.

The Dutch are tolerating their own intolerant extinction.

Stom. (Stupid.)

John Sobieski said...

Sounds like these idealistic dhimmi liberals got a taste of the next level of dhimmitude....and we will take their land and banish them.

Robohobo said...

Profitsbeard -

The Dutch were ever the pragmatists. They sent their Jews to the death camps (re: Ann Frank) to save their sorry Catholic asses. You expect anything else from them? I do not.

Last I was in The Netherlands in 1998 in Gelderland, I had a mislim accost me on the street and tell me that all of us Americans would be killed and we would be sorry. He stopped short of attacking me 'cuz I am bigger and I puffed up to the threats. Scared the little shite.

One other incident lets me know how absolutely f-cked they are in the Bennelux. A local junkie was breaking into the cars in the hotel parking lot over several nights running. I awoke one weekend morning early to go and play some small ball. Dumbass mohammedan junkie was prying away at car windows. Again I puffed up yelled at him, called the front desk to call the local police critters. Had a good description of the idiot too. They caught him later that morning. The local police captain equivalent called me at the hotel later that day to take my statement. I gave it. I asked how long junkie boy was going to go to jail for. They said he was already out and would not go to jail because he was a poor druggie, don't you know.

Now, the punch line. It was the same dude both times. Yup. The Dutch are screwed with their own political correctness. Put a fork in them 'cuz they are done.

The locals could not believe that I could be so brazen and stand up to this type of idiot. Even the police guy. Just goes to show how gelded their whole society has become. Or may have always been, it is hard to say. Oh, and BTW, I am not a bruiser - 5'7" and 200# - solid but not imposing in a land of six footers - and that is the girls.

Needless to say, this whole story does not surprise me in the least. Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's "Infidel" for another view.

Profitsbeard said...


The Dutch are mostly "Dutch Reformed" Protestant, not Catholic (that's more Belgium), and they were under the Nazi tyranny, after their country was invaded and defeated, so they weren't in much position to stop the German war machine's decisions about anyone's fate in the country, Jew or not.

I personally know some Dutch elders who were in the Resistance and hid Jews more successfully than Anne Frank's friends, luckily.

I've met several who were infants or little kids in the early 1940's and are now alive because of the courage of Dutchmen and women.

But the generation from the 1960's onward are in a delusional condition, having been kept safe behind the U.S. military shield in Europe, they thus ignored their own need for a military and spent their defense budgets on social services, instead.

Now, when they have been fed on wishful thinking about "the common humanity of all people" for so long, they have a hard time grasping that they are predators in the human world.

And they thus suffer from their inability to confront the intolerant Islamic invaders (who they blindly invited in as "refugeees" and "guest workers"), because that, in itself, might seem "intolerant", if not "racist/bigoted" (to their self-defeating "ultra-tolerance").

They also allow their colonial guilt to be played like a Stradivarius by the cunning Mohammedan "colonists", and they hamstring any instinctive response to being undermined from within through p.c. "hatecrime" rules.

Laws that were aimed at stopping a resurgence of Nazi-ism, and to protect helpless "minorities".

Misunderstanding that: a "minority" of Islamic invaders is not like a "minority" of terrorized WW II Jews.

Their inability to make this (fairly obvious) distinction is proving to be their downfall.

They used to be a subtle, well-educated, freedom-loving and pragmatically-cunning people.

Lately, they just seem to want to "get along".

That's what got them conquered by the Nazis.

Amazing how few generations it took for them to lose that newly-gained sense of self-preservation.

I'm expecting to have to host some of them as refugees in the decade to come.

I know Hiris Alis courageous work

Have you read M. Rasoel's "The Downfall of Holland: land of the naive fools"?

It was banned in The Netherlands in 1990 (as "hatespeech") because it criticized the country's willingess to allow Islamic militants to invade the nation with the aim of destroying it.

The first nail in their coffin.

Pin Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh were the second and third.

The casket is about half-sealed, and there's no sign of anyone starting to reverse the trend.

Wilders is a voice in the Wilders-ness.

Aeneas said...

Effectively as series of hate crimes have been committed and in my view the attitude of the school is itself a hate crime. If the situation was the other way around there would have already been an outcry with socialists foaming at the mouth with accusations of racism and demands for action.

It would appear that because the victim is a white child then action is not needed and the case does not appear on the do-gooder’s radar screens! Those who are unwilling to protest about this situation, but would be willing if the situation involved and ethnic minority child, are in my view hypocrites, bigots and racists of the very worst kind.

In my view the attitude of the school is definitely racist and as such it should be closed down before further damage is done to community cohesion in the Netherlands. I worry that if this does not happen then other schools might also consider following its example and discriminating against the native Dutch population. The very principle of equality in the Netherlands is at stake.

It would appear from this and other stories that western culture is not considered part of the multicultural dream and that adherent of western culture are deliberately marginalised and treated as second class citizens. I suspect that the high priests of the multicultural project must regard western culture as somehow inferior to other cultures. In this respect, multiculturalism could be regarded as an instrument of cultural repression and anti western policy making.

I was so moved by this story that I decided to send a brief email to the school (email address: to ask them about this scandalous state of affairs. The email is reproduced below:

Dear Sir / Madam

I have been reading with great alarm the case of Cyril Teissier, a former pupil at your school who was driven out by racist bullying that, as I understand it, went unpunished. I live in the UK and was under the impression that the Netherlands was an open and tolerant society where the rights of all were respected. The above example from your school seems to indicate the opposite.

Are you taking measures to ensure that native Dutch children will never have to experience this degrading treatment in the future? What measures have been put in place in your school in light of this particular bullying incident to make sure that it does not happen again? Are white children welcome at your school? Are you taking positive steps to attract more white children into the school in order to ensure better social cohesion?

I would be very interested to find out whether you take racist bulling seriously at your school.

Yours faithfully
[Name supplied]

Anonymous said...

So, a school for peace teaches that violence is okay and if you're the victim it's better for you to either surrender (the EU's favorite activity) or run away (the EU's second favorite activity).


If that was my child and the teachers don't have the balls to do it themselves, I'd chew the culprits out. They can run whining to their parents then and if they start crap, I'll take them down, too. Heck, my children will learn how to defend themselves (and also how to go into offense).

Now, is anyone surprised that I, sitting in Europe, want gun laws like in the US? Because the damn governments won't protect me or my people, we have to do that ourselves.

BTW, you don't need to be a six footer, you just need to know where to hit them.

Darrin Hodges said...

The parents should be flogged, what a disgrace.

spackle said...

This isnt the first time I have heard this type of story. Any parent who willingly puts his kid in a school where he or she will be the minority might as well just start beating them to get them used to it. Because thats what is going to happen. I speak from experience. I was sent to a high school that was almost 100% black and hispanic. Not for any ideological reasons, but because it was free and where I was "zoned" for. Everyday was Hell for me. I fought back but I couldnt take on the entire school. I finally got beaten so bad I had to be hospitalized. The school did nothing, the papers could care less because I was white. Like the school in this thread I was told it was better for me to go somewhere else. I did, and thank God it was a great school. It was 95% white. The black kids never had a problem from the whites. Am I seeing a pattern here?

Sagunto said...


"..The Dutch are mostly "Dutch Reformed" Protestant, not Catholic (that's more Belgium).."

Some calvinists have tried to paint that picture in centuries past..
The catholic minority was always substantial in the Northern Netherlands, i.e. about 30% sometimes even more. Then there always was a large group who never took much interest in religion altogether.
Anyway, presenting todays Netherlands as 'Dutch Reformed' (Ned. Herv.) is falsified by the facts (2006):
- 27,0% Rooms-Katholiek,
- 15,7% Protestant,
- 1,0% overig christelijk,
- 5,8% Moslim,
- 2,3% overige religies,
- 48,2% geen gezindte

[No need for transl. I guess]

15,7% Protestant, i.e. the 'Dutch Reformed' contingency is even smaller than this figure, because protestantism consists of many different calvinist (some lutheran) groups.

Kind regs from Amsterdam

Yorkshireminer said...

Brain Dead parents is the best way to describe these people, the only good think if you can call it a good thing is the kid will have no love for Islam when he grows up. This equality multicultural moral and cultural relativism crap has been the bane of our educational system for the last 30 year. We have lost all sense of reality. Wishful thinking has taken over from common sense and our anti-discriminatory laws only make the bloody thing worse. In England it is even worse. I came across this a couple of days ago. I just couldn't believe my eyes.

A boy of ten who claims to have been attacked by a Slovakian woman with an iron bar could be charged with inciting racial hatred, it emerged last night. Jake Stedman admitted that the woman hit him after he threw a berry at her and told her to 'go back to her own country'. As a result, the boy - who was left with two black eyes - could become the youngest person in the country ever to be charged with the offense. A police source said: "There have been allegations that he used racist language and it is necessary for us to investigate the claims." The Slovakian woman involved, 35, was arrested and could face assault charges.

What is Gods name is happening to the world when a 35 year old woman's mental anguish gets a higher score on what is socialable acceptable than the pain of a ten year old who gets beaten, black and blue by her, with an iron bar, and left in a pool of blood. The woman should have been arrested charged fined and deported, you just don't do that, and I will say that again BEAT CHILDREN WITH IRON BARS. What will happen in this topsy turvey world is that the woman will get compensation and the child will be stigmatized by having his DNA taken and put in a data bank with all the other sex criminals and perverts and the family will have to pay a hefty fine.

The problem as I see it is that we have been obsessed by human rights this, and human rights that, since the American and the French revolution, I am not saying that is wrong, just that there has been too much emphasis on human rights, it is all we bloody well hear about. What about the flip side of the same coin human Obligation. In 1948 the UN had a declaration on Universal Human rights. We should have had at the same time have a had declaration of Universal Human Obligations. Human rights are how society should treat the individual but Human Obligations is how the individual should treat the society he lives in. The Feudal society was a society with no human rights only obligation our present society is one that is only human rights and no obligations. Those obligations are there on display, in the Bible. They are called the ten commandments. Now I am not a biblical scholar and I am not particularity interested in how many angels can balance on the point of a pin. But don't screw around with your neighbors wife, don't lie, don't steal, don't murder, and especially don't beat 10 year old kids up with iron bars doesn't seem a bad idea to base the values of a decent society, for without obligations we don't have a society. Human rights are for the individual, Human obligation are for society and if we don't have a balance we have anarchy. My maternal granddad as decent a human being as you could ever wish to meet, a great dog lover and pig breeder by the way, used to say to me when he used to take me down to the Miners welfare club for a bag of crisps and a bottle of pop while he had a few pints and a game of dominoes, “All the worlds mad lad except me and thee and I am a bit worried about thee”. I know you have been dead these 50 odd years but if you are listening, you don't have to worry about your grandson. It the world thats mad.

Profitsbeard said...


Thanks for the info.

My Dutch religious demographics must be out of date.

Haven't been in the Netherlands since the early '90's (things were bad enough then), and I worry for friends living there more each day .

But, I appreciate the correction.

Dank je wel, hoor.

R. Hartman said...

5.8% Muslim. And the whole bloody country surrenders to them, led by the MultiCulti Marxists who are in government.

These parents are totally irresponsible loonies. And the school's statements is typical for today's PC propaganda.

Makes you want to throw up, big time.