Friday, August 10, 2012

“What is Going Through Their Little Tiny Left-Wing Minds?”

Below are excerpts from the speech given by Paul Weston last Saturday at the EDL/SION rally in Stockholm.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Anonymous said...

The trouble with the left is that they never seem to have matured and to have accepted that the world never was and never will be perfect. As Dr Frank Ellis says, they are utopianists who refuse to accept human nature and believe that if we hug everybody then they will hug us back when they really want to shoot us and will too to achieve their ends. It is all to do with the Marxist erosion of masculinity which they viewed as a bar to consenuality and egalitarianism or rather which they knew would bite them back and send them running to hide under mummy's skirts. Unfortunately, our enemies seem to be armed with millions of young men with no such Weltanschauung. Islam is as consensual as Hitler's Germany.

Nick said...

It's about time we started listing the similarities between the two ideologies & throwing those labels back in their faces.

Present them with a few uncomfortable facts & watch them shrivel up - like pouring salt on a snail.

Anonymous said...

Weston is excellent, pointing out the similarities between islam and Nazism. Don't worry, some of us on the left wing have woken up to islam, the problem is that we have nowhere to go where we don't get bashed with anti-gay and anti-feminist conservatism. I visit this site for the news, not for any sense of real support.

PMP said...

I think Weston´s speech really hits the nail on the head here. I get the sense that the mobs crying and shouting, are the new Nazis in one sense, but they have no idea what they are doing. They have no idea what they actually stand for.
Being there on that day, (albeit briefly), a good example of this were a group called ´Feminists against Islamophobia´. If you think of how Islam goes together with feminism, the very existence of this group is paradoxical, and a politically correct failure.
When I, just of curiousity, just asked a member of the Anti-Fa what was going on, he said:
"Oh its a demonstration. Its like Nazis".

That is how un-educated and brainwashed people actually are. And when people like Weston are standing 100 meters in front of them, explaining their OWN situation, they still cannot listen. It just a gloomy future ahead of us, if people will be this ignorant.

Thanks to those who stood up for freedom that day.