Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Went Wrong With American Foreign Policy??

11 Years After 9/11:
What Went Wrong With American Policy?

September 10th, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
B339 Rayburn House Office Building

Lunch to be Served, Dietary Laws Observed

After 11 years following the vicious Jihad terror attacks which killed 3,000 Americans, what was once called the "Global War on Terror" has now become our nation's longest war.

We continue to find ourselves embroiled in a conflict with Al Qaeda, the Taliban and their allies in Afghanistan, a dominating Iranian influence spreads in Iraq, and nations across the Arab world are falling under the sway of the Muslim Brotherhood, adherents to the same ideology that the 9/11 Commission warned us motivated Osama Bin Laden. Are our policy-makers doing enough to protect the American people?

Where do we go from here?

EMET has arranged for an esteemed panel of National Security and Counter-Terrorism experts to address these very questions.


  • Frank Gaffney Jr., President & CEO, Center for Security Policy; former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy
  • Sebastian Gorka, Military Affairs Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies & Council for Emerging National Security Affairs
  • Patrick Poole, National Security and Terrorism Correspondent for PJMedia
  • Dr. Michael Widlanski, Author of Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat, Former Strategic Affairs Advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Public Security

Sidenotes from Dymphna

People often ask us some variation of the following:
But what can I , practically speaking, to push back against the wall of silence that the p.c. elites have erected against those who would tell the truth.?

  • I never saw the point of big rah-rah demonstrations.
  • Getting out in public carrying signs isn’t my style.
  • I don’t dare mention the subject to my neighbors — not with all those Obama posters on their lawns.
  • what if my friends or family or co-workers saw me on You Tube doing that stuff? I could get fired.

Those are valid concerns. But there ways to learn about the problem, and this gathering is just such an opportunity. Of course in this case you have to live within commuting distance of Washington, D.C.

Or, if you have the means and the time you could travel to Washington ahead of time and stay overnight. Think of it as a mini-vacation-cum-lecture-series…

The hotels and motels available in the area range from very nice to bare necessities. When the Baron has to attend events in Washington, he mostly stays in the low-end Bare Necessities places and takes the Metro into D.C. itself. So let your budget be your guide.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Note the sponsor for this event: EMET. That’s the Endowment for Middle East Truth. Just visit the home page to see the headline feed. Lots of interesting factoids. For instance, I didn’t know Arabic was one of Israel’s official languages. However, one of them reminded me that Arabs who are Israeli citizens can vote.

Another reminder: Israel is taking in African refugees.

On another page, Sarah Stern has a journal entry about her recent visit to Europe:

“Everything would have been fine, if only Hitler wouldn’t have lied to me.”

— Neville Chamberlain

As I write these words, I am returning home from a trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Part of the reason for this trip was to find out where, under these ancient cobble stone streets, or perhaps on the bottom of the much romanticized, meandering Blue Danube, all the extended members of both my mother ‘s and my father’s families had been buried. All those unknown aunts, uncles and cousins, crushed in the passion of the Anschluss, because they had been dismissive of which way the wind had been blowing.

Among the most moving aspects of my trip was a Museum of The Jewish People in Vienna, where on a wall was a high tech visual display of the beautiful, rich and deep Jewish life in that city. We saw the way births, Bar and Bat Mitzvot, weddings and funerals were commemorated. As Ahed Ha. Am had once said, “No Jew was alone in his joy or in his sadness.”

So much like my own community, here in the States…but all wiped out. Gone. Why?

Because these good people, in their innocence could not possibly fathom the magnitude of the hatred that had been thrust upon them. Because in their deepest nightmares or the wildest machinations of their imagination they could not possibly conceive of a war machine that could plan out every precise detail of the Anschluss and of their inevitable destruction.

We in the West are eternally stubborn when it comes to learning the lessons history would have us know…

Here’s a special treat from their TV page: John Bolton, known around here as “John the Boldly Outspoken”:

So if you’re able to visit Washington and want learn some vital information , please go. Accompanied by a notebook, you’re all set.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this whole concept of speech being "politically correct" straight out of the Soviet playbook? I mean doesn't the name give it away?

An assertion is correct (true) or it is not.

If in our supposedly "free" countries we have forsaken the truth, then to say an assertion is correct is stripped of all meaning.

And all that it means for an assertion to be politically correct is that it corresponds to what people are allowed to think.

Isn't that the system we are all living under now?

Nick said...

As someone with a background in engineering, which is an unforgiving discipline, who has also studied computing and philosophy at university level, I find it astonishing that people can walk around and believe they are living real lives, when they completely disregard the truth.

It's one thing to have a vision, and to say that from here, I intend to go there. But one must deal in facts, in reality.

Today's politicians, and journalists are just as bad, have created a fantasy world to live in. And it's all right for them pulling down large salaries for writing about it and speaking about it.

Anyone can talk rot & make stuff up - that's not hard and no one deserves a salary of any kind for doing so.

But they want their salaries, they like their salaries, they enjoy the privileges that come with their positions - so they will do nothing to jeopardize their own situation - they won't rock the boat in case they fall out.

No thought for anyone else who has to live in the real world, which naturally and inevitably will clash with any fantasy world - even theirs. No thought for the long term, no understanding that there are people in this world who will use the fact that this fantasy has been superimposed upon reality in order to pursue their own agenda.

Those people are the most selfish, stupid, despicable people walking the earth. Liars and con artists, every one of them.

I'd like to see them go to work for a while - see how a fortnight offshore suits them, 14 night shifts in a row. With severe penalties if they disregard the truth, and pretend to have done something when they haven't.

This is the bottom line - ordinary people who work for a living deal in the truth every day, and if they disregard it then there are penalties (they get the sack.)

Politicians and journalists lie for a living, and if they acknowledge the truth and speak it out loud, then there are penalties (they are shunned, sacked, etc.)

Until our journalists, and our politicians, are forced by us, the voters, to start speaking the truth - we're all up a certain creek, sans paddle.

Have a nice evening, now ..

Nick said...

Okay, here's a rant.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dymphna said...

To whomever took exception to this comment I just deleted and used the word "wingnut" to describe the commenters views - I had to take your comment down...

However, when I traced back to see what you objected to, your concern was well-placed. We don't want to deal with 9/11 conspiracy theories here.

My fault for letting it thru. I ate some sugar and that makes me lightheaded and careless.

Sorry - that comment never should have seen the light of day. Not here.

Anonymous said...

There's enough crazy in the world without adding more to it!

Anonymous said...

"We don't want to deal with 9/11 conspiracy theories here. "

Do you want to win or lose?

Muslims are pawns, moved amongst us by Kings and Queens. It is going to take enlightenment to defeat those rulers first, after which their pawns will be easy to deal with (your objective).

How do you feel when your opinions are censored by the main stream media? When you articulate your self clearly and non abusively about the clear and present dangers to our fellow citizens on the street and it is pulled.

Did you know, the 9/11 movement does not want to here you message either, which I think is a BIG shame. Both need to understand each others and join together, and not be divided.

Muslims did not carryout 9/11 by themselves, knowing that does not dimmish your crusade to protect the western way of life, but rather allows you to better defend it.

sincere best wishes. Fully awake anon

Baron Bodissey said...

Anon @ 2:15am --

OK, I've let you have your say, since you presented your viewpoint in a civil and straightfoward fashion.

However, such discussion is off-topic in this thread. Rather than hassle with further detours from the topic, I'm closing this post to further comments.

A reminder: No comments are off-topic on the news feed. I exclude lengthy screeds, but pretty much any news items and/or analysis is acceptable in the news feed.

The Norwegians take full advantage of our news feed policy, and leave excellent English summaries of Norwegian-language news articles. Some of the best comment threads develop in the news feeds.