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Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/25/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/25/2012The news feed is light tonight because Dymphna and I are going away early in the morning, and I had to cut off the inputs early.

We’ll be back soon, and Dymphna is taking her postage stamp-sized computer with her, so there may be some light posting in the interim. But not by me — with my severe presbyopia, my eyes go crossed just trying to look at that ittty-bitty screen.

In the meantime, y’all behave yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy! And have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Author Sverre Mørkhagen explains in a lecture about a darker, lesser known side of the Norwegian immigrants to the States 1825–1900

The Norwegian Fundamentalism
Historical Sunday, Oslo, 16 September

- What is this? Reality, or wishful thinking in an attempt to align Norwegian Christian immigrants to America nearly two hundre years ago, with islamic immigration to Norway and the West in 2012?

- Protestants, Norwegian fundamentalism..?

- What do you say?

Mørkhagen = dark garden..

goethechosemercy said...

The holy building will be the first of its kind in the area,

When was a church ever referred to as "a holy building" in the past or present?
So a mosque is a "holy building."
What is a church?
A "profane building?"
I dare them to say it.
I dare them.

Oh, and about the Iraq war veterans now being hunted in their own country-- the people should rise up and protect the veterans.
The reason these people are being silenced is that they know the truth about Islam as culture and can name the enemy.
I take it Iraqi immigrants and other Muslim immigrant groups are not meeting such suspicion.
Janet Napolitano, you have no soul.

Anonymous said...

Sharia rights = "human rights"

Al-Qaeda terrorists launch human rights bid

"Two Al-Qaeda terrorists, one of whom plotted to kill thousands of people in a bomb attack on a British shopping centre, have launched an attempt to have their convictions quashed on human rights grounds."

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Marine vet getting Soviet style treatment. Welcome to Obamaland, young man. DHS views your kind as threats to the state. But take heart you are not alone, if you're White, Christian, believe in the Constitution and BofR you are also viewed as a potential enemy of the state.

And what's happening in San Antonio with the tracking collars. %$*k the school and it's principal. The fact is the parents all 4000 should have pulled their kids out of school for a week(want to hurt a school, destroy attendance).

And the Eagle Scouts learning to be junior Gestapo men, is just sickening.

Then there's the 2 cops who shot 9 bystanders in NYC after confronting armed man at 5 feet. Yet no one is talking about this indiscriminate use of firepower. Guess it's ok for cops to put civilians in mortal danger.

All of this is showing the U.S. has taken it's first steps descending into totalitarianism. Arbitrary Soviet style detentions, monitoring of personal comments on closed forums by authorities, schools indoctrinating students into passivity, turning Scouts into wannabe storm troopers.

Anonymous said...

...more time off than Father Christmas... I miss your blog if you are not at the keyboard... God Bless you ...have a good time.
Bernie UK.

Robert Marchenoir said...

"Tracking Microchips in San Antonio Schools"

Actually, the microchips are redundant. If you carry a cellphone and it's not switched off, the police can easily locate you.

French police did just that a few days ago, in a very unremarkable case of a mother which was fleeing with her child which was taken from her by a court decision.

They picked up the signal from her phone, found her in a railway station in Paris, and arrested her.

Anonymous said...

Now it looks like the LATimes is targeting one our high profile bloggers(Robert Spencer) seems they have a Reza Aslan stooge by the name of Nathan Lean who is calling for restrictions on his freedom speech as a anti-Islamist.,0,7942204.story

See this is what happens when hard core Leftists run things. The first thing they shut down is freedom on speech like they do on college campuses.

The amusing thing about the LATimes is its preponderance of Jews on the payroll. Here they hire a representative of a man(Reza Aslan) who would slaughter them and their families like swine given the chance.

But it shows you how much the Leftists hate us. That they would ally themselves with people who will in time kill them all.

Anonymous said...

Jihad at the inns

Jane Pedersen at the Cafe Viking, has become popular after she was clear about not accepting to pay protection money to immigrant gangs.

Last Tuesday two paving stones flew through the window of the cafe, while the guests were present.

Many other cafes are being asked to pay protection money, and are having paving stones thrown at their inns, by one of the immigrant gangs called Brothas, short for Brothers and Soldiers.

Ironically, one of the other inns is called Heimdal, another name from the Viking culture.

The Green Lion bar experienced a Molotov cocktail attack.