Monday, August 13, 2012

Gibraltar: Terror From the Air, Part 2

As reported last week, the three Al Qaeda terrorists who were recently arrested in Spain were apparently planning to attack a shopping center in Gibraltar using a model plane carrying explosives.

Below is a news video from Der Spiegel showing footage taken by the terrorists of a test flight using their model plane. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00 The Spanish Interior Ministry has made public this video
0:04 showing a huge model plane. It shows an alleged test flight
0:08 for an attack to be perpetrated from the air. The potential
0:12 target would have been a shopping center.
0:17 According to the authorities, this video material was found
0:21 during the arrest of two Chechens and a Turk who apparently
0:25 had contacts with Al Qaeda.
0:28 At the same time, the ministry made also public photos of
0:32 subterranean hiding places in which explosives may have
0:36 been stored. According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, the
0:40 test flight took place allegedly in Gibraltar. There was a package
0:44 attached to the plane which was dropped from the air.
0:48 A man is seen running to the place where the package landed.

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Anonymous said...

Forest Fire Jihad?

Forest fires are raging in Spain at the moment as well as other parts of Europe. Extensive damage has been caused and several people have died trying to put out the blazes. There are indications that the fires were set deliberately. Could this be forest fire jihad?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting the Al Queda is the enemy in Afghanistan and P'stan, but is\was good in Libya and is right now in Syria allied with the west. None of those countries had nice guy leaders, but what follows is way worse. The best enemy money can buy.

Nemesis said...

I live near a Model Aero Club that usually operates on weekends. I often hear, rather than see these radio controlled aircraft flying through the sky. They are noisy, especially the jet powered ones. And they tend not to be of a size that would enable the carrying of much weight, such as plastic explosive. Unless of course the religion of death now has access to lightweight, but very effective material of an explosive kind?

Imagine allowing yourself to be subject to a religion that dictates your only purpose in life is to convert the non-believer or kill them, and rewards those who come up with such novel ideas as this article shows, to spread terror and death among those there is absolutely no tolerance for in Islam.

LOL! The Religion of Death and its Zombies. Only a desert dweller without civilizational sophistication could have made up such a retrogressive religion!