Thursday, August 30, 2012

Malmö in Flames

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“Youths” are at it again in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation from Avpixlat:

Malmö — a city in flames

THE GANGSTER CITY: Malmö woke up after another night of burning cars. Five cars burned during the night in various parts of the city. Most Malmö residents hardly raise their eyebrows over such things anymore. The inhabitants are hardened, and they have been forced to get used to an almost chaotic situation. But according to sjuklövern [seven-leaf clover, the seven-party system], the only thing to do is to like this situation.

For the fourth time in five evenings, a car was set ablaze on Professorsgatan, Hermodsdal [Fosie, Malmö; Google Maps]. On earlier occasions, bottles and stones were thrown at rescue services, so they waited for the police before driving all the way to the car, and then extinguished the fire.

On Hårds Väg, Rosengård [Malmö; Google Maps], in the parking area next to the railway, four cars were totally destroyed in a fire (see reader photo above). According to an AP [] reader living nearby, the fire was like an explosion. The car blazes have even generated an argument about whose responsibility it is to remove the wrecks.

A car was vandalised by fire at Pildammsskolan [school] some days ago. When the pupils came to school on Monday, they were greeted by a burned-out car which had been dumped exactly next to a container on the school’s parking ground.

‘This one has been around here since Saturday. This was when the rescue service was here and extinguished the fire. But they left the car standing there. I called police to get help to get it removed, but they say this is the council’s responsibility,’ says René Rumberg, the school’s janitor.

After much back-and-forth, the burned-out car was finally removed on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

"Most Malmö residents hardly raise their eyebrows over such things anymore."

Raising eyebrows is racist.

Hermes said...

"Most Malmö residents hardly raise their eyebrows over such things anymore."

Well, if the inhabitants are already hardened, this means that they will most likely not try to do anything in order to put things in order. They will get used to live in a war-ridden city and they will accomodate as best as they can to the new situation. This can certainly happen, specially if the new conditions have been introduced by the marxist elite in a soft and slow-paced way during many years. There is a saying here, according to which if one puts a frog in boiling water, the frog will jump out of the cauldron, but if you put the frog in cold water, and begin to heat it very slowly, the frog will get boiled without even noticing it. I guess this is what's just happening in Sverige...

Anonymous said...

It's not bad enough yet for Swedes to react. Provided of course the Swedes have anything resembling a self-preservation instinct.

If they lack the instinct, they may as well be sleep walking to extinction.