Sunday, August 19, 2012

Will It Be Taxes or Texas?

Bill Whittle has always been an inspiration for me, as he has for many others. His website, “Eject, Eject, Eject”, along with our godfather, Wretchard at “Belmont Club” said the kinds of things many of us had been hoping to hear the MMMSM articulate [those extra ‘M’s are for Militant & Meretricious]. We had to wait until men of integrity like these two showed up on the new media to say flat out what so many of us had been thinking but dared not speak. One of our fondest moments was finding Gates of Vienna on Wretchard’s blogroll — where it remains, by the way, despite the fracas that was to come when we wuz booted out of PJM for posting a descriptive scenario. The powers-that-be at PJM were sufficiently indoctrinated in political correctness and this training created blind spots in their rear view mirror. Sadly, they still don't know what's gaining on them.

But that's just context now.

When Mr. Whittle published a book of those essays, calling the collection Silent America, we bought it. Back before we became too-too for Pajamas Media, it was a pleasure to be part of the same team — on a different part of the food chain, of course — as those two men. On one of his trips to Europe, the Baron brought Whiittle’s book along as a gift for one of the group there — it’s been so long now, I forget who was the lucky recipient.

“Eject” is archived now, but it still has readers judging by the thousand-plus comments on an Afterword he published this past May. Recently, with the acquisition of my netbook, I began to subscribe to Mr. Whittle’s You Tube channel, “Afterburner” — free to you and me and I highly recommend his entertaining polemics.

Here’s my latest favorite:

Recently I discovered that PJ-TV is running a special:

For forty dollars a year you get access to all their videos, a whole host of people and ideas. The site has a free section, too, but the current cost of the lowest subscription works out to less than ten lattes (the price of the nearest Starbucks’ version remains my lowest common denominator of exchange even though lattes aren’t on The List anymore).

Americans with discretionary income, good connectivity, and a working intellect should seriously consider investing in what’s on offer at PJ-TV. It’s mainstream U.S conservatism; in other words, as far as I know, they pull back still from the vital work that ‘phobes do. A sad omission on their part, no doubt due to the nervousness of their funding sourcews, but with Whittle, et al, it’s still a worthy project. And with Scrappleface up there —or Andrew Klavan anyone? — it’s rich fare, even though a limited menu.

That they’ve decided to avoid the Islam-critical voices raised in realistic alarm is sad, but where’s there’s life...who knows? Frenemies they may be, but the voices they do have are important.

[A special thank you to the donor who provided us with the lattes necessary to start viewing all those guys…]


Anonymous said...

The man is correct on this about mexafornia. So if you can afford it run away from this state of the fruits and nuts, (and I am NOT refering to agriculture).
I can NOT WAIT for this to happen collapse upon it self and then drag a few states that sit next to it also into the man made black hole of mexafornia.

Nemesis said...

That video is a message for all those nations that are federated states, such as Canada and Australia.

We in Australia have our own 'california' and it is called Tasmania. This state is the greenest of the green, and, as I note the comment above, is also full of fruit and nuts of the non-agricultural kind that have just about bankrupted its economy.

Good video BIG lesson!

Dymphna said...


You can't wait for others' lives to be destroyed? Seriously?

I know people who live there and I worry about them. Obviously you have neither kith nor kin in what was once the greatest of our states, a beautiful place whose citizens do NOT deserve what government has done.

I almost deleted your comment but decided to let it stand so others can see for themselves.

Obviously, since the death of others is not YOUR concern, those who have to die defending their own won't bother you...

Can't wait??

Man, that's quite a karmic load you're carrying. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

"...citizens do not deserve what government has done." No. The citizen is responsible for what government does because the citizen casts his vote for the government.