Monday, August 20, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/20/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/20/2012An unemployed Italian man committed suicide by dousing himself with a flammable liquid and setting himself on fire. His suicide note said that he had become despondent after he lost his job and failed to find another one.

In other news, a gunman in Yemen celebrated Eid al-Fitr by opening fire inside a mosque, killing nine worshippers and wounding ten others.

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Anonymous said...

Dymphna and Baron, I keep wondering

Why does France since the new government in 2012, have a minister for "Women's Rights"?

Is this as innocent as it may be supposed to seem, or is it the first step in a plan?

Did France leave equal rights behind? Why else would it be necessary to have a ministry for women in particular? Is it a ministry for muslim women in particular?

Does this new islamosocialist government leave equal rights behind, to work for different rights for men and women?

If so, it should be a sign of warning, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The Bacon of hate has arrived.

Seems someone left a strip of uncooked bacon at a Staten Island Ramadan site. The Muzzies are freaking out, some of the anti-Jihad sites(especially a well known one) are upset at the bacon and is distributor as well.


Personally I find the holier than thou attitude of some of the doyens of the anti-Islamic movement to be quite revolting. Instead using this incident to illustrate how thin skinned and quick to anger Muslims are. That they are a indigestable and utterly hostile minority that has no business here in the U.S.

Vince said...

I had a long post written out with regards to the Italian man, which adds to the growing collection
Of Europeans committing suicide. But to be honest I've dragged my moof down considerably. All i will say is that the educational system lied to us, utterly and completely. Fed us a pipe dream.

It was clear that this man was just an ordinary cog in the machine. He was a financial slave to the system. No doubt he had a mortgage, bills, kids to feed taxes to pay. But when the systems foundations begin to shake even a persons worth as a mere cog is removed, that person may feel completely stripped of everything they thought they knew. In a sense your own entrapment can become the one thing that actually keeps you going.

Certainty and routine. Perhaps that ever elusive goal of attempting to free yourself from the machine is indeed a salvation to the mind. As seen those very few that achieve complete financial independence such
As lotto winners and celebs, often find their mental state deteriorate far more rapidly than the stresses of bills and financial pressures.

Perhaps Its the struggle and the constant striving that drives us? Similarly the millions that have died in the goal of freedom, yet those that have freedom seem to either ignore it's value or allow It to simply slip away. I thought the quote from watchmen was quite apt dan: "what happened to theAmerican dream?" "it came true."

Ok so much for long post not even sure what I'm getting at here but hey, there may be something of worth to glean from it

Anonymous said...

Denmark threats

- Release our brothers before 1800 hours, or else..! Remember Paris riots?

- If they are not released immediately, we cannot guarantee what will happen. We cannot hold 3-400 angry youths, says Ahmed Mohammed, at Vollsmose to BT

Anonymous said...

If something is worth having or keeping, it's worth fighting for.

The Europeans have had it very easy for 60 years now. The pre-WWII people that had it hard or their children are either dead or old.

This later generation has zero experience with hard times or hard people. They are like human Dodo's, they grew up in a environment where there no predators or tyrants to make them tough and think for themselves.

Now their social safety net is crumbling and hard times are coming upon some of them. Instead of girding their loins and kicking out the hordes of foreign parasites living off their system, they are rolling over like a croaked gold fish.

It will change, but it's too soon now. They still think they deserve all sorts of goodies for nothing. Let them suffer for a few years and weed out the weak and stupid among them.

Anonymous said...

You definitely touched on something there; people in one way or another are all part of the great meltdown machine, all as dependent on it as it is on them.

The notion that the machine will keep on running forever, that it has an infinite amount of fuel and a team of qualified engineers keeping it going, is nothing but an illusion.

How many people are two paychecks away from sleeping under a bridge, or from jumping off one?

Anonymous said...

Norway News

Muslims demand breakaway Islamic nation in Norway

The Norwegian news portal VG Nett is reporting that a Muslim terrorist group, Ansar al-Sunna’, is threatening that if a section of the nation's capitol isn't transformed into a sharia-complaint Muslim nation,

londoner said...

BBC reaches a new low in the UK this evening. BBC Radio 4 broadcasts 45 minutes on "the Future is Halal"- everything from toothpaste to holidays can now be halal certified apparently.....